The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club
The Fast Track To Regain Your Freedom & Make Over $1K Per Month Online…

  Dear freedom seeker, 

  The goal of the Freedom Skills Academy is simple…

  To help you find your Freedom AND make money each month without having to work a location dependent job.

  Our aim is to help you find your Financial Freedom and Time Freedom so that you can sack your boss and earn your money at a time that suits you… from wherever in the world you choose to be.

  From $1,000, to $5,000, to $10,000 per month… We’ll show you how you can earn Freedom amounts of money without the need of a time stealing and location dependent day job. 


The Freedom Skills Academy
Exclusive VIP Club

  This isn’t just a club for anyone and everyone, this is our Exclusive VIP only club.

  Whoever is granted access gets to see all of our best money-making and freedom-giving training and information.

  Each month you will receive fresh new content covering a wide range of information, ideas, tips, and advice on how to make money and buy back your Freedom.


  • How to develop your own Freedom Skill and Freedom Business which you can work from anywhere in the world at any time that suits you.
    • How to double your way to $1.6 Million starting with just $100.
      • How to make over $1,000 each and every month writing just one or two articles taking no more than a couple of days.
        • How to make tens of thousands of dollars writing sales letters like the one you are reading now which took less than one day to write… some incredibly profitable sales letters have taken as little as one hour to write.
          • How to make $1,000… $5,000… or even $10,000 each month writing and sending simple emails which can be written on your phone whilst sitting in a park or riding on a bus.
            • How to make a passive income each month using an automated robot to cream profits out of the cryptocurrency markets… once set up, you need not do anything other than monitor your system every now and then.
              • How to set up your own automated sales system which generates passive income selling short and sweet eBooks people want to read.
                • How trading horse racing can give you your freedom back.
                  • Why it’s vital to have an exit strategy as soon as you start your own business and why you need to stop working IN your business we soon as possible.
                    • How to generate thousands of dollars in monthly passive income from giants like Amazon Kindle, eBay and Audible.
                      • How to build a hands-off print-on-demand business which generates sales while you sleep.
                        • Why you should outsource as much as you can and why hiring your own assistant is one of the best things you can do if you want more money and freedom.
                          • How to make money for free as an InstaAffiliate.
                            • How one marketer was able to make over $4,000 one weekend selling a product that wasn’t actually ready.
                              • Why money should be seen as a tool and the best way to use it so that you make stacks more.
                                • How to create your own premium priced products which can sell for many years earning you an automated passive income.
                                  • How to make thousands of dollars each month with a simple subscription business.
                                    • What tools you should be using to make money… and those you shouldn’t.
                                      • How to build niche specific websites that passively earn affiliate commission’s each month… which you can sell for thousands of dollars.
                                        • How to source cheap in-demand products and flip them for big profits on eBay.
                                          • And much much more…

                                            All of the training and information is hosted in a secure area on our website which you can access via your phone or tablet anywhere at any time.

                                            But if you prefer, you can download the content for offline consumption.

                                            You will also have direct email access to both of us (John & Andi) so that you can ask us whatever questions you may have about developing your own Freedom Skill or Freedom Business… this alone is worth more than the annual cost of being a member!

                                          Is This The Right Exclusive
                                          VIP Club For You?

                                            Remember, we are not letting just anyone into the The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club… we have a very strict entry policy and that is…

                                            We only want people who are serious about developing their own Freedom Skills, building their own Freedom Business and are willing to take action.

                                            You must be a doer… not a dreamer!

                                            Only those who are actually prepared to do what is required to gain time and money freedom are welcome in The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club.

                                            If you are just a dreamer… a window shopper… and a tyre kicker… then please do not apply. We don’t want people who are only going to waste their time and money… and ours.

                                            You must be serious… after all… living a life of freedom where you can do what you want, when you want and still earn money each month without the need to have a real location-dependent 9 to 5 job is a serious lifestyle.

                                            A Freedom lifestyle doesn’t just happen on its own… it happens by design.

                                          Here’s the deal.

                                            If you agree to take action on any of the training and information that we share inside The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club, then we will welcome you with open arms.

                                            But you have to agree to take action… 

                                            No action… no access. 

                                            It’s as simple as that.

                                            We guarantee that if you do take disciplined action on any of the training and information that we share inside you will make money and you canl find the freedom you deserve.

                                            It’s quite simple really…

                                          Learn + Apply = Freedom

                                            It’s not rocket science… and nor does it need to be.

                                            If you apply what we teach and you don’t make any money whatsoever – not even a single penny – then we will insist that you stop right away and leave the club… but that isn’t going to happen.


                                            Because today both John and I have made money doing the things we will teach you inside.

                                            As I write this, I have seen that we have sold several eBooks in the last few minutes… inside we show you how to set up your own automated eBook selling system.

                                            We know that you will make money with the information that you are going to get access to within the The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club.

                                            But as I say… and I really must stress this point… we will only let you in the club if you agree to take serious action.

                                            You have to… otherwise how else are you going to get your freedom?

                                            So it’s agreed, yes? 

                                            To gain access you must take massive action on the information shared within The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club.

                                            That’s great… so let me tell you some more about the information that we are looking forward to sharing with you along with some of the benefits you get from being a member of the club.

                                          Being A Member Has Its Privileges...
                                          1. The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club Affiliate Programme: As a member of the club not only do you learn how to make money… you can earn money. We are going to pay you every time you recommend a new member. We will pay you 50% of the recurring revenue FOR LIFE from those that join for as long as you are a paying member of the club. (Value ??)
                                            • The Exclusive Secret Success Videocast/Podcasts: You get exclusive weekly easy digestible videocast/podcasts as an aide to encourage and empower you on your journey to freedom. These files will include stories to inspire, ideas to provoke you to think and information which can help you to succeed quicker. (Value $237)
                                              • Email Freedom: You will get access to the complete Email Freedom course. Email is the one tool which has brought freedom to thousands of people. It is a Freedom Business which you can take with you and can be run from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. (Value $97) (a minimum 3 months subscription required before access is granted*)
                                                • The 30 Day To $30K Product Workshop: You get exclusive access to a recording of a live online workshop Andi gave showing how to set up your own automated passive income system. Andi takes you through the 5 steps to creating and listing your own product – which has the potential to earn $30K or more – online within 30 days. After 30 days your very own product will be live and primed to make sales, take payment and deliver the product on autopilot without you needing to do anything. (Value $27)
                                                  • A Free Digital Copy Of ‘Earn More, Live More, Work Less!’: Learn the No 1 Secret which all rich people use every day to grow their wealth and give themselves more free time. It’s a secret you see every day but haven’t realise its potential to change your life. It’s a simple technique anyone can use to grow their wealth and have more freedom.
                                                    • A Physical Copy Of ‘The Life Bible – How To Succeed When The Odds Are Stacked Against You’: After 3 months of being a VIP Club member, to say thank you we will send you a physical copy of Andi’s motivational, inspirational, and transformational book ‘The Life Bible’ through the post. Crammed full of inspiring stories, strategies and wisdom to help you become a success in life. Ideal for young adults who are only just venturing out into the big bad world and need to learn ‘the facts of life’ (no, not those ones!) and develop the right life enhancing habits and powerful life skills.


                                                      As a member, you will get a massive 25% discount on any of our other courses, manuals, and training for as long as you are an active paying member.

                                                      Also, so that you are completely aware, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

                                                      You will lose your 25% discount on other products, access to the Exclusive VIP Club teachings and direct email contact with both of us, but you are free to cancel at any time. We have no intentions of trying to keep you any longer than you want to stay. You are in control here. 

                                                      If we have not delivered what you were looking for or you are not completely satisfied in any way with what you find inside the The Freedom Skills Academy Exclusive VIP Club then cancel your subscription right away. Your satisfaction is more important to us than your money.

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