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  Dear friend,

  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is John Banks, and I would like to share with you my favourite easy way to make money.

  I’ve laid out everything you need to know in an easy-to-follow series of videos.

  But before I tell you what that is, let me first tell you that I’m not a product creator by design, it’s more from necessity.

  I didn’t plan to become a product creator, it was just a natural progression really.

  I create information products to simply share my knowledge and experiences with people who need more money.

It All Happened By Accident

  You see, being a married man with children living in the south of England, I am forced to endure some incredibly high living costs.

  On top of that, I am constantly living with the fear of losing my job. It’s happened before.

  Right out of the blue at the end of working a long hard shift, I, along with all of my work colleagues, was thrown onto the unemployment scrap heat. 

  Just like that!

  To make matters worse, the staff upstairs knew this day was coming and had time to prepare.

  Those of us on the factory floor had no idea. Being tossed aside without an income was no fun at all.

  It was probably the most stressful time the wife and I have had to endure.

  That day, I made the decision that I would no longer rely on just one income. 

  I was going to find other ways to make money that would ease the cost-of-living (which wasn’t half as bad back then as it is now) and protect me should I ever be made unemployed again.

Is History About To Repeat Itself?

  Recently, the big boss at the place I currently work at has hinted that if ‘things don’t improve’, the UK arm of the global company could be closed down permanently and production shifted overseas.

  As you can imagine, that sent shockwaves through the workforce.

  Fortunately, since that first redundancy, I have been busy amassing an arsenal of money making methods and information.

  I don’t want to be tossed onto the scrap heap again without knowing how to make money fast.

Never Rely On Others For Financial Security And Stability

  I know that I cannot rely on the rest of the workforce to save the company.

  I’m not saying that they are lazy or bad at what they do, they are struggling from demoralisation like the rest of us. 

  Years of being underpaid and underappreciated have taken a toll.

  They are all good people, but as I have come to learn, the only person you can truly count on… is yourself.

  And that’s what I have done.

  I know from painful experience that one day, the rug can be forcefully ripped from under you, and when it happens, if you are not prepared for it in any shape or form… the proverbial most definitely will hit the fan!

  I don’t want to be that guy who just throws around popular clichés… but without a backup plan, or a second income stream… you will be well and truly up shit creek without a paddle.

My Quest To Build A Second Income

  Since being made redundant the first time, I started a blog hoping to generate a second wage that equaled or was better than what I was earning.

  Let me tell you, blogging is a great way to make money, many people do… but oh my god…

  It’s hard work!

  There is a lot to do and the money doesn’t come for ages… well, it didn’t for me. 

  Maybe I was doing something wrong, I don’t think I was, I was following all of the advice the big earning bloggers were dishing out, but no matter how hard I tried… I just couldn’t make it pay.

  I wrote articles, created infographics, opened social media accounts and shared as much content far and wide as I could… but nine months later I was still nowhere near to equalling my monthly wage.

  In fact, I wasn’t even making the equivalent to a day’s wage over the whole month. 

  I had to give up on that idea as I was tired of ‘spinning my wheels’ and getting nowhere fast.

  I had to look for an alternative way to make money.

  Next, I offered a freelance video service for restaurants and companies.

  They would send me loads of pictures and for a £100 fee, I would create promotional videos that they could use on social media or have playing on televisions in their receptions.

  I did quite well out of it at first.

  But as technology improved, became cheaper and more accessible for everyone, business owners began doing it themselves or finding overseas workers on who would do it for £5.

  I was soon priced out of the market.

I Had To Find Something New And Start Again

  One Sunday morning while pondering over ways to make money, I opened my wallet and saw a solitary £20 note staring back at me, and I thought to myself ‘what was the fastest way to turn that £20 into £100 or more?’.

  As I sat mulling over ideas, the wife walked into the room and said, ‘let’s pop to the local car boot market and get some fresh air, stretch our legs a little, and have a coffee’.

  I agreed and we headed out to the nearest carboot market less than ten minutes walk away.

  The wife and I paid the £1.50 entrance fee (now there’s a great way to make money, hundreds upon hundreds of cars paying £1.50 to park and then all of the stall holders and catering trucks paying over £8 for a pitch in an empty field… every week!)… and began to have a steady wander up and down the market browsing the stalls full of people’s unwanted personal items.

  At first I expected it all to be knackered tat that was no use to anyone, but at the back of one stall I found a decent pair of classic Adidas trainers that only needed a quick wipe with a wet cloth. 

  I asked the woman how much she wanted for them, and when she said ‘£2’, my mouth nearly hit the floor. 

  I didn’t waste any time buying them.

  Next I found a video game that I used to love playing back in the 90s as a teenager, being sold for £1. 

  I didn’t waste any time buying that either.

  Not long after that I found a Harry Potter CDRom game that I thought my children would enjoy, it too was just £1.

  As we wandered through the market, I found more and more items that the wife and I wanted.

  It wasn’t long before I had spent my £20, and we hadn’t even had our coffees by then.

  Having no money left, the wife bought the coffees before we headed back home to have a good look through our loot.

  It was a nice refreshing walk, we got some exercise and we had a few giggles rifling through people’s junk. 

  Even though I had found some gold, there were a lot of questionable items being sold. It makes you wonder what some people were thinking when they bought it in the first place.

  Looking through our haul, I couldn’t believe what we had bought for just £20. 

  The items we had laid out on the living room floor in front of us were all great quality.

  The classic Adidas trainers were only marked by dirt which could be removed with a wet cloth. There was plenty of tread left and there were no scuff marks. I simply couldn’t believe that I picked them up for £2.

  I love a bargain but these were better than I could have hoped, and so I decided to do a little digging and went to eBay to see if a similar pair was being sold or had been sold recently.

  There were a couple, and the prices being asked for were above and beyond £20.

  That one pair of trainers would have earned me back the money I spent, along with a profit.

  This got me thinking…. ‘How much would I make if I sold the whole lot online?’

  After a few minutes searching through eBay, I realised that if I sold everything at the prices other people had sold the same items for recently, I was sitting on a potential profit of £135… give or take a few pounds.

  Much to my wife’s disgust, I decided to list the haul on eBay as an experiment to see what I could earn – after promising her that I’d replace the items as soon as possible.

I Was Soon In Profit

  Within an hour I had bids on a couple of listings and the classic Adidas trainers eventually sold for £71! 

  Already I was in profit, and we were only half way through the day.

  All the items bought that day sold and I made a profit of just under £130. My guesstimation was nearly correct.

  As you can imagine, I was excited.

  I had planned another visit to the carboot market the following week but I also decided to visit the local charity shop to see what I could find.

  After listing my first haul of items for sale that Sunday, I did a little research and watched a couple of videos online of people visiting charity shops looking for bargain products to ‘flip’. 

  They made it look so easy. Their success came from buying items that they knew would sell well. 

  I decided I would try it myself. 

  I set myself a maximum budget of £20 and set off to the local charity shops to see what I could find.

Never Waste A Journey

  I remember an old friend of mine who worked as a waitress, she was taught to never waste a journey. 

  Basically, when you deliver plates to a table, for the journey back to the kitchen, waiting staff should clear a table and take dirty pots away.

  I planned to do something similar.

  When taking my sold items to the post office, I decided that I would pop into the charity shops and see if there were any good bargains to be had.

  It made sense to utilise my time more efficiently.

  If I remember correctly, it was the Tuesday, a couple of days after the trip to the carboot. I had to pop to the post office to send the Adidas trainers I had sold for £71, so it made sense to pop to the charity shops while I was in town.

  The charity shops were less than a minute’s walk from the post office so it all tied in nicely. 

  I had finished work at 2pm and headed into town.

My Second Profitable Haul

  The charity shops were a little gold mine. I bought a couple of pairs of trainers, a pair of men’s shoes, a couple of ties and a book.

  I listed them as soon as I got home… and do you know how much I made from that haul?


  Again, not bad for a quick scout around a couple of charity shops and a £20 investment.

  In less than a couple of days, I had sourced items that made me just shy of £250 profit… and as a bonus…  the walking was good for my health.

The Easiest (Completely Tech-Free) Way To Make Money

  What I love about this method of making money over many of the others, is that it is easy.

  It is simple and straightforward.

  Other than taking a decent photo with your phone and filling in a short listing, there is no technical ability or skills required.

  This is a real world business that requires no investment other than buying popular and in-demand items on the cheap.

  It’s easy to determine which items there is a demand for when you know how… and I’ll reveal how shortly.

  Whatever money you layout, you get it all back with a huge profit. 

  Retail companies rarely make 100% profit on the products they buy and sell… ‘flippers’ like me on the other hand, regularly double our investments or more.

  I at least triple my money. 

  For every £1 I spend, I get back at least £3… but usually it’s a lot more.

  Flipping pre-loved items has made me enough money to pay for my wedding, cruises around the Norwegian Fjords for all of my family, paid my mortgage and living costs every month… and a whole lot more.

The Secret To Selling Pre-loved Items Is…

  Only buy and sell the items people want to buy.

  I know that sounds simplistic, but it really is that simple. 

  And how do I know what people want to buy?

  I do a quick and easy check using my smartphone to see if there is demand for specific items, and if there is… I buy it.

  I never buy items on a whim. I don’t like spending money on a guess.

  If I see something that I think could sell, I check it before parting with any money.

  I don’t want to be left with unsellable items on my shelf… and neither do you.

  Only buy items that you know will sell. 

  If you are not sure that something will sell, don’t buy it. Simple!

  A quick check will show you what items will and won’t sell. 

  Some things you buy may not sell right away, but they will sell. 

  There’s no need to buy items hoping that they will sell, all of the guess work has been taken out.

Recent Sales Examples…

  As I write this letter, here are three of my recent sales… three items bought for £11 in total…

  Bought for £4… Sold for £44.95!

  Bought for £5… Sold for £24.99!

  Bought for £2… Sold for £37.99!

  That is £98.93 profit from just three items. (All postage costs are paid by the customer too.)

  Using Just £11, I’ve made £98.93 which would be incredibly useful right now, wouldn’t you agree?

  Inside the members area, you will see these and more examples of successful flips in the series of videos.

Some Recent Flipping Income Examples

  Don’t just take my word for it.

  I’m not the only one making decent profits from this…

  Take a look at what other flippers are making each month…. these are screenshots taken from various flippers who share their 90 day income reports on Instagram.

  This flipper made £14,249.63 in just 90 days! How much do you think they are making over the whole year?

  This flipper made £11,726.47 in just 90 days!

  Not the biggest earner, but who would turn down an extra £2,900.41 flipping pre-loved items in their spare time?

  Another power seller on a roll with an incredible £13,717.04 flipping pre-loved items.

  £6,501.18 in 90 days selling other people’s unwanted items. Would you say no to an extra £6,501 each 90 day period?

  I think these income reports tell you all you need to know… don’t you?

  *These are real examples published on Instagram by other ‘flippers’, for validation search Instagram using the hashtag #90daytotal.

Flipping Vs Dropshipping

  Dropshipping is a great business model… in theory, but you are competing against hundreds of other people all of whom are trying to sell the same products.

  As the battle between sellers wages on, they lower prices to undercut each other and before they know it, they are making pennies on the pound.

  With flipping, you start with pennies and you make pounds because you are selling items that people want… that are not so readily available… meaning little to no competition.

  People will pay big money for a pair of good quality discontinued trainers compared to a ‘water bottle’ or a ‘sewing kit’ that they can get from anyone.

  A hard-to-find computer game… KERCHING! It’s money in your pocket.

  A popular children’s book no longer published… BANKED! 

  I once picked up a short children’s book for £1… and sold it for £30!

  That’s a 3000% profit on just one small book. 

  A lot of buyers are collectors buying items they want for no other reason than to simply own them.

  These people will pay good money to have what you are selling.

  You don’t have to sell anything too big or heavy to make a decent profit. 

  I like to sell items that are easy to manage, and can be popped into jiffy bags or regular sized boxes.

  I don’t sell anything that is too heavy or awkward to manage… and neither should you.

  There’s more than enough profit to be made in smaller easy-to-handle items.

  Don’t believe me?

  Let me show you…

  I have put together all of the information you need to become a successful and profitable ‘flipper’, taking items that cost as little as a few pounds, and selling them for big profits.

  For every £1 I spend, I make at least £3 back.

  I would like to show you how you can do the same.


'Flipping Crazy… How To Make Big Profits Selling Other People's Stuff! & The £20 To £500 Challenge'

 In ‘Flipping Crazy… How To Make Big Profits Selling Other People’s Stuff! & The £20 To £500 Challenge” you get:

  • The ‘Flipping Crazy Guide’. The definitive manual about flipping pre-loved products for profit.
  • Access to a members only webpage with the ‘£20 to £500 Challenge’ video series and more examples of easy profitable flips.
  • The ‘eBay Guide’ – learn how to successfully use eBay and make more money.
  • A copy of ‘The A-Z of Ties PDF Guide – Brands You Can Buy For 50p and Sell for £20+’


  • A copy of The Modification & Storytelling Guide – learn how to make more profit modifying your pre-loved items and using stories in your listings.
  • The bonus ‘Ebay Tactics’ video

  I originally planned to publish this information for the incredible price of just $117… a price I believe is exceptional value considering that you will learn how to take £20 and make £500 or more with ease.


  As a thank you for taking the time to read this letter proving to me that you really want to discover how to take £20 and turn it into £500 or more…, I decided that we would knock a whopping $100 (Please note: we sell in dollars as that is the standard for the internet)  off the price for those who buy ‘Flipping Crazy… How To Make Big Profits Selling Other People’s Stuff! & The £20 To £500 Challenge’ via this page only.

  There’s More…

  As well as…

  • The ‘Flipping Crazy Guide’. The definitive manual about flipping pre-loved products for profit.
  • Access to a members only webpage with the ‘£20 to £500 Challenge’ video series and more examples of easy profitable flips.
  • The ‘eBay Guide’ – learn how to successfully use eBay and make more money.
  • A copy of ‘The A-Z of Ties PDF Guide – Brands You Can Buy For 50p and Sell for £20+’


  • A copy of The Modification & Storytelling Guide – learn how to make more profit modifying your pre-loved items and using stories in your listings.
  • The bonus ‘Ebay Tactics’ video

  I am also giving you access to my very own secret list of profitable brands that I know sell well.

  There’s no shortage of items that you can sell. Find the right items for the right price… and you’ll be quids in.

  You’ll have all of the information and help that you need to be able to make decent profits flipping pre-loved items. 

  Plus… I’ll give you a bonus PDF ‘The Mod Profits Method’ showing how to make money buying items on the cheap and modifying them slightly to double, triple, quadruple or more, your investment.

Let Me Take The Risk So You Don't Have To…

With Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Cast Iron No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

  Order ‘Flipping Crazy… How To Make Big Profits Selling Other People’s Stuff! & The £20 To £500 Challenge’ for the heavily discounted price of $17. Have a good look throught it, and put the system to work for you. If you’re not seeing consistent growing profits within 90 days, let me know and your payment will be returned in full. No questions asked.

  That means you can’t possibly lose out by giving this a try.

  Remember… flipping other people’s pre-lover items has paid for my wedding – which wasn’t a cheap affair, let me tell you! – it has paid for holidays, plenty of treats, and it has paid towards my mortgage and living costs when I needed it the most.

  As the UK is going through the worst cost-of-living crisis in history, anything you can do to pay the skyrocketing costs is vital to your survival and happiness.

  Plus… as a bonus, this is a great way to stay active and keep fit at the same time.

Very Best Wishes



John Banks

  PS… Order today via this page and we will knock $100 off the full sale price.

  PSS… In the members area you will get access to the ‘£20 To £500 Challenge’ videos where I record myself starting with £20 and turn it into £500 buying and selling other people’s pre-loved items… that alone is worth the price… At the very least, you will make back the money you invested buying this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really start with just £20?

  • Yes. You can start smaller if you wish, but it will take a little longer to grow and scale your profits. £20 is a reasonable starting place.

  Do I need my own car to do this?

  • No, not if you are within walking distance of a decent car boot market or charity shops. I often cycle to car boot markets because I enjoy the exercise and because the items I buy fit nicely into an average sized rucksack. There is nothing big to buy (unless you choose to) and so you can walk, cycle or use a bus or taxi to get about.  

  Can I make a lot of money fast?

  • It is possible but that depends a lot on how much money you start with, how much effort you are willing to put into it and whether you buy items people want to buy from you. Take another look at the income reports above, some people are making over £10,000 in sales in as little as 3 months, I would say that was pretty fast, wouldn’t you?

  Could I lose money doing this?

  • As with any form of buying and selling, there is a risk of losing money. It could happen, but it is rare because usually an item just takes longer to sell. The risk of losing is lessened by only buying items that YOU KNOW are wanted and people are buying. 

  Are there any other product costs that I need to be aware of?

  • Not within this product. You may decide to purchase third party apps and tools that I may tell you about which makes sourcing and listing your items easier, but that will be your choice and is not something I expect you to do.

  I’m not from the UK, will this work in my country?

  • Yes, if you have access to a website like eBay and you have charity/thrift stores, and similar style markets, then there is no reason as to why you cannot buy pre-loved items cheaply and then sell them for a profit online.

  If this doesn’t work for me can I get a refund?

  • There is no reason that this won’t work for you as it is incredibly simple to learn and do, and countless other individuals are doing it, but yes, you have 90 days to try the system. If in that 90 day period you believe that you cannot make money by buying pre-loved items cheap and selling them for a decent profit, contact my publishers, Streetwise Publications, and they will refund you the full amount, no questions asked. 

  If I need any help can I ask you for help?

  • You really shouldn’t need my help as the manual shows in great detail everything you need to know and do. However if you do have any questions, you can email me and I will reply as soon as possible. Please note, I am a very busy person and so I may not reply right away.

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