5 (Online) Ways To Fund Your Travel & Vanlife Lifestyle

This report is not just for those who travel a lot or live on the road. Anyone who wants to work for themselves from the comfort of their own place can also do these.

Vanlife is growing. More and more people are choosing to live on the road in a camper van or a converted van or bus. The reasons for this are varied. For some people it is a life they have chosen because they love to travel, not wanting to be in one place for long or cooped up in a brick building seeing the same old views out of the windows.

For others, it might be a necessity. The cost of living in the UK is high and some people are fed up with the struggle. Working all hours God sends to earn money which is out of the hand as soon as it is placed in it. Bills and living costs need paying and for many people in the UK, once they are paid, they are left with very little to play with.

There are a few unfortunate people who have had no other option but to live in a van after losing their jobs or homes. For them, they had no choice. The decision was made for them. To survive they needed somewhere to live, and that place is in the back of a van.

So, whatever a person’s reason is for hitting the road or travelling, they will need to make money to fund the lifestyle.

For many, there first thought might be to get temporary jobs in places such as fruit picking, working as labourers or working behind bars. There are a lot of jobs people can do… or was up until good old ‘rona decided to kick normal life in the you-know-whats.

Thanks to lockdowns designed to control the spread of the coronavirus, many physical and location dependent jobs such as working in coffee shops, restaurants, bars and anywhere where groups of people gather have not been available like they once were.

There are a lot of online and digital jobs which people could do before ‘rona ascended but now those jobs are more important than ever. The idea behind this report is to share with you 5 ways that anyone can make money online.

As I say, this is for anyone but it is especially targeted at those who are living life on the road today wherefinding traditional work is harder than normal, but the need for money is just as great today as it was pre ‘rona.

So here are 5 (online) ways to fund your travel & vanlife lifestyle.

1 – Become A Paid Writer 

This one could cover several kinds of writing but for this report I shall focus mainly on article and web content writing including writing email newsletters. There are thousands of people online writing content for websites and clients and so you might think that it is not possible to compete and find work.

Well, you can. You see, there may be a lot of competition, but a lot of it is poor and cannot write a decent article for toffee, they certainly do not get paid the hundreds of pounds that some writers get paid… and that is what you need to be.

You need to become a premium article writer.

There is a lot of work out there to be had, you can, if you wish, go down the ‘affordable’ route and write articles for people for £5, £10 or £30 but to make a decent living you will need to do a lot of writing.

There is no need to do that. There are people who own websites and businesses that are willing to pay writers several hundred pounds, and sometimes thousands, to write articles for their websites. 

Why would these business and website owners want to pay someone hundreds of pounds to write an article for them?

To make money.

You see, this is not a case of being paid per hour or being paid for a simple article, these people are paying to receive a well crafted article which once it is online, will make money for years to come.

As a writer, your job is to craft an article which pulls people from social media and the search engines and then converts them into product buyers. A reader of the article is subtly pushed towards doing something like buying a product the website owner is selling.

Some websites may not have a specific product for sale but they may be drenched in advertising which generates the website owner money when it is either clicked or seen. If the article you write is so good that it attracts readers for many years, that article could easily make the website owner thousands, so why would they not want to pay you good money to write it?

This is a numbers game.

You are not being paid to simply write, you are being paid to deliver a product which will make the client money on an ongoing basis. 

Think about it, if you could give someone a product which will generate £10,000 over the next five years… how much do you think that would be worth?

Could you not ask for £500 for that article?

Maybe £1,000?

It doesn’t matter how long or how little it took to write, it is the results that it generates which matters. It could take you half a day to write, but if it can make your client thousands of pounds, then it is worth several hundred pounds at least and your client would be happy to pay that. If they are not, go find another and better client.

Wouldn’t you hand over £500 for something which could make several thousand pounds back?

You would be a fool not to.

If one article can generate several thousand pounds, how much would 2 articles, 5 articles or even 10 articles generate?

There are business and website owners who will pay to have more than one article written each month. Find just 2 clients who want 2 articles a month who are happy to pay you £500 per article… you now have yourself a perfect Freedom Business.

Writing is an incredible Freedom Skill which can earn a person a lot of money in a relatively short period of time. You just need to find the right clients, and with the online world, you have a huge global pool of potential clients to work for.

2 – Copywriter (Sales Letters and Emails)

The reason I haven’t included this with the previous listing which was about being paid to write is that this is a different form of writing. It is a highly profitable form of writing and although the articles mentioned in the previous listing will use copywriting skills, copywriting is about writing specific sales copy and sales letters.

A copywriter can charge a lot of money to write a sales letter. One sales letter could cost £30,000 or more. Again, it all depends on specific variables such as your proven results, the product you are writing about, the size of the company and the size of their email list and the price of the product which is for sale.

A novice copywriter is unlikely to charge a small town building company £30,000 for a sales letter where they are offering free estimates, but a seasoned professional copywriter who has a proven history of generating millions in sales can easily charge in excess of £30,000 to a six figure publishing business who are selling a £1,000 product to a huge email list.

If that £1,000 product generated over £150,000 in sales over a year, then the company would happily pay the copywriter £50,000 for writing the sales copy.

Why wouldn’t they?

In two years, that £1,000 product may go on to make £300,000 or more.

That company  could pay £1,000 to a novice copywriter with no experience or proven results, but it’s highly unlikely that their copy will make them £150,000 in sales.

This is another results based business.

It doesn’t matter whether a sales letter took you just half a day to write, if it generates hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales, it is worth tens of thousands itself.

A sales letter is not just a collection of words, it is a well crafted product in its own right. It is an online salesperson working away 24/7 making sales. If that isn’t worth a fair few thousand pounds then nothing is.

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

If you can write sales letters, promotional emails, webinar and video scripts which convert and generate sales, then you can charge more. And any business owner or company with half a brain would know and understand this.

Becoming a highly paid copywriter does require learning a skill set, but the great thing about copywriting is that it is relatively easy to learn. There is more than enough information available and plenty of people willing to teach copywriting.

The Freedom Skills Academy will soon have its own copywriting course available due to Andi  (that’s me) being a paid copywriter. If you would like to learn copywriting then I suggest you watch this space.

3 – Sports Trading (Warning: High Risk) 

This is different to the two previous listings but it is worthy of a  mention. This can be a risky way to make money if you are not disciplined and follow a proven system.

Both myself and John have been trialing a system which requires discipline and we have both taken an initial investment of £150 to over £500 in the space of two weeks.

If you are not careful, you can lose money, but unlike running a business, there are no overheads with this so it is recommended that you try and see any losses as expenses.

If you imagine a restaurant business for a minute, before they can even take a pound in sales they have to pay rent and rates for the property, pay insurances, lease hire kitchen equipment, buy specific equipment, pay for electricity, water and gas, they have to buy cutlery and crockery, buy tables and chairs, and they need to buy food and drink. This is all before they can even start serving. They say a restaurant takes two years on average before it turns a profit.

Then there are the other items which need to be factored into the costs which do not directly make a profit like toilet roll, soap, spray cleaner and paper towels. There is a HUGE expense to many traditional businesses such as restaurants.

With sports trading, there are non. You pay a small fee out of any winnings if you use an exchange like Betfair, and then there are the losses. But like I say, if you think of them as expenses, they don’t feel so bad. And like all expenses, they lead to bigger profits. 

Without spending on chairs, tables, cooking equipment, food and drink, the restaurant cannot make a profit. Without your losses you cannot make a profit… well you can, we don’t actively encourage you to go making losses, but it helps if you see them in a different light.

For example, John and I are trialing a system which has more losing trades than winners, but because the way the system has been developed, we only need a few wins to completely wipe out those losses and give us a profit. Which is why we have more than doubled our investment in two weeks.

We just need to stay disciplined and stick to the system.

There are many systems which professional sports traders use, and there are many different sports a person can trade. With horse racing which is incredibly popular, there are a lot of variables to consider and there are many outcomes with each race. If a race has 12 horses competing, then there are 12 potential winners, which means there are 11 potential losers.

With football, there are only three outcomes with each game, Win – Lose or Draw. But for each football team there are only two outcomes, Win and Don’t Win. 

As long as you choose your races or games carefully and focus on specific odds, winning games can often make your losses back with a profit on top. 

A professional footballer with a decent goal rate, will have a higher failure rate. Many shots on goal miss and many are stopped or saved by the keeper. Yet the one or two goals which do go in the back of the onion bag will count big time.

It is the same with sports trading and the hardest part for many is trying to come to terms with the fact that there will be a lot of losing games or races. When there is a losing run, it can be intensely demoralising, but it takes just one or two winners to turn a decent profit.

You just need to stay disciplined. I know this because I have met and worked with people who are professional sports traders and they make thousands of pounds each month trading sports. I have seen this first hand and I know that it happens.

Again, this is not for the faint hearted and anyone wishing to give sports trading a go should enter into it with eyes wide open and not use any money they cannot afford to lose. Also, do your research, watch others who make money trading sports and follow their advice.

4- Building Websites And Maintaining Websites For Clients 

This is a great way to make money while travelling around the world or living a vanlife lifestyle. It only requires you to have a rudimentary understanding of one or maybe two specific web building systems. 

For example, both John and I know quite a lot about WordPress and we can build all kinds of different professional looking websites for people…. And we have. 

And yet we know nothing about coding or computer sciences. We just use an easy-to-build system and a specific plugin which allows us to drag and drop bits in place. It really is cool, and we can be paid several hundred pounds for each simple website.

For this to work, you need internet access and that is something which is a norm these days. You are never far away from a WiFI connection.

Small local businesses need websites, and very often the owners are too busy to build their own so they are happy for other people to do it for them. They will happily pay up to £500 for a simple 5-6 page professional looking website.

If you save them time allowing them to get on with the work they do best which makes them money, why wouldn’t they want to pay you? 

It makes sense that they outsource it to people who can do it quicker and better while they get on earning money.

Not only can you make a small monthly income by hosting these websites on your own hosting for clients, you can charge your clients for small jobs which they cannot do or don’t want to do. Recently John charged a client £30 to change a phone number on his website. It took him less than a couple of minutes and he pocketed £30 for the privilege.

Making websites for people is not that hard once you have a little bit of knowledge. And if you set yourself up to offer one or two templates to businesses that need nothing more than a basic ‘information’ based website, you can upload the template, add the info and be done in 4 hours or so and pocket a week’s wages.

Just like the writing, you get paid for results. A website which is built and live online, can generate leads and business which can amount to more than what the company paid you. 

If you built a website for a company and within a couple of days that company had enquiries which resulted in them getting £2,000 in new business… why would they not want to pay you £500 for building a website which might have taken months if they tried to do it themselves in a futile attempt to save money?

5- Email Marketing

This is an incredible business to get into.

Email marketing allows you to make money sending simple daily emails promoting products which are either yours or other people’s.

When you promote another person’s product and make a sale, you get paid an affiliate commission which can be quite a lot depending on the price of the product you are promoting. You can make several thousand pounds promoting some products.

The money is in the list.

It is a well known internet marketing truth that the money is in the list.

The email list is the bloodline of any online business. Having a decent sized email list can generate thousands of pounds each month. 

All you need to do is keep the list active and engaged and send them promotions which are congruent with their needs.

You wouldn’t try and sell pork burgers to vegans would you?

And it is the same with email lists. You build email lists which are in specific niches and you send them regular emails with tips, news and advice around that subject and also promote only products in that niche.

It is one of the best Freedom Businesses around.

If you would like to know more about email marketing and learn how to make thousands of pounds each month sending out simple daily emails, go check out our course here: Email Freedom.