Could Hiring An Office For The Day Explode Your Online Business?

Today’s short report is about productivity and distractions.

As a home based content creator, I’m sure that you have experienced your fair share of distractions.

Working from home is the dream for many people. It has a lot of benefits… but if you do not manage it well, the dream can sometimes be a nightmare… and it’s not necessarily your fault either.

Working from home means working close to family, and as much as family respects you and your work, it’s still incredibly easy for them to inadvertently disturb and distract you.

Unless you live in a huge house (I do not) with a west wing all to yourself to work in, being at home can mean disruptions and distractions by people who are in a close proximity. 

People walking past the office door – that is if you are fortunate to have an office and not just working at the kitchen table – can be distracting.

Children by their very nature of being young and full of beans can be noisy as they run around and play.

When I was a child, I was always running around pretending to be superman fighting with imaginary criminals, or Buck Rogers firing deadly lasers at space monsters and criminals, PEW PEW!

I was a noisy child.

Then, when I hit my teens and discovered music, I became noisy in a different way… and a lot louder. 

At first, my music tastes would have been more acceptable to my parents, but as soon as I discovered electro, hip hop, acid house and techno I can only imagine how loud and annoyingly distracting I was as a teen!

Homes need to be kept and that means cleaning which can also be a noisy affair. Washing machines and tumble dryers are not quiet, nor are vacuum cleaners. Plus, cleaning is often done to music.

There can be a whole range of noises and disruptions that happen daily in a home, and these can be incredibly distracting and off-putting when you are a content creator.

Writing is more manageable because noise doesn’t affect the work, it can knock me off my train of thought which isn’t good, but I can write with some background noise… but it’s different when it comes to recording videos or podcasts.

When you are in the flow of a recording and you suddenly hear noise close to the door, your focus is dragged away from whatever it was you were thinking and talking about to wondering whether the door is going to fly open and someone comes in wanting to ask you a question.

That distraction can be seen and heard in the recording. It can take quite a bit of work to edit it out. Sometimes you may need to start from the beginning again which is incredibly frustrating.

With a written piece of content, no one would notice that you were interrupted for five minutes by the wife asking what you want for dinner, but with a podcast or face-on video, it can be seen in your actions.

The odd interruption isn’t a big problem, but if it happens often, the time lost can soon add up.

Sometimes, just having family close by can result in you popping out of your room to ask them a question or discuss something that seemed important at the time but was actually rather trivial.

It’s easy to act on a thought when it pops into your head, ‘I wonder what we are having for dinner, I’ll go and ask’.

Working close to family can inadvertently rob you of a lot of time, time that could be spent creating content or products that make you money, and that is why I suggest you…

Rent An Office For The Day

The idea behind this is to rent an office that is away from your home for one day a week or month so that you can fully focus on creating profitable content without any disruptions and distractions.

Yes, there is a cost to this and so you need to factor that into your business, but on the flip side, you produce a lot more content quickly which you can get to market quicker meaning that you can start to earn money back from your efforts sooner.

If you are creating a product such as a course that comes with several videos, you can take yourself off to the office and record them all knowing that no one is going to walk through the door and start talking to you.

There won’t be any teenages arguing or blasting out their latest Spotify playlist to be concerned about.

You simply get to your office, make a brew, open up your laptop and start working.

Ideally, you want to hire an office that is quiet and has no noisy neighbours. Maybe it’s just me, but I would prefer a place that didn’t open out onto a shared corridor. I need silence when I am recording videos or podcasts.

Traffic noises don’t bother me so much, obviously you don’t want them on your recordings, but passing traffic is not going to interrupt you and it can be ignored easier. 

It’s people talking as they walk past the door that throws my concentration. Just the thought that they may come in throws me off balance.

Yes, you can put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door, but that doesn’t stop people living and getting on with things in the home. 

Plus, people forget. 

Teenagers who start to squabble over something trivial aren’t going to be thinking about mum or dad needing quiet to work. They are going to be more focused on shouting louder than the other and trying to prove who is right or wrong, as teenagers do.

I believe that the best solution is to actually take yourself away from the home and allow the rest of the family to go about their day as normal, that way everyone is happy.

It’s 2024, if there is an emergency, it is easy for anyone to get hold of you. I’m sure you have a smartphone. You are just a call away should your family need you in a hurry. There are plenty of messaging apps available, however, I do suggest that you turn off all apps and notification noises so that you are not disturbed.

Have your phone visible so that you can see if it rings. Have the sound off so that you are not disturbed by cold callers or other unimportant calls. If it rings you will see who it is.

Tell your family not to call you unless it is a serious emergency such as the house has been swallowed by a large sinkhole that has opened up on an ancient Indian burial ground,  and the children have been taken to the otherside by poltergeists.

You don’t want or need to be dealing with any calls that are not an emergency.

The idea of hiring an office for the day is so that you can get as much work done as possible and that you do not need to hire the office for longer than required.

Unless you can afford it without too much concern, you don’t really want to be renting an office long term as the cost can be quite expensive.

It depends on what type of content you create and how much of it you intend to create, but a day or two each month should be enough.

If you find a decent office that can be hired for a day release and you know that you will be needing an office one day for several months, make a block booking so that you have it to go to on the same day of each month.

Office Days Are Power Days

In previous reports I’ve talked about creating one new digital product each month, and hiring an office for the day would be a great way to get those products made.

Get to the office nice and early, make yourself a brew, open up your laptop and start to work through the product plan – you should not turn up to the office without a plan of what you need to do for the day otherwise you will struggle to get it done.

These office power days can explode your business because you create products or content that will generate money either directly (sales) or indirectly (directs people to you who make a purchase later).

What are your thoughts on the idea of renting an office for one or two days a month?

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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