Work Once: Get Paid Multiple Times

This is the secret to great wealth that has been previously available to just a few people.

Not that there was a big conspiracy by the mythical ‘elite’ to keep people down, or that it was a ‘secret’ kept within a small group of people… it was just that in the past, it was too costly for most people to do.

It wasn’t until the world went digital that it became accessible to anyone and everyone.

I’m talking about the phenomena of:

Work Once… Get Paid Multiple Times

You see, in the past, the only real way to do this was to write a book, or publish a newsletter or magazine.

When you write a book, you do the work once and the finished product can be sold for years to an unlimited amount of people.

Compare that to a bricklayer who gets paid per job. If a bricklayer is paid $500 to build a small wall, they would need to build another small wall to earn another $500.

Whereas a person who publishes a book, they can earn money every time a book is sold. They do not need to do anything more because the book is written.

But back in the day, books were published by publishing houses who needed to make a profit because books had to be printed in large numbers and distributed.

Publishing companies took a huge risk when they printed the works of an unknown writer. They needed to know – or believe – that the book would sell well.

Because of this, they rejected a lot of writers who wanted to be published.

Self-publishing was out of the reach for most people and so writers were at the mercy of publishing houses. 

Stephen King, James Patterson, and J.K. Rowling were all rejected numerous times by publishing houses before someone decided to take a risk on them.

To self-publish a book back in those days was a very costly affair because they too had to have hundreds of copies printed off, otherwise there was no profit in it for the printer who also needed to earn a living like the rest of us.

Very few people were able to afford to have a garage full of books waiting to be sold.

Newsletter and magazine publishers were the same, they would only publish what they believed would sell well. Having newsletters and magazines printed and distributed was a costly affair.

Today, it is different. We live in a digital world connected globally by the internet.

Anyone… and I do mean anyone, can write and publish a book, newsletter, or magazine… and they can do it from the comfort of their own home, and with little to no expense.

The digital newsletter has thrown wide open the doors for anyone to have a subscription business where they do the work once and get paid multiple times.

And by that I mean, you create the newsletter, publish it, and get paid by many paying subscribers.

Obviously, you need to do new work each month, but the point that I want to really hit home is that today, in the digital age, it can take as little as a few hours to create the monthly content that people will happily pay for.

Let’s say that you have 200 subscribers each paying $10 per month to access your monthly newsletter and that it takes you no more than 4 hours to completely write your newsletter… you are earning $2,000 for just one newsletter.

Each month you earn another $2,000 for another ‘one’ newsletter.

Each month, it takes just 4 hours to create a new product so you could say that you are making $2,000 for just 4 hours work.

Of course, there is other work involved such as getting people to subscribe to your newsletter. You will need to do some marketing and promotional work otherwise you will not have any paying subscribers.

But on the whole, you are getting paid by multiple people for one piece of easy-to-create content that you publish each month.

What’s more, publishing the newsletter online means:

  • You can have subscribers from all around the world.
  • There is no limit to how many subscribers you can have.
  • There are no ‘printing’ and publishing costs.
  • Delivery costs are incredibly low. Delivery costs are the fees for website hosting (Siteground), email service (Aweber), platform and transaction fees (Substack, Patreon etc).

How many subscribers you have is down to you. The more you promote the newsletter, the more potential subscribers you will find.

Also, the more content that you publish, means that there is a greater chance that subscribers will stay subscribed.

When a person decides to pay $10 or more per month to access your content, if you give them more than they thought they were getting, they will see more value in your subscription and will feel more inclined to stay subscribing.

If you deliver less than you promised, people will unsubscribe and stop paying. It’s as simple as that.

Some of the biggest subscription businesses have thousands of subscribers, and many of them charge more than $10 per month.

So, is it time that you started your own online subscription based business?

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Until next time.

Have a great day.



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