“Would you like to have money drop into your bank when you are not working
Can You Copy And Paste?
“Make Passive Income Each And Every Month Publishing Simple Easy-To-Make Low Content Books… In As Little As 10 Minutes!

  Dear friend, 

  Would you like to earn money while not working and doing other things instead such as enjoying time with your close friends and family?

  Would you like to have money dropping into your bank from work you completed several weeks, months and even years ago?

  Work which is incredibly easy to do and requires no specific skills or expensive equipment?

  If you answered yes, yes and YES!… to the above questions… read on…

  If you wasn’t aware, those questions above are talking about ‘passive income streams’.

Passive Income Streams - The Secret To Wealthy Living

  I don’t know if you have ever heard of the term ‘passive income streams’, but they are the main goal of those who wish to be financially free. 

  They are also one of the secrets of the mega wealthy.

  Passive income is where you get paid over and over again for work that you have previously completed and which no longer requires you to do anything ever again.

  Think of JK Rowling and her Harry Potter books. 

  She writes a book, it gets published and everytime a copy is bought from a shop or online… she earns money.

  JK Rowling has a dozen or more books published including several crime stories published under the name Robert Galbraith.

  Each book is a passive income stream.

Multiple Passive Income Streams Depositing Money Into Your Bank After The Work Is Complete

  The fact that JK Rowling has a dozen or more books published means that she has ‘multiple passive income streams’ all depositing money into her bank completely on autopilot.

  This is the secret of the rich.

  They have money being deposited into their banks each and every day from multiple sources on complete autopilot. 

  They no longer need to do anything other than enjoy the money which they earn.

  Now… before you panic… I am not suggesting for one minute that you need to write books like JK Rowling to earn passive income.

  Far from it!

  You do not need to spend months of hard work researching and writing one book, only to find out that people do not want to read it.

  Reading is subjective and relative, people read only what interests them… however… there is another kind of book which you can sell which will deposit passive income into your bank.

Forget Months… Or Even Years Of Hard Work…
10 Minutes Is All You Need For This

  These books are useful books, people need them and they use them… and here is the best bit… you only need to spend as little as 10 minutes creating these types of books.

  Once you have the right template, you can knock out as many of these books as you like with very little work on your part.

  Once published, these books are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year where people can buy them.

  Every time a sale is made… you earn money.

  I still get paid today for books which I made several years ago… books which took me just a few minutes to put together.

  You are probably wondering what type of book people are happy to buy which takes only a few minutes to create. 

  The books I am referring to are called Low Content Books.

  Think back to when you were at school or college… remember the exercise books you had which had a cover but nothing more than sheets of lined paper?

  Well, they are kind of like that… except a whole lot better.

  I mean, no one is going to get excited over a simple blank exercise book like the ones they used at school… I doubt they will be rushing to buy one… but they will buy one which has been designed specifically for them and the work they specialise in.

  This is where the money is.

It’s Not What You Sell... It’s Who You Sell It To That Counts

  Only the other day, I sold a book that was designed specifically for ‘UFO Enthusiasts’… yes, you read that right!

  I have sold books to people who chase UFOs!

  I never thought that I would ever say that… but it is true.

  And the best bit… I didn’t need to do any writing, do any research, source any images, or ask for permission to use other people’s work.

  This is not your usual ‘UFO book’!

  That one book took me no more than 10 minutes to put together… and maybe another 10 minutes to publish it live online where it could be bought by people looking for ET.

  I can only assume that they use it to store ET’s phone numbers in it.

It’s All About The Numbers Baby!

  The fact that these books can take minutes to make and upload online means that you can have a whole portfolio of products online making you money.

  And as you know, each product is a separate ‘passive income stream’.

  By targeting specific groups of customers, you increase your chances of selling more books.

  Imagine that you had 10 books online, all aimed at specific communities like ‘UFO enthusiasts‘. Now imagine that you were selling just one copy of each book a day.

  Now imagine that each book sale earned you just $1.

  10 x $1 is $10

  Okay, so that’s not a lot to get excited about… but remember… this is passive income.

  Just 10 book sales a day is $70 a week… and over a 30 day month, you will earn $300… all on complete autopilot.

  Now imagine that you were selling twice as many copies… you will now be earning $600 a month.

  What if, instead of 10 books, you now had 20 books online and you were selling 2 copies per day of each book?

  You would be earning $1,200 a month in passive income.

  All from books which you only need to make once!

  That is $1,200 dropping into your bank on autopilot.

  I am not saying that you will sell that many copies each day… you may sell less, but you may sell more. 

  Some books will do better than others. I have had a couple which sell only 1 or 2 copies a month. It all depends on the target audience.

  But, the great thing is this… 

  Because these books take as little as 10 minutes to create, you can make and test as many different types of books as you like.

  How many spare 10 minutes do you have in a day?

  How many books could you produce over a week or a month utilising your spare 10 minute downtimes?

  How much could you earn each month passively if you were to create and upload 100 well designed books which were properly matched with their audiences?

  Remember, these books take as little as 10 minutes to make.

  As I say, this is a numbers game… the more books you have, the greater chance you have of making more money.

  But let’s not forget… your chances of selling more books increases if you create decent books which people want to buy.

  Taking a little bit of time to make your books more appealing and making sure that you include some little extras which will help and please your potential customers, will give you the edge in the market.

  A decent book which pleases and gets good customer reviews and feedback can be the difference between selling just 1 copy a week to selling multiple copies in a day.

Creating A Decent Quality LCB Is So Easy…
I Bet Your Grandma Could Do It!

  Creating a Low Content Book is incredibly easy, I know that’s easy for me to say, and I know you have heard it all before many times over by people trying to sell you products… but they really are. I can’t stress that fact enough.

  However, to make it even easier for you, I am going to go one step further…

Use My Library Of Low Content Book Templates

  I am going to make it incredibly easy for you to make Low Content Books by giving you 56 of my favourite Low Content Book templates to use.

  These are the same templates I use when I create my own Low Content Books. I can vouch for these templates because I actually use them. 

  They are not an afterthought which I had created by some freelance designer on Fiverr.com… these are templates that I have personally created specifically for myself which I use when creating my own Low Content Books.

  And I am giving them to you as part of this course. Take them and use them as your own.

  Believe me when I say these templates make an already easy task, a whole lot easier.

  That’s exactly what they are designed to do… and you can have them to use in your own projects. As a thank you from me to you.

Let Me Guide You In Every Step Of The Process With My Complete 'Look Over My Shoulder' Video Training

  I have recorded a series of videos where I will guide you through every step of the process.

  Together we will create a Low Content Book from start to finish. Watch as I show how easy it is to create and publish to Amazon KDP, a complete Low Content Book.

  In my complete ‘Look Over My Shoulder’ video training I will show you how to…

  • Quickly find hot profitable niches to plunder.
  • Create professional looking and eye-catching book covers.
  • Use the templates to create stunning Low Content Books people will want to buy from you.
  • Upload your finished LCBs to Amazon KDP and optimise them to make more sales.
  • Repeat the whole process to build a portfolio of LCB passive income streams.

  Remember, Low Content Books take as little as ten minutes to create. You can have a huge portfolio of passive income streams in as little as a week… maybe a few days depending on how fast you work!

Investing In Yourself And Your Future Does Not Need To Break The Bank

  You are probably wondering how much this is going to cost… well, I am happy to say that it isn’t going to cost as much as you are probably thinking.

  Complete Video training with 56 royalty free templates in the right hands could be priceless. If you do what I show you and you use the templates, your investment in this course could be worth many thousands of dollars alone.

  However, I don’t want to charge you thousands or even hundreds of dollars for this course. Far from it, I don’t even want to charge you $47 which I actually think it’s a very fair price for what you are getting. 

  The templates alone are worth $97!

  All I am asking is that you make a heavily discounted investment today of just $17. 

That’s right… just $17!

   $17 is all that I am asking for this complete ‘Look Over My Shoulder’ video training and the 56 royalty free templates.

  Why am I asking you to invest only $17 today to teach you a complete passive income business?


  For a short period of time, I am offering this incredibly low discounted price of $17 in exchange for a testimonial.

  Take the system, study it, put into action everything I show you… and all I ask in return is that you send me a testimonial and share with me any successes you have as a result of this training so that I can use it in any future marketing. 

  Does that sound like a fair deal?

  I teach you a simple, easy-to-implement and complete passive income business model in exchange for the heavily discounted price of $17… and a testimonial.

Plus My Full Risk Free Guarantee Promise

  As well as the heavily discounted price, there is a Full 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy in any way whatsoever with “XXX?”, send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your investment in full, no questions asked. Plus you can keep and use the templates with my compliments.

Your Full No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can download the ‘XXX? without risk or obligation. Study the videos and even try out the free templates. Put it all into practice if you like. If you’re unhappy with what you receive for any reason whatsoever, or you don’t feel it will work for you, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your investment in full. No questions asked.

  Act fast and buy now before I increase the price. I won’t be keeping it at $17 for long and I’d hate you to miss out.

The Low Content Book Templates.

  With this product you  get 56 tried and tested Low content Book templates.

  Templates Include

  • College ruled lined paper – perfect for students and people taking notes.
  • Dot grid paper – ideal for designers worldwide.
  • Guitar Tabs – perfect for guitar teachers and students alike.
  • Handwriting paper – ideal paper for writing formal letters.
  • Calligraphy paper – perfect for calligraphy enthusiasts.
  • Journal paper – ideal for those who like to keep diaries and take notes.
  • Sheet music paper – perfect for budding musicians and composers.
  • Isometric paper – ideal for design work.
  • Plus Many More!

Template Bundle Value $97

  But you get the templates as part of the heavily discounted $17 package!

  Act fast and buy now before I decide to increase the price.

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