What Is A Freedom Skill And Why Should You Have One?

Freedom skills are a set of skills you can take around the world with you which allow you to earn money wherever you are. With freedom skills, you can earn a living without having to be in a specific place. These freedom skills are not location dependent. 

They are skills which you can take anywhere, to any country, and you can make money. 

There are many different types of freedom skills. Some are more premium than others. With today’s technology, such as the internet and smartphones, there are some freedom skills which allow you to earn a premium for doing a lot less work. 

Traditional freedom skills are things such as hairdressing. Hairdressing is something which most people in most cultures require. There are always people who need their hair cutting and a basic haircut requires nothing more than a pair of scissors and a comb or a brush.

A brush and a pair of scissors can be picked up from basically anywhere in the world, and it is a skill which you can earn money from. Now, I’m talking about basic haircuts, if you were to consider doing styling or a salon style hairdressing, then you will require more equipment and become location dependent. You will need to get more hair product and more equipment, and probably a base to work from. 

Freeing Yourself From Location Dependency

Hairdressing itself is not fully location dependent free. You will need to go to somebody’s house or they will need to come to you. You cannot cut hair without the client being right in front of you. So it is a freedom skill, but it isn’t one of the best freedom skills. 

More importantly, you can’t charge a huge amount of money for a basic haircut. No one’s going to pay you £500 to have a simple haircut. For a major styling or having a complete overhaul then maybe yes. If you went to Toni&Guy or Nicky Clark, then yes, you will pay a fortune. But for a basic haircut, you’re not going to earn a lot of money.

Carpentry is another freedom skill which you can take around the world. You can charge a lot more than you can with hairdressing, making it more of a premium freedom skill, but there’s a lot more involved compared to hairdressing.

I spent many years working as a carpenter. I could take this skill over to the United States, I could take it to Australia and virtually all of the countries of the world. What they do with wood is very similar to what we do here in the UK. There will always be doors and windows needed to be made or fitted. 

There are so many different options with carpentry and joinery, lot’s of sub-trades a person can specialise in, but the downside to joinery is that you’re going to need a lot of equipment and it is also location dependent. You can work in a joinery workshop, which you will need to go to most days. Or if you’re more site-focused or prefer to work for the general public, then you have to go to those places to do the work.

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You also are going to require transport. Most tradespeople I know have a van. It is hard to work a trade without one and it is difficult, if not impossible, to work a trade without tools and equipment. And you’re going to need a lot of equipment. There are very few carpentry jobs that you can do where you are going to need only basic hand tools. 

The tools that you’re going to need for most carpentry work these days can be very expensive. And so you are going to be location dependent, dependent on a lot of equipment, a lot of expense, and you’re going to be dependent on finding work. Carpentry is location dependent, and so it is a limited freedom skill. It’s a brilliant skill to have, but not an ideal freedom skill. 

Choose A Premium Freedom Skill & Get Paid To Drink Coffee

Now the freedom skills that I’m saying that you should develop, or you need to develop and grow, are those which are not dependent on location, do not require a lot of equipment, do not require you to spend years learning at places like college or university.

They require you to do little actual work – at least not a lot of hard physical graft, but you charge a premium price for the work itself. 

There are freedom skills that you can work or that you can use while sitting in a coffee shop. While you’re enjoying a latte and a piece of cake, listening to the buzz of the city and watching the world go by, you can actually walk away from that coffee shop earning more than what most people earn in a week. 

Freeing Yourself Of Equipment Dependency

There are certain freedom skills that when we use specific technology along with a connection to the internet, we are able to become digital nomads. We are free to roam the country, to roam the world, and we can make money from wherever we are as long as there is a connection to the internet. 

That is a true freedom skill. Unless, of course, the internet goes down. Then you are a little bit stuck, but it is a true freedom skill, meaning that you do not necessarily need to be location dependent and equipment dependent.

So for example, if I were to move to Australia, I could still find work here in the UK. There are jobs that I can offer to people using nothing more than a tablet and a smartphone. 

Personally, I would rather use a small laptop though the work that I’m talking about can be done on a smartphone or a tablet. 

I can charge several thousand pounds for the work I do. 

The work itself can be done within a day and some jobs can be done in a few hours. 

There are some freedom skills which are actually client dependent, so you get paid per job. But there are a lot of freedom skills which you can do once and get paid for over and over again, and we will talk about those more in other posts. 

I shall discuss both types of freedom skills:

Those which are dependent on individual clients wanting bespoke products.

And those which are dependent on large audiences to deliver income from one time products.

Earn More For Doing Less

The main focus of this website are those freedom skills where you can generate premium profits for less work giving you more time and money freedom. The whole idea is that you generate enough money each and every month so that you are not a wage slave, trapped in a funless job, chained to a place of work for 40 hours or more a week. 

As an example, one job which is client dependent but can earn good money within a few hours is building business websites.

The website building world is quite saturated… to a point. There are lots of people who are designing websites, but it is a fantastic skill as in the fact that you can do it from anywhere in the world. 

And if you choose your niche and your customers carefully, there are websites that you can build within four hours – or less – which you can charge a week’s wage for, if not more. 

So for example, I talked about carpentry. There are carpenters who require websites for their businesses. They need a place where potential clients can find their contact details and learn more about the work they do and the services they offer.

Carpenters are not alone. There are builders, there are plasterers, there are electricians, there are plumbers, there are driving instructors. There are lots of businesses out there that require websites. Especially new businesses. 

There are always people starting up new businesses and companies. Some people may be able to build them themselves, but on the whole, a lot of people don’t. They don’t have the time and the only time they can do the work is in the evenings or weekends, which they’d rather spend with their family.

So these businesses are willing to pay people to build websites for them. These websites do not need to have a lot of pages and they do not need to have a lot of information. As long as there is a contact form, telephone number, a gallery of pictures of what they’ve done, information on how to get hold of them, and all the necessary information on that website, people will pay you up to £500 to build a five or six page website. 

A website which can be built in four hours – or less. 

You can build that website using a laptop in a coffee shop and walk away with the equivalent of a week’s wages.

That is a true freedom skill.

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