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Freedom Skills, Peaceful Profits, And A Life of Peaceful Freedom

Freedom Skills, Peaceful Profits, And A Life of Peaceful Freedom

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The title of this article promises a lot.

To some of you it may mean very little. 

To others, it may sound like a promise which they believe cannot be delivered

To me… the title is a recipe. 

It is a plan to follow. 

A path to freedom and a more relaxed and peaceful life.

You see, with a freedom skill you can earn peaceful profits. And the two of those combined will help you to regain your freedom.

FSP Episode 4: Freedom Skills, Peaceful Profits, And A Life Of Peaceful Freedom


I know what freedom isn’t. 

Freedom is not having to get out of a comfortable warm bed at stupid o’clock, to walk in the cold dark winter mornings to a place of work each day for five days of the week.

Freedom is not having your tea and lunch breaks dictated to by someone else’s watch, or in the case of my last employed position, dictated to by a soul destroying 1940s prison of war style camp klaxon.

The actual Klaxon from my old place of work… it even has Klaxon written on it!

The only time the sound of the klaxon made me feel good was when it signalled the end of the day and I could go home and enjoy what was left of the day. Which in winter here in the UK was very little. 

I used to walk to work in the dark and I would leave work when it was dark. 

Doing that for five days each week across the whole of the long grey UK winter is depressing. 

Then summer comes, the warm sun in the mornings, and the long hot summers days blessed with blue skies and wispy white clouds are enjoyed…from inside the factory through the windows and if you were one of the lucky ones to be working close to the open doors of the delivery bays… you would get to see some sunshine and enjoy a cool breeze.

I was one of the fortunate ones, with my role I was able to go outside every now and then to make deliveries, fetch material, do maintenance and unload lorries with the fork truck.

This also meant that I could be called upon to go out and do those tasks when it was tipping it down with rain or snow, bitterly cold and icy as hell!


Fortunately things are different now. I have developed a series of skills which I call my Freedom Skills. These skills help me earn what are known as peaceful profits. 

You see, I now work from home and I work online. This means that I no longer need to walk to a place of work to earn my money. No longer do I have to walk or work in cold and wet weather.

Nor do I have my breaks dictated to by other people.

I work when I want, from where I want. As long as I get the work done and generate the results I said I would, then I get paid.

I am currently doing a long term remote contract for a company that I have worked with before. And I love it. If the weather is fantastic I can go outside and take longer breaks and work when it is darker and cold. 

The skills I have developed over the years have allowed me to build up my own websites and generate money from various online business models. Last month I helped generate twice as much money for a company than what they pay me for the whole year… and I am happy with what they pay me. 

Remember… I work online from my home. This means that I can work where I want as long as I have a connection to the internet which is not difficult today. 


With the COVID-19 pandemic running rife throughout the globe forcing Governments to lockdown large areas of their countries and send workers home… being able to work online from home is an absolute godsend!

More and more businesses are now adapting to this new norm and wherever possible, they are relying more and more on remote workers.

And the great thing about working from home is that you can get more done in less time… and be paid well for it.

It would appear that a set of Freedom Skills and Peaceful Profits are the only way to get better job security in 2020.


There are digital nomads living in converted vans travelling across countries working and enjoying a freedom most people can only dream of.

These digital nomads are loving life. They pull up at beach side parking spots, throw open the camper van doors and work overlooking breathtaking views while enjoying a cool breeze of fresh air.

They stop and grab a drink when they want while scanning the horizon. 

Of course, they do have some rainy cold days they have to endure but they can work those days fully to get more work done or jump in the cab and move onto a new spot. They are totally free.

They do not need to go to a specific place to work. They are not location dependent. They can work from anywhere. But not only that, they can earn more than what they would be paid if they were employed in the traditional sense at a location dependent job… and they get paid more for doing a lot less work.

These people have mastered their own set of Freedom Skills, skills which means that they can offer services to clients – or for themselves – which deliver results they need, bringing in large amounts of income or future clients… all of which means that they can charge a high fee.


I have been developing my freedom skills for many years but they were seriously accelerated when I found Mike Shreeve and his No Pants Project. Mike has created several products of which I have bought at least four. His teachings have accelerated my freedom skill development and has resulted in me working from home… or as I call it… regain my freedom.

I am a happy member of his Peaceful Profits Programme. A programme which is full of incredibly powerful information which can take a person – like me – from an employed worker to a well paid, home based, freedom loving freelance or remote worker.

The biggest benefit of being a member of the Peaceful Profits Programme is not just the amount of education to develop your freedom skills but the amount of information which deals with the other important issues like mindset, motivation, finding your important freedom figure and dealing with clients and jobs.  

I am talking about useful real world business and lifestyle information which you do not get with other programmes.

There is a wonderfully supportive community inside the Peaceful Profits Programme with it’s own private members Facebook group with live face to face tutorials each week, hosted by members of the PPP team.

So what can you learn from Mike and his Peaceful Profits Programme?

Freedom skills…

Skills such as…

  • How to make good money as an email copywriter
  • How to generate large amounts of money writing sales letters… something I love.
  • How to make money building funnels and generating paying leads for yourself or for others.
  • How to create products, courses and lead magnets… or as they call them Lighthouses.
  • How to scale your income into a passive monthly income which you run on autopilot.
  • How to build a Client Getting Faucet… as an Englishman, I assume that means clients on tap 🙂
  • How to run Facebook ads using a Break Even Offer to generate free traffic.
  • And a whole lot more…

To learn more about Mike Shreeve and his Peaceful Profits Programme CLICK HERE and mention my name Andi Leeman. And so you know, should you join, I will be compensated by Mike and the Peaceful Profits team as a thank you for passing on new wonderful people like you 🙂

To your freedom.