The Life Bible Resources Page

Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for buying my book Life Bible –  How To Succeed When The Odds Are Stacked Against You.

Below you will find the resources that were mentioned in the book. Each resource is listed under the chapter they were mentioned.

Chapter - There Is A Cost To Going To Work

Click the link to access the article on the Guardian website: Commuting from Barcelona: a London worker who makes it pay

Chapter - Getting Started With The Tools We Have To Hand

Smartphone Video - The Life Bible Mobile Phone Video

In the video below,  I used my phone to record a video.

Smartphone Podcast - The Life Bible

In the audio below, I used my phone and Anchor.FM app to record a podcast.

Freedom Hustles Podcast Episode 029 - Passive Income With Amazon Kindle With Joanne Jackson

In the video below, John and I used Zoom to record a video podcast interview with a woman called Joanne about making money publishing books to Amazon Kindle.

Video Tutorial - Life Bible Video Tutorial Example

In the video below,  I used to record a simple on screen tutorial using the free-to-use Google Slides.