This Is Our Most Profitable System To Date!

“Learn CPR And Make $5,000+ Per Month Without Any Costly Tech…
While Working As Little As 2 Hrs Per Day!”


You landing on this page happened for a reason… and that reason is that you have had enough of working hard, giving most of your time up to earn money for someone else.

You are here because you are ready to swap your paltry offensive wage… or pension… for more money and more freedom.

Am I right?

Now… if I told you that you can make $5,000 or more each month using Facebook alone… part time… what would you say?

You’d probably find it hard to believe, but it’s true… there are many people doing it right now… and I’m not talking about just a handful of people, either.

There are people who are making far more each month than $5,000. 

Here’s the thing… to make that amount of money they are doing nothing more than using a traditional method of business.

It’s the oldest business method in the history of the world… and it’s the most powerful too.

Do You Know What I Am Talking About?

That’s right!

They are simply talking to people.

Conversation is the key.

More money is made through conversation than any other marketing tool.

Millions of dollars swap hands through deals that are made via conversations between two interested parties.

For the average person, networking generates more money than any other form of marketing.

Think about this for a minute…

Let’s say that you need to make an extra $3,000… 

Which do you think would be the fastest and easiest way for you to make money…


I can tell you categorically that number one is by far the easiest and fastest way to make money.

Think of this for a minute…

You’re out having a coffee and catching up with a good close friend that you’ve not seen for a while. He’s an old friend you’ve known for many years. 

He informs you that another friend of his is joining you. You see a flashy high end sports car pull up in front of the coffee shop. The driver heads towards you, your friend says, ‘here’s Steve, now’.

You are introduced to Steve, and all three of you sit down and start chatting.

During the three-way conversation Steve talks about his recent trip to Dubai and his forthcoming trip to the Balearic isles. Curious to know how he can afford so many holidays and a high end sports car, you ask Steve what it is that he does for a job. 

He tells you that he works for himself working online and that he works just a few hours per week and earns over $10,000 each month.

You’ve seen his car, you’ve spoken to him, you’ve got to know him, and your close trusted friend who you have known for years knows Steve well… so it’s safe to say that Steve is a real OK guy.

You ask Steve… ‘would you show me what you do to make money?’

He says, ‘yes, of course, I’ll show you everything I do. I’ll give you access to the tools I use online, and I’ll help you until you earn at least $3,000, you will earn while you learn… but it’ll cost you $3,000.’

‘My time is precious and what I’ll share with you will make you a lot of money, I guarantee it, so I think it’s only fair that I charge.’

‘Also, when you have some money in the game it means that you are going to do what I show you. If I tell you everything for free, it’ll have no value. When you pay me for my help, advice, and encouragement, you’ll do what you need to do.’

So… my question to you is…

What Would You Do?

I can guarantee that you would give his proposal some serious consideration.

I mean, think about it…

Steve is a real person, someone you know that is doing well, and he is offering to show you how to make a lot of money…he makes $10,000 a month doing just a few hours of work each week. 

He is going to give you access to all of the tools he uses… and he will work with you until you earn back every penny you’ve spent on having him mentor you.

What are you doing?

If, as I expect you would (and you’d be foolish not to), you take Steve up on his offer… know this… it all came about through a conversation.

You spent time talking with Steve… and after that conversation, you agreed to have him mentor you and show you how to do everything he does.

He then sends you a link via email or Facebook messenger that takes you to a payment page online which processes the payment automatically.

Bish bash bosh… done.

And on the flipside…

Steve made a cool $3,000 from simply sitting and talking to you.

So the question to ask yourself is this…

Wouldn’t You Want To Be In Steve’s Shoes Right About Now?

Of course you would.

Now, the truth is…

People like Steve make virtually all of their money doing exactly what he did in that coffee shop. 

They talk to people and when they are asked if they will help them, they say yes and make them an offer charging $3,000 or more if they accept… only they do it online and not in a coffee shop.

The tools and platforms they use means that they can have multiple conversations with people from all over the world while relaxing in the comfort of their own homes… or wherever they happen to be.

Yes, they have to mentor people and show them how to do what they do… but get this… 

When you’ve done it once… made just one sale… then you are fully equipped to teach people exactly what you did… which was to have a conversation with interested people.

Teaching and mentoring is nothing more than talking to people face-to-face online using one of several communication tools.

Talking is the easy part… I know what you are thinking, ‘how do I find people who will be interested in what I have to say?’

This too is not that difficult…

Be Inspiring!

You simply share ‘inspiring content’ on Facebook that attracts people to ask questions and start conversations.

BTW… there are no running paid adverts involved… everything you need to do is free

And there are no complicated sales funnels with endless upsells to build either.

You only need to sell one thing… and it doesn’t even have to be yours. You can sell other people’s products and get paid a HUGE commission.

Earn $1,000 Per Sale!

For example; if you were to introduce people to us by sending them to this page, and they decide to join the program I’m about reveal shortly… we will pay you a straight $1,000 for your efforts.

Now imagine if you were to send 5 new paying customers each month… we would pay you a rather decent $5,000 per month.

How does that sound to you?

All you would need to do is to strike up conversations on Facebook with people who need your help.

Obviously, we will show you what to do and how to do it correctly.

But here’s the thing I want you to really think about…

Once you have learned and mastered what John and I teach you, you can completely bypass us and bank more money by charging customers $3,000 or $5,000 yourself!

You won’t need us anymore, you will be like Steve… banking a straight $3,000+ just from talking to people and arranging to teach them how to do the exact same thing.

How does that sound to you?

So, what is it that we are offering?

We call it the…

Conversation PROFIT Referrals Mentoring Program

… or CPR for short.

Conversation - PROFIT - Referrals

It may not be the catchiest program name but as you can see, PROFITS are at the HEART of it… and good profits I may add!

It’s through the use of either or both conversation and referrals you make profits.

This is a mentoring program where we will have one hour long one-to-one call each week for three months (then group calls after), and we will mentor you on how to build your own $3,000 per month online business using Facebook.


It's Not Advice That People Need…
It's Encouragement!

The most important thing about mentoring isn’t the knowledge, wisdom, or information that is shared…. it’s the support and encouragement that is truly powerful.

When people purchase courses alone, they are left to work through it… alone.

And when you have no one to turn to when you need questions answered, or just to be reminded that what you are doing is right… it’s easy to become disheartened and discouraged.

Even in those rare moments where your partner is supportive of what you are doing… it’s really not enough.

They don’t know what you are doing… you can tell them, but they won’t understand fully. They don’t know what you need to do or what you want to achieve.

Put it this way… they won’t be able to help you in any way other than to say ‘you’re doing great, honey. Stick with it’… and that’s really no use to anyone!

With The CPR Mentoring Program you get all the support, guidance and encouragement along with all of the advice, help, and information you need.

Know… Like… Trust

When people get to Know you, they grow to Like you… and if you are authentic and genuine… they will grow to Trust you.

It’s what we call the KLT Factor.

When people Know, Like, and Trust you… they will happily buy from you.

Without Trust… there won’t be a sale..  and people won’t Trust you until they have first got to Know and Like you.

It is through the use of conversations with people – either directly (face to face/messages) or indirectly (the content you publish to Facebook) – that they grow to Know, Like, and Trust you.

Once you have the KLT in place… selling is a doddle.

The FIVE Pillars Of Making Money With Facebook

In the CPR Mentoring Program we’ll deep dive into the five pillars of making money on Facebook, which are:

Pillar No. 1 – Branding – You’ll learn how to create your own personal attention-grabbing brand. We’ll even get our own graphic designer to create your Facebook cover graphic for you.

Pillar No. 2 – Lead Generation – Discover how to build your own perfect audience to sell to.

Pillar No. 3 –  Marketing – We’ll show you how to be the person your prospects turn to when they need help and advice… this is the sign that people are highly likely to buy from you.

Pillar No. 4 – Selling – You’ll learn how to talk to clients the right way and lead them by the hand to the sales page where they willingly buy from you.

Pillar No. 5 – A Killer Offer – Discover how to make an offer your prospects can’t refuse.

Only Work With People Who Are Willing To Learn And Work

Here’s the thing… when someone pays $3,000 or more to join a program, it has value and meaning to them. 

$3,000 is a lot of money to lose and people don’t like losing money if they can help it, so they feel driven to work to earn it back at least.

There’s a painful urgency to earn that money back.

They will do what they need to do to make it work, whereas if they were given all of the tools and teachings for free, there’s no need to make it work.

Charging $3,000 or more means that you ‘qualify’ people, you sort out the doers from the do-nothings… and that means you are only working with people who want to learn and work.

It Couldn’t Be Any Simpler

There are…

Sales are made through conversations with people who have been ‘drawn’ into your world.

If talking to complete strangers terrifies you, that’s OK too, because you don’t even have to talk face-to-face with people. 

Some people hold their conversations via email, and/or Facebook messenger only, and then when the time comes to make the offer, they send potential mentees a pre-written proposal for them to read over.

If they are happy to proceed, you send them a link to the payment page. 

It’s incredibly easy to make a payment page in Stripe (the preferred online payment processor for this type of business) that you can send people to.

Apart from being mentored by John and I on how to run your Facebook focused business, you will also get:

Now… we’re going to do something you are probably not used to seeing on these kinds of sales pages…

We Don't Want Your Money…

It’s true… we don’t want your money if you cannot see the value or worth in what we are selling with this program. 

We don’t want to take a penny off you if you don’t believe this will work for you.

If there is any doubt in your mind that you can’t make this work for whatever reason… please do not buy this program.

If you are thinking of trying the program and then ask for a refund a couple of weeks later… please do not buy this program.

There are two reasons why we don’t want you to buy this program, and they are…

Please read those two points again carefully to ensure that you fully understand.

In short…


If after carefully thinking through the last two points and you still want to join The CPR Mentoring Program and have both John and I coach you on how to build your own $3,000+ per month business using Facebook, click the button below to book your qualifying call.

There's More…

Normally, (we are sharing a valuable tip with you now) on sales pages like this there will be a list of ‘bonus’ products added specifically to increase the value of the offer as a way to motivate you to get your credit card out.

Basically, bonuses are used to ‘make you an offer you can’t refuse’. 

Imagine if you wanted a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but couldn’t afford one brand new… 

… but then I came along and offered you one for the price of a second hand Fiat Doblo… 

I imagine you’d be running to the bank to find the money!

Now, I personally don’t think any bonuses are needed here with our CPR Mentoring Program offer.

If the idea of earning $1,000 referring people into our program WHILE you learn how to make $5,000 per month using Facebook isn’t a big enough motivator for you, then nothing is.


Because John and I want you to build a profitable and successful online business, we will also share all our knowledge and expertise with you regarding…

  • Email Marketing – discover how to make thousands of dollars sending simple easy-to-write emails promoting your products and services to a list of hungry buyers.

  • Subscription and membership based businesses – get paid multiple times for publishing the same small amount of content each week or month.

  • Building sales funnels – Discover how to increase your profits with sales funnels offering ‘upsells’, ‘offer-bumps’, and ‘one-time-offers’.

  • Creating profitable digital products – If you are not creating and selling your own digital products, you are leaving money on the table. There’s thousands of dollars extra to be made selling digital products.

  • Flipping websites for profit – this is a fantastic way to make a quick profit ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Some websites can sell for tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And much more.

Now… please take note…

We don’t want you to get bogged down and distracted with all of this extra information so we insist that you only study it ONCE you have gotten to grips with the main business and are making at least $5,000 per month.

Remember… it’s vital to…

Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!

The big problem with the ‘bonuses’ most people add to offers is that there is just too much to work through.

They distract from the main teaching, they generally do not complement the main teaching, and most people simply do not get around to looking at them.

So in truth… there’s no point in buying an offer to simply get the bonuses… and this is why I am telling you this… consider this as me teaching you a vital marketing trick for free!

What I’m saying here is that you will get a tonne of extra information worth thousands of dollars when you sign up… but you have to promise that you won’t let it distract you from the main thing.

We Are Well Within Our Rights To Charge More… But We Won’t!

We could charge more for our mentoring… 

But not only are we giving you the opportunity to make $1,000 for every new client that you sign up to The CPR Mentoring Program, we believe that $3,000 makes it affordable for you to get into this business.

Many other programs charge $5,000 or more which is simply too much for most people who are searching for a way to find more time and money freedom.

Charge too much, and people begin to panic and stress.

Yes, there is a cost to our help and mentoring… but that doesn’t mean that we have to bleed you dry and break your bank.

We want to help you succeed and that requires a balance. 

You need money in the game to make you put the work in… but it also needs to be small enough so that you are not stressing and panicking all the time.

If $3,000 is too much for you to pay to be mentored by us… then please do not buy this program.


If you would like to have your own $3,000+ per month Facebook business (remember, many are making over$5,000 with some banking $10,000 per month doing this) then click the button below to get started.

If you would like to have your own $3,000+ per month Facebook business (remember, some people are making over $10,000 doing this) then click the button below to get started.

I look forward to enjoying a 30 minute informal chat with you. So book that call and let’s talk.

Best wishes



Andi Leeman

PS. PS. $3,000+ per month working just a few hours per day is no longer just a pipe dream… it’s now a reality thanks to Facebook,  and earn while you learn mentoring programs like the CPR Mentoring Program.


  1. Can anyone make money promoting high ticket affiliate programs including the CPR Mentoring Program? – Yes, anyone can make money selling and promoting high ticket affiliate programs including the CPR Mentoring Program, but success and results are dependent on the individual and what they do. People’s results will differ and cannot, and should not, be compared.

  2. How long is the mentoring period? – In total it is for 12 months. In the beginning there will be 3 months of one 1 hour weekly one-to-one calls over Zoom, followed by 9 months of weekly group chats. The reason the one-to-one calls end after 3 months is so that I can make time for the new clients you bring into the program.

  3. Do I really get paid $1,000 for every person I bring into the program?Yes! As long as those people join via your own personal and unique affiliate link you will be paid $1,000 referral commissions.

  4. Can I really make $3,000 or more each month selling high ticket affiliate programs through Facebook?Yes! Do what we teach and it is possible for you to make $3,000 a month at least by selling high ticket affiliate programs. There are many people who are making far more than that.

  5. Am I guaranteed to make any money? – No, as with everything in life, there are no guarantees. Your results and success is dependent on what you do. If you do not put the work in and do not talk to people then it is highly likely that you won’t make any sales, and no sales means no money.

  6. Is this a get rich quick scheme? –  No, it is not. Although some people have made sales not long after starting and have gone on to make a lot of money quickly, it is not a way to get rich quick due to the fact that you do need to do the work required and be persistent and patient.

  7. Is this one of those MLM pyramid or ponzi schemes?No. This is a mentoring program with a built in referral program that pays you a referral commission for everyone you introduce to the program. There is no downline or teams to build and you do not have to promote the program if you do not want to. We simply want you to earn while you learn how to sell high ticket affiliate programs.

  8. Can I sell other programs during and after your mentorshipAbsolutely. You are not tied into anything. You can sign up to promote as many different programs as you want. programs as you want.

  9. What is the qualifying call for? – To make sure that this is a right fit for both you and us. We don’t want you to buy into the program if we think that it is not for you. We don’t want you to waste your money unless you are certain you want us to mentor you.

  10. Is it true there are no refunds/refunds are only given after one full year?Yes! This is true. We are putting a lot of time and effort into sharing our secrets and mentoring you. There is a cost to that. [Refunds will be given only after you have proven that you have done everything we have asked you to do, you have put the work in as required, and not earned back at least your initial investment.] If you do not think this is for you or that you cannot do the work please do not buy this program.

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