“Looking For A Way To Make Money From Anywhere In The World... Working Only A Few Hours A Week?”
Can You Press Send?
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“If You Can, I’ll Show You How To Make $500, $5,000, Or More Each Month Sending Just One Simple Email A Day
No Office… No Staff… Work The Hours You Choose... From Anywhere!”

  Dear fellow freedom lover,

  Imagine sitting down with your morning coffee, opening up your laptop, tablet or even your phone (I often use my phone) and writing out one simple email…

  The email has no more than 500 words – more often than not, they have less than 300 words – and takes just a few minutes to write… once finished…

You press…

And Then Over The Next Few Days Hundreds And Even Thousands Of Dollars Land In Your Bank Account… All Because Of That One Simple Little Email.


  Not at all. I – and many others – have done it many times.  I’ll even show you some of my emails to prove it. 

  I’ve written lots of emails over the years, some have been incredibly successful. Even the not-so-successful emails still make money… often more than what most people earn in a week.

These Emails Can Land Thousands Of Dollars In YOUR Bank Account Within Days

   The best thing about an Email Freedom business is that you can do this from anywhere in the world at any time… It really doesn’t matter where you are.

  You could be sitting on the sofa at home, on a hotel balcony enjoying a holiday, sitting at the beach staring out to crystal clear blue seas, sitting on the bus to town, or travelling the country in a campervan … these simple emails can be written anywhere… at any time. 

  On a laptop… tablet … or smartphone … It doesn’t matter.

You Can Write A Money Making Email Anywhere...
On Anything... At Any Time

  These short simple emails generate thousands of dollars by promoting other people’s products.

  You don’t even have to create your own products… however, I suggest you do one day and I shall explain why later… but you can start this business today  – and make serious amounts of money – promoting other people’s products.

  And these product owners are happy to pay you to do it… so much so they will ask you to promote their products for them!

Anyone Can Do This... Even Your Nan (Probably)

  Millions of dollars are made each year by ordinary people, like you, promoting other people’s products by email.

  And where do you find these products ?


  You will find hundreds of great products to promote at a couple of online resources that I’ll tell you about, where product owners are willing to pay people like you and me to promote their products.

Writing Simple Emails Can Land Thousands Of Dollars In Your Bank Account Within Days, And Possibly Tens Of Thousands Within Weeks

  Don’t believe me?

  Well let me show you…

  I want to show you how easy it really is to run a profitable business from home sending simple emails using nothing more than your laptop… tablet… or smartphone.

And Thanks To Old 'Rona...
There's Never Been A Better Time To Get Started!

  The one thing the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted, is that a lot of people want to find a better way to make money… one which allows them to work and earn from home without the risks of being furloughed or being made redundant… or mixing with lots of strangers.

  If you are one of those people looking for a way to earn from home… or anywhere in the world to be exact… then this is the perfect business for you.

  If you believe for one second that now is not a good time to start your own Six Figure business because of old ‘Rona and all of the other bad stuff happening in the world right now… let me reassure you…

  There really has Never Been A Better Time  to get started!


  • These simple and easy-to-write emails can generate serious amounts of money when times are tough – and they don’t come much tougher than they have been over the last year or two.
  • These emails are even more powerful when the world is relying on the internet for its requirements, just like it is right now.
  • With on-off lockdowns, furloughing, and travel restrictions, you night have plenty of free time to learn how to do this.

  Fortunately there is very little to learn… once you understand the basics it is simply a case of getting started and doing what I show you.

  Would you like me to show you exactly what I and many others do to make thousands of dollars each month sending simple emails?

  If so, keep reading…

  With an Email Freedom business, there is

  • No more stress.
  • No more boss. 
  • No more commuting.
  • No more worrying about money.

  And what’s more, there’s no need to wait until old ‘Rona has packed its bags for good before starting your own Six Figure Email Freedom business.

  You can get started at any time… even today if you have time.

  Getting started with an Email Freedom business is easier than opening up a bank account… but a whole lot more profitable!

  And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like other ‘real world’ businesses.

  For example: buying into a bin cleaning franchise can cost thousands of dollars… it will require a lot of wet physical work, and you’ll need to clean a lot of bins just to earn a decent daily wage. (More about that on Page 17 of the Email Freedom manual)

  But with an Email Freedom business, one email – that took less than half hour to write – can generate more than what most people earn in a month.

  Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? 

  Especially if you’ve bought into the idea that you have to work hard for your money.

  Well you better believe it… because it’s true…

   I’ve written hundreds of emails. And they have all made money for me, my company, and others in one way or another.


  The emails I write build a relationship and a trust with people, and they either directly or indirectly, direct people to specific information which will help solve a problem they are struggling with.

  The information helps eradicate their problem and changes their lives for good. The information has a cost and once a sale is made, I make money.

  It really is that simple.

Write Yourself Wealthy Using Email

  With email, you can literally write yourself wealthy… even if you are no good at writing.

  You are not writing the next bestselling novel… you are not trying to create the next Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Gray.

  It doesn’t matter whether you are great at writing or not… you don’t need to be. You just need to be ‘okay’ at writing.

  You only need to understand basic English with a good-ish command of grammar. 

  All that is required is for you to write short emails which informs, educates and directs readers to a specific location.

  That is it.

  Believe me… If I can do it… so can you!

  Now, I know what you are thinking… “if I don’t need to be great at writing or good at grammar, how do I make money writing an email?”

By Knowing What To Write And How To Write It!

  What you write and how it’s written is far more important than whether it is grammatically correct. As long as you can connect with your readers and communicate your point well… you can succeed in this business.

  Don’t worry if you don’t know what to write about or how… you soon will.

  I will teach you everything I know – and everything you need to know – on how to write the perfect email.

  It's All About The Numbers

  Making money with email is more to do with numbers than the actual quality and style of your writing… (That doesn’t mean that you can send really crap emails though!) 

  I want you to stop and think about this for a minute…

  If you send an email to 1000 people directing them to a product which is being sold at $1,997 and you are paid a 50% commission of the sale price, and just 1% of those people buy the product (10 people)… you will earn…


  All from one email.

  An email which took less than 30 minutes to writean hour tops maybe.

  Now imagine that you had sent that email to 2,000 people, or 5,000 or 10,000 or more… how much could you potentially earn?

  Now imagine doing that again the following week, and the week after that!

  The potential to earn using email is huge.

  Now you can see why it’s called Email Freedom… you write and send simple emails, make money, and the rest of your time is yours to do with however you choose.

  And you can do all of this from anywhere in the world.

  At home on the sofa, at the kitchen table, lounging on the beach, overlooking the sea on a hotel veranda, in a coffee shop in Thailand, on a train… anywhere you fancy.

  Now consider this… what if the product you were promoting, was yours… instead of being paid a 50% commission, you would now earn 100% of the sales price.

  So, going back to the example of sending an email to 1000 people where 1% – 10 people – bought a product priced at $1,997… if that was YOUR OWN product… you would have made…


  All from one email.

  An email which took you less than 30 minutes to writean hour tops.

  And then you write another email… and another… and another.

  One email may only generate a few dollars one day, but the following day may bring in several hundred dollars and the next could be a few hundred more or even over a thousand dollars.

  Every day is pay day when using email.

  How does that sound?


  Well… that is what happens regularly to those who live the Email Freedom lifestyle.

  For many people, it really is a case of money on tap.

You Are Just One Email Away From Depositing
Thousands Of Dollars Into Your Bank

  Here’s one of my favourite secrets to making thousands of dollars from a single email promotion….

  Once you’ve written an email that makes money, you can use it over and over again. The more people that read that email, the more money you’ll make.

Some Emails Continue To Make Money
For Several Years.

  As hard as that might be to believe… it’s true.

  I still make money from emails which were written several years ago.

  Imagine sitting down today and quickly typing out an email, which could still be depositing  thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars into your bank account each year for several years to come.  

  It takes less time to write that email than it does to drink your morning brew.

  Once the email has been sent and proven to be a big earner… you resend it several times each year for as long as it keeps making money.

  To this day, I still get a buzz when I send out an email. 

  If the idea of earning thousands of dollars each and every month by writing and sending simple emails doesn’t get you excited, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

  But if it does, I think you should at least take up this risk-free opportunity to find out more.

The Email Freedom Formula…

  In Email Freedom – How To Build A Six-Figure Income Using Email, I’ve outlined in great detail, everything you need to know, to make money sending simple emails from the comfort of your own home… wherever in the world that may be. 

  There’s absolutely no reason why you too cannot enjoy huge success with an email freedom business

  What’s more, you can do it all by your ownsome lonesome from the comfort of your own home…. no office… no staff… and no previous experience needed.

  This could be the first step on the road to a multi-million dollar online business.

  Inside Email Freedom – How To Build A Six-Figure Income Using Email you will discover…

  • How to set up your own Six Figure Email Freedom business which you can work from anywhere in the world…  for less than $0.32 per day. Page 14
  • Where to find hundreds of products to promote which will pay you big commissions. Page 38
  • How one man generated $1,103,086 in just 12 days using only email. Page 57
  • How one man uses email to regularly sell his books for $292, $391, and $986  a piece… and why people are happy to hand over their money for them. Page 13
  • Why giving away useful, but incomplete digital reports and ebooks for free can grow your Email Freedom business and increase your long-term profits. Page 28
  • The 4 different types of emails and when you should send each one. Page 72
  • What one thing can kill off your potential to make money using email and how to avoid doing it. Page 70
  • How one email marketer made $5,400 over one weekend using email promoting a product which didn’t even exist yetand which is still earning him hundreds of dollars each month a full year after it was tested. Page 58
  • ‘And one more thing…’ The Secret ‘Columbo’ Trick to making more money from your emails. Page 78
  • How to get other people to do the hard work of creating profitable products for you to promote by email. Page 38
  • The clever way to create your own profitable product when writing emails and how to get someone else to do the writing for you! Page 33
  • The Secret Page we use to generate sales while building up an email business… and how you can copy it Page 87
  • How to sell more products to customers already buying from you by using a funnel. Page 24
  • How American publishing legend E.Haldeman-Julius sold 100,000 extra copies of just 3 books by changing only 12 words… and how you can do the same… for FREE. Page 41
  • How to harness social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to grow your email business. Page 79
  • Which experimental website grew to make over a million dollars per month and why. Page 48
  • The average amount of products you need to sell to generate SIX FIGURESit’s a lot less than you image! Page 58
  • How one ebook generated $100,000 in gross sales in little over 5 months. Page 45
  • Which copywriter generated $35,000 in sheer profit within two months of putting his first simple book online. Page 18
Plus There Are The 'See Over My Shoulder' Videos...

  As part of the ‘Email Freedom’ home study course, there are a series of ‘See Over My Shoulder’ training videos locked away on a members-only course page.

  In the Email Freedom manual, you’ll learn how to use email to make a six figure income promoting a combination of your own and other people’s products and services – but that’s not all…

  You’ll also learn how to create your own sales letters, products and websites –  with the potential to take your business from one generating a six-figure income to one which could pull in a massive seven figures – over a million dollars a year.

  Only those who have purchased Email Freedom will ever have access to these videos where you will learn everything you need to know, to take you to the next level including.

  • How to create landing pages connected to an Email list and Sign-up box
  • How to build a professional looking website in as little as 30 minutes
  • How to build cash generating sales pages FAST using the same simple drag and drop tool we use to throw up sales pages… like this one which took less than a day to complete!
  • How to build customer pulling landing pages FAST using a free simple drag and drop tool. 
  • How to load your products to your website and set them for automatic delivery meaning that you no longer need to touch them and can get on with more important stuff like enjoying your day.
  • How to save pages as templates to make the whole sales page build process faster and easier for future products.
  • How to clone pages allowing you to build new pages in a fraction of the time.
  • How to export and import page templates so that you can add sales letters and products to other websites.
  • How to password protect your pages so that only paid customers can access them.
  • How to install and modify your bonus templates. (See below)
  • How to write and send the perfect email.
  • And more… 

  Also, if you sign up today, I’m going to include these two extra bonuses to help build your very own Email Freedom business.

   You get…

Bonus 1

Create Your Own Profitable Product In 7 Days Or Less.

  It’s far easier to create your own products to sell via email than you may think… they don’t need to take months to make either.

  Having your own portfolio of profitable products is perfect for an Email Freedom business because it saves you having to waste a lot of time looking for quality products to promote.

  When you are looking for something to promote, you simply dig out one of your product links, paste it into a newly written email and send it… then sit back and wait for the sales to roll in.

  In this bonus free manual, you will learn how to create a profitable product of your own in under 7 days! (You can take longer if you wish!)

Value:  $29.95

Bonus 2

The Email Freedom Templates.

  With this bonus you are going to get four tried and tested page templates – built to look great on smartphones, tablets as well as computers – designed to help you set up your own Email Freedom business…

  I’m giving you four professional page templates – built to look great on tablets and smartphones as well as computers – to help you set up your email freedom business…

  Template 1An Email Capturing Landing PageDrop your own Email Sign-up form into this page, change the image and details and you are ready to grow your own Email Freedom business.

  Template 2 –  Sales Page Template. Simply modify this sales page to suit your own product and promotion needs and you are set to get started.

  Template 3The Secret Profit Exploder Page. Ready for you to modify to suit your own product needs.

  Template 4The Product Delivery Page. Ready for you to modify to suit your own product needs.

Value $197

This Really Is The Ultimate Freedom Business...

  Wherever you are in the world… you can pop open your laptop or tablet and while enjoying a relaxing coffee overlooking the beach, quickly tap out an email which has the potential to pull in more money that day, than what an average one week holiday would cost.

  The Email Freedom business model is affordable to anyone… you can get started for less than $0.32 per daywhich is less than the price of the cup of coffee you are enjoying while writing the email… see page 14 of the ‘Email Freedom’ manual to learn more.

  These uncluttered one page websites, which you send people to using simple email, work far better than the Flash Harry websites you see today.

  Simplicity is the key…

  Keeping everything simple works best. It always has and it always will.

  Remember that promotion I told you about earlier…the one that I said had brought in $5,400 over one weekend?

  Well all that cash was taken online through a simple web page attached to a simple shopping cart. Just like the one you’re reading now in fact!

  It involved sending out just one simple email asking people to go and take a look at that one page website (exactly like this one), and it resulted in a wave of sales.

  Anik Singal did exactly the same, he sent simple emails asking people to check out a specific one page website which earned him a staggering $1,103,086 in 12 days!

  Before we close this up, I’m going to let you in on one more secret…

  Once you’ve chosen your niche correctly (and you’ll learn how to do that in the ‘Email Freedom’ download) about 80% of the money-making power of your promotion comes down to just three small elements, comprising perhaps 100-200 words at most. Needless to say, you’ll learn exactly what these are in the manual.

  Think about that for a moment…

You Might Be 30 Minutes Or Less Away From Financial Freedom

  Writing just one simple email could change your fortune forever

  An email, which takes no more than 30 minutes to write, could bring in thousands of dollars… maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.

  I’m not saying that as soon as you start on your Email Freedom business, your very first email will bring in thousands of dollars… it won’t. There is a bit of stuff that you need to do before you get to that stage.

  But once you have a decent list growing… and it doesn’t need to be a big list… you could easily spend 30 minutes writing a simple short and sweet email which promotes a high ticket item which brings in several thousand dollars in a couple of days.

  Before I bring this letter to a close, I want to make sure that only the right people enjoy the benefits of an Email Freedom business. 

  I’m sorry to say, but this isn’t for everyone… even if you desperately want to enjoy the freedom and money which comes with this business, I do not want to sell you this product to you if you are not willing to do what is required!

  I don’t want you to think that this is some kind of push-button get rich quick scheme, it is not!

  This is a real world business which has huge potential. It is a business which costs pennies to run compared to other traditional businesses, and the returns can be astronomical in comparison.

  There is work involved getting it set up, and there is work involved to keep it ticking over. 

  But here is the really important thing… 

   With an established Email Freedom business, the work required to keep it running can be incredibly minimal.

  Writing an email can take as little as a few minutes and you can be done for the day once you hit ‘send’.

  That’s the beauty of this business… write the email, hit ‘send’… and watch the money come in while you go about your day.

  If you feel that this is right for you… great!

   All you need is a little time and the desire to learn this business a business that can set you up for the rest of your life. 

   ‘Email Freedom could literally be worth millions of dollars to you. Everything you need to make a life-changing income is in this manual.

You Won't Believe The Price I Have Set For This... 

  Considering how much money email marketers make on a daily basis and what HUGE potential an Email Freedom business can have on your life… I am not going to charge nearly as much as this deserves. 

  I should charge more… I have seen similar products by Anik Singal selling for $997…

  I could charge a similar price to that… but I won’t..


  Because I believe it’s only right that you’re able to learn everything you need to know about this business without it costing you an arm and a leg. 

  You may decide to outsource some work to catapult your Email Freedom business forward and I don’t want to be the reason you cannot afford it… 

  Plus, I would like you to send me any feedback you have about the Email Freedom course and hopefully a testimonial which I can use.

  And so with that in mind… I have set the price at $97

That’s right… just $97!

  $97 is a fair price to pay for something which has the potential to make you thousands of dollars in a day or two from sending simple emails.

  But even at this super low price, I don’t expect you to take a risk or make a firm commitment though. You’re still covered by our no-quibble cast-iron 90 day money back guarantee. 

Your Cast Iron No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can download theEmail Freedom – How To Build A Six-Figure Income Using Email without risk or obligation. Study the manual, and free product development report, watch the videos and even try out the free templates. Put it all into practice if you like. If you’re unhappy with what you receive for any reason whatsoever, or you don’t feel it will work for you, simply let us know within 90 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your payment in full. No questions asked.

  Does that sound fair to you?                        

  Download Your Copy Now:

  Who knows what the future holds… what I can tell  you is that currently the outlook is looking bleak for a lot of people. It may get a whole lot worse before it gets better…gradually.  

  Fortunately, you don’t have to have to be ‘one of those people’. There is an opportunity for you to escape the ‘hardship’ of trying to earn money the traditional way, which as we know, is currently being badly affected by the ‘Rona.

  Now you have the opportunity to start your own home based business with the potential to make thousands of dollars using email… and you can get started today.

  You can earn money at any time of the day or night by writing simple short emails… but best of all, you get back your freedom!

  I hope you decide to take us up on this risk-free opportunity and join us on the journey to Email Freedom to discover for yourself how easily you can profit from sending simple emails from the comfort of your own home… wherever that may be.

  Very Best Wishes, 

  Andi Leeman & John Banks

  PS Sign up today and you will get these incredible free bonuses worth $226:95

  Create Your Own Profitable Product In 7 Days Or Less where you will learn how to quickly create products of your own to sell. 

  The Email Freedom Templates. 4 page templates – built to look great on tablets and smartphones as well as computers – to help you set up your email freedom business fast.

  PPS You have life time access to the training videos as well as email access to myself and I will answer any technical questions you may have.

  PPPS If there was ever the perfect time to learn how to do this, it’s now. Download your copy today. 

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