Five Different Types Of Lead Magnets Ideal For A Subscription Business/Newsletter

As with all businesses, a subscription based business needs customers. 

To ‘attract’ customers, a business needs to get its message out to people to ‘warm’ them up and get them interested in their products.

The great thing about an online digital subscription business is that there are potentially millions of people worldwide that can access your content, and there is no limit to how many people you can have paying you a subscription fee for your content.

It is a fantastic business opportunity for virtually anyone… but, getting people to join your subscription requires people to like, know, and trust you and/or your product which isn’t always easy or straight forward.

This Know, Like, and Trust is vital for selling and is called the KLT Factor.

The other thing that gets people buying is if they desperately NEED what you are selling and so are willing to take the risk. 

If people have a problem they need eradicating and your subscription promises to do just that, then people may buy whether they like, know, and trust you or not.

Generally, people need to know if what you are selling is worthy of their money and to do that, it is often best to give away free content for them to consume.

This content warms them up and erodes any resistance they may have about you and your products.

The content that you give away for free should be exchanged for an email address so that you can build an email list to which you send regular emails as a way to build a relationship with the people on the list.

The emails you send will be newsletters designed to help them with whatever problem they have. Those email newsletters will help to erode any resistance they have to you.

The email list is the perfect place to nurture and grow your customer base and so to grow that email list, you need to give something away for free.

There are people who publish free content as articles on platforms like Substack and Medium which attracts readers and at the bottom of those articles they link to their email newsletter. 

Sometimes that is enough to get people to sign up to your email list.

Sometimes, you need to give away something a little more ‘meaty’ and substantial. Known as ‘lead magnets’, because they ‘attract’ potential clients and customers (leads), these are created specifically to grow an email list.

Here are five different types of lead magnets ideal for a subscription business/newsletter:

1 – eBook or Report

Giving away a short eBook or report is a popular way of getting people onto your email list. It is also a great way of eroding any resistance people may have towards you as the information in the eBook or report can be incredibly helpful.

An eBook or report shouldn’t be too long (I am guilty of giving away eBooks that are too lengthy) and they should help a person overcome a problem, or give an idea of what they need to do to overcome that problem.

Some people like to publish eBooks and reports that are ‘useful but incomplete’ meaning that the information tells people what they need to do to solve a problem they are struggling with, but it doesn’t show them exactly how to solve the problem.

To actually solve the problem they are struggling with, the reader then needs to buy a follow-up product such as a course, training, service, or buy into a subscription. The eBook ‘warms’ them up to that product and directs the reader to it many times throughout the pages.

2 – Video

Video is a great freebie lead magnet as they are quick and easy to produce. A video lead magnet can either be one video, or a series of videos. 

One video can be a specifically made piece of training, or it can be a recording of something that you previously did such as a live workshop, webinar, or seminar.

If you went live in a Facebook group, or on YouTube showing people how to do something specific, a recording of that would make an ideal lead magnet. If it will help more people and is relevant to the content of your subscription business.

A perfect example of this is when I signed up to get access to a workshop an author was giving away that showed people how to grow and run a six-figure-a-year writing business. 

The workshop was a recording of one of the live workshops he gave to the paying members of a coaching program he ran.

I have spent money with this chap because I know him, I like him and what he teaches, and I trust him. 

3 – Blueprint

This is a really good lead magnet as it lays out exactly what a person needs to do in order to achieve something specific. This can be in the form of a webpage, video, PDF, or a combination of all of them.

A blueprint that they can print off and hold is really good as it is something they can touch and refer back to easily and regularly.

Showing people what to do is far more valuable than simply telling people what to do, and if you do help people solve a problem or achieve a specific result, they are going to be grateful which means that the KLT Factor is high.

4 – Templates

Templates are great because they help people. A template means that people save a lot of time trying to figure things out for themselves, or design something that they like or think is OK.

A template means that people can simply plug it in and modify it to suit their needs. I have created templates for product download pages, sales pages, landing pages, emails, and articles.

When people take those templates, they can see what goes where, and they can follow my instructions, making the whole job ten times faster and easier than if they were doing it from scratch.

5 – Email Course

This was a popular lead magnet back in the early days of the internet, and it is just as popular today because it is easy to set up and implement.

Similar to that of an eBook, a report or even a blueprint, you offer to help someone with a specific problem and you deliver the solution via email over 3, 5 or 7 days. 

For example; part 1 of the process/solution is delivered on day one, part 2 is delivered on day two, and so on and so forth.

There are two ways of doing this:


    1. The emails can send people to specific pages on your website where the information is laid out either in video or text… or a combination of both.

    1. The information can be in the email itself meaning that people can consume it as soon as they open the email.

Ideally, the email course does not want to be any longer than 7 days. Any longer than that and it is too long and people won’t finish it.

The idea behind a lead magnet is to help people overcome one specific problem, and to overcome it quickly and with ease. That won’t happen if your email course is 101 days long.

Obviously, when your 3, 5, or 7 day email course has finished, you should still email regularly, but they should be additional follow-up emails, not part of the course.

Remember, the email course is the lead magnet given away for free to get people onto your email list with the intention of sending daily or regular emails to those people. 

There you have it… five types of lead magnets that are ideal for your subscription business or newsletter.

Get people onto an email list, nurture a relationship with the people on there by giving them useful information which will have them getting to know, like, and trust you… which as we know is one of the best ways to get people buying your products or services.


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