Regain Your Freedom With A Freedom Skill...

Enjoy a freedom business & live the laptop lifestyle by working from anywhere in the world.

There is more to your life than working a 9-5 or working for other people.

Join us here in at the Freedom Skills Academy and cultivate your  own FREEDOM SKILL!

The Freedom Skills Academy Missions Statement

My mission is to help as many people as I can to leave the day job and swap living a life as a wage slave to living a life of freedom.

Money is a necessity, we all need money to live. I know that…

Money feeds us, it houses us and clothes us.

It also gives us freedom and allows us to experience more in life.

It opens us up to opportunities which wouldn’t be there if we were skint. We all need money and that means we need to earn money…

… but money doesn’t have to be earned through jobs working for other people. 

We don’t have to spend hour after hour after hour, in a time sucking dead end job, working for someone else.

Money can be earned in many ways… and in different amounts. 

There are jobs and skills which allow you to earn more by doing less.

These skills are called freedom skills and they do exactly what they say… they give you freedom.

And it is my wish to help as many people as I can to learn a set of freedom skills, giving them a better work life balance…

…ultimately leading to a life of freedom.


A FREEDOM SKILL is a skill or skill set which allows you to work from anywhere in the world, for anyone you want, at any time that suits you for more money than you generally would earn in most jobs requiring little equipment.


A DIGITAL NOMAD is a person who can travel the world and make a living either working for other people as a freelancer, a remote worker or for themselves doing various online businesses… requiring nothing more than a laptop.


The LAPTOP LIFESTYLE is the dream for many. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the world at any time you choose. On the beach… from a campervan…in a coffee shop… at home. Wherever you feel happy.