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Do you want more money... a better job... better relationships and more success in life… but become stuck every time you try?
If Yes... You Need…

  Dear reader.

  I’m with you…

  Life can be hard, it can be a real grind and a complete struggle at times… 

  There are days where you feel like you are trying to climb a steep hill while carrying a backpack crammed with rocks and wading through a foot of mud wearing stiletto shoes…

  When all you want is an easy and relaxed life where you are free to enjoy yourself and simply be you.

  That’s what life should be all about… enjoying yourself.

  You were born to be free.

  And you should be.

  Free to choose what you do each and every day… without worrying about whether you can afford it or not, or whether you should do it or not.

  Life should be about choices… personal choices… and not those imposed on you by others.

  You shouldn’t have to live a life where your days are dictated by a boss, your family or circumstances.

  You are the one who should decide what it is that you do… and when you do it.

  If you decide you want to start work at 10am and finish at 12 noon… you do that.

  If you decide that you want to charge £500 for those two hours… you do that.

  If you decide that an hour of your time is worth no less than £1,000… you do that.

  These are choices you can and should make for your own life… no one else should be allowed to dictate what time you work or how much you earn.

  No one else should be allowed to make life decisions on your behalf.

  To live a life that is free, you are going to have to adjust and adapt.

  You’ll need to follow a specific code, develop new skills, and learn new ways of doing certain things…

… and implement new methods of life management and arm yourself with tools which will help take you from zero… to the hero of your own life.

It's Your Life… Take Back Control

  It’s your life… you owe it to yourself to be in control of what you do and when.

  If you’re not in control… then someone or something else is… and that means that you are nothing but a prisoner in your own life.

  That’s not good.

  Do you want to be a prisoner in your own life? 

  Do you want to quietly watch from your prison cell while others decide your day… and ultimately decide your future?

  Each day determines the next… and if other people or circumstances decide your days for you… they will control your destiny!

  You do not want that!

  You cannot allow that to happen.

  You must be the one who’s in control… it shouldn’t be any other way.

  If you have lost control of your own life… now is the time to take it back.

  Regain control.

  Grab hold of the reins…

  And take charge.

  This is your ride… you steer it to whichever destination you want.

It's Easier Than You Think

  Taking back control of your own life and making it a success seems daunting, but it really is easier than you think.

  The reason so many people are not the heroes in their own lives is that they haven’t been shown how to be!

  They were not taught how to properly take charge of their own lives or destinies.

  Schools and parents teach their children to be good little pupils, to be good little socially compliant drones, who leave school and join the masses who live the same groundhog day of work – sleep – work.

  If children are not taught how to take absolute control and make a real success of their lives… then how can they?

  How can they do what they need to do… if they don’t know what to do?

  How can you yourself change your future if you don’t know what to do or how to do it?

  What’s more… because you haven’t been taught what to do…

You Don't Know What You Don't Know!

  If you don’t know what you don’t know… you don’t know what you need to change or what to do differently.

Until Now That Is!

  In the book The Life Bible – How To Succeed In Life When The Odds Are Stacked Against you will learn how to take back control of your life and become master of your own destiny.

  With 36 sections each showing different techniques and methods to take back control, regain your freedom and make a success of your life.

  212 pages of powerful tools and techniques you can start today to help turn your life around so that you are back in complete control of your life and future.

  Within the pages of this book are vital lessons and important truths which are not taught in any schools… I certainly wasn’t taught any of this at school and I’m pretty sure you weren’t either.

Do you want more money but struggle to find the time to learn new skills or start a profitable side business? … The information, techniques and methods outlined on pages 100, 119, 125, 168, & 171 will help you find all the time you need to make more money.

Do you want to do less work for the money you earn? … Pages 12, 40, 96, & 198 will help to figure out work which will give you more money for your time and efforts ultimately giving you more freedom.

Are you fed up with being skint? … The information and advice found on pages 28, 48, & 77 will help you to stop losing vital money.

Do you want to be calmer, happier and more fulfilled with life? … Pages 105, 108, 119,125, 147, & 160 will help you to reduce stress and limit the effect problems can have on your life giving you more peace of mind allowing you to feel more fulfilled in your life.

 Do you want more success? … The techniques and methods on pages 100, 105, 129, 135, 140, & 156 will help you to succeed and to go from zero to hero in your own life.

  In 2021, there is no reason for a person to not become who they want to be or should be. 

  The tools and opportunities we have available to us today have never been so good… I wrote so much of The Life Bible using my smartphone whenever I had a few spare minutes.

  You are living in the greatest time ever in all of human history to become the best you can.

  Our parents and grandparents never had the opportunities we have today… there are no excuses for not becoming the success you want or should be… 

  But as I said before, the reason people are struggling and not becoming all that they should be… is that they have not been told or shown how to.

  With the tools and opportunities available to you today, and with the right information and advice, there is nothing stopping you from changing your life for a better one.

  You just need re-educating.

Throw Off The Shackles...

And Change The Programming

  You need to throw off the old shackles and remove the out-dated and faulty programming and replace it with new information which will take you from poverty and pain to success and happiness.

  Old programming is holding you back

  The opinions and mixed messages you received as a child from your parents and teachers have imprisoned you and prevented you from moving forward with your life.

  Being taught the wrong information and being involved in the wrong lessons have caused you to stop and stay rooted in a rut.

  You were a child, you had no option then but to listen and participate.

  Parents and teachers were in charge of your life back then. They made the decisions, they had a responsibility of care. They told you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

  It was a case of ‘what I say, goes’.

  A lot of what they taught you was wrong… not only was it wrong, it was damaging to your future.

  I myself was repeatedly told by my mother whenever I wanted something ‘I want, never gets’ or that my ambitions were ‘castles is the sky’

  Imagine how harmful those words can be to a young and impressionable mind.

  Now compare that to the messages people like Richard Branson got from his parents. 

  Branson’s mother told him:

  “Never look back in regret – move on to the next thing.”

  How powerful is that?

  Where I was told I couldn’t have what I wanted, Branson was told to not waste time on regret and to move onto the next adventure ASAP!

  Many successful people when they were children were told that they could achieve and have anything they wanted.

  You see how damaging those words were to me? I was told them far too often.

  Unfortunately as a child, you had no choice but to listen and obey back then… 

… But You Do Have A Choice Now!

  The sad truth is… a lot of what you were taught back then… is still ruling you today. 

  Your view of the world and the decisions you make in life are still being shaped by the things you were taught.

  This parental programming set you up for the future.

  So much so that your teachers and parents are still effectively making a lot of your life decisions for you.

  Your habits and behaviours are driven by your opinions and your world view which were shaped and influenced by the adults of your past… mostly your parents and teachers.

The Little Girl And The Sunday Roast

  A prime example of this, is the story of the young girl who was helping her mother to cook the Sunday roast.

  Before putting the roast in the roasting tray, the mother took a big knife and cut one end off the chunk of meat.

  “Why did you cut the end off?” ask the little girl.

  “It’s what my mother used to do when she cooked a roast. I used to do it with her.”

  “But why?” asked the daughter.

  “I don’t actually know,” replied her mother. “You’ll have to ask grandma.”

  The little girl runs off to fetch the telephone and rings grandma. As soon as the little girl’s grandma answers the phone, she asks the question. “Why do you cut the end off a roast before you put it in the oven grandma?”

  “It’s what my mother used to do when she cooked a roast. I learnt to do it when I used to cook with her as a little girl.”

  “But why?” the little girl asked again.

  “I don’t really know,” she replied. “You’ll have to ask great grandma.”

  The little girl hung-up and promptly called her great grandma.

  “Great grandma, why do you, grandma and my mother cut the end off a roast before putting it in the oven?”

  “Well sweetheart, back when I was a young woman, we only had small ovens with even smaller trays. If I didn’t trim down the meat, it wouldn’t fit in the tray meaning that it wouldn’t fit in the oven and I wouldn’t be able to cook it. As for your mother and grandmother, I don’t know why they do it, they have big modern ovens and so they don’t need to.”

  I can’t say how authentic that story is, but it’s a great example of how habits and behaviours can be transferred and passed on from parent to child and carried on for many years after… even if they are no longer relevant!

  Many habits, behaviours, and opinions which people learned during their formative years have no useful benefit in their adult life… yet they hang around like a bad smell, causing issues

Take Back Control And Regain Your Freedom!

  Let The Life Bible guide you in taking back full control of your life and regain your freedom.

  Learn how to become super productive and make more money by doing less work.

  Learn how to recognise who you should distance yourself from… and why!

  A good friend might be a ‘good giggle’ and enjoy some ‘good banter’, but a great friend will encourage you, support you, and hold you accountable. They most certainly won’t try and discourage you or hold you down.

  Learn why harmless ‘banter’ can be more damaging than it is fun.

  Learn how to switch off and not have your precious time wasted by strangers and trivial internet trolls.

  Learn why being grateful is good for you… but also why you should not believe the guff perpetuated by The Secret and rely on gratitude alone to change your life or circumstances… It won’t!

  Learn how and why your bank account is leaking money… and what you can do to stop it.

Become Mindful Of Your Thoughts And Actions

  Know Thyself… is probably the most important Biblical teaching there is… and that is coming from me, a person who is no fan of organised religions. 

  Knowing who you are and what triggers emotional and physical responses in you is the most powerful knowledge a person can own.

  By knowing what makes you tick and what makes you sick… you can do what is right for you at the right time and move forward.

  The truth is; most people don’t. 

  They spend too much time doing what doesn’t work for them and then complain when they get nowhere.

  Most people do the life equivalent of ‘banging your head against a brick wall, then complaining that they have a headache’. 

  In fact, many of them not only complain that they have a headache… they wonder why they have the headache in the first place! 

  They simply do not realise that they are often the cause of their own downfall.

  With the help of The Life Bible, you will learn more about what makes you tick and what makes you sick… so that you can make important changes to your life and stop yourself from holding yourself back in life.

The Life Bible Is Yours For Free -

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  The Life Bible retails at £9.95, but today, I want to send you a copy absolutely free… all I ask is that you cover the postage costs. 

  Postage for The Life Bible is £4.95 to anywhere in the world, which is an incredible price for the book and all its teachings… especially if you request a second copy for a friend…

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  You only pay one postage cost whether you order one copy or two. 

  If you don’t know of anyone who you’d like to give a copy to… or for some reason the person you want to give a copy to declines your kind offer (I can’t imagine why they would, but it could happen) then why not give the second copy away for free to a stranger?

  Leave the second copy in a bus station, or a train station, or in a coffee shop. Put the second copy somewhere where people gather so that someone can find it and take it.

  Yes, it may end up in a bin, but that is the risk I am willing to take. The cost of this is on me.

  You see, my mission is to help free people from the historical shackles they may not realise that are holding them back.

  I want people to succeed in life and have the best life possible.

  I want people to be free to do what they want as and when they want.

  I want people to have a happy and more fulfilled life.

  If I can at least help a small number of people to live a less stressful and manic life, one where they are happier than before they read The Life Bible, then I will be happy. I have done my job.

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