Your Bank Account Is A Reflection Of Your Past.

Your Bank Account Is A Reflection Of Your Past

People live by their bank accounts. They know whether they can afford to buy or not buy something by the amount of money – or lack of – that is in their bank account. It makes sense to a degree, you don’t want to spend money that you don’t have, and living constantly in an overdraft is a nightmare situation to be in. As well as costly.

Bank charges soon add up and it is possible that several hours of each working week is spent earning money to cover those costs. It is not a great situation to be in.

Imagine the weekend or break is over and you are back at work doing the first shift/day of the week.

Do you really want the first couple of hours spent earning money just to pay off overdraft charges or interest?

No of course you don’t. How depressing is that?

Knowing that you have just worked two or even three hours for money that you are not even going to see!

Not nice.

But for many people that is the norm. The nightmare just won’t go away. Well, I don’t know if what I am going to say next will be of any comfort or help to you but I think it is a pretty cool way to think about your bank account. 

I cannot remember who originally coined the idea but, you should see your bank account as a reflection of your previous behaviour.

Instead of allowing your bank account to dictate your months spending why not allow your spending to dictate your bank account. You see, if your bank account is overdrawn then you have spent too much and/or not earned enough in the previous month.

When you are sat looking at the statement in your hand or on your screen showing you that you have minus money you will no doubt be feeling low, knowing that you cannot buy the things you would like to buy… or in some cases, the things you need to buy.

To be able to buy the things you want you will need money and if your bank account is basically empty then you have some tough decisions to make.

Do you buy the things you want this month and risk getting into more debt or do you not spend any money and focus on earning more?

If you chose the latter then you are starting to allow your actions to dictate your bank account.

Eventually your bank account will start to reflect your actions and show a more healthier balance. When your bank account is lacking in funds, it is depressing and trying to focus on earning more money does become hard.

However, there is another way to help get your bank account back into a good place and that will be discussed in more detail in another chapter.

The important thing to remember is that a bank account is not a representation of the future but a reflection of the past. The money you have available today is determined on your spending behaviour of the previous month.

So if you want a bank account that is in a healthier state at the end of the month then you have to modify your spending behaviour accordingly. 

You might be thinking, why would I want a bank account with money in it, if I am not actually going to spend it… again we will come to that in other articles but please be assured it isn’t about not spending your money but more about using it in the best way possible.

After implementing the tips and advice from this website you should have more money available to spend. Not just once, but each month, if you focus your efforts correctly.

Money is a tool. It is designed to be leveraged, and used wisely it can change your life for the better.

Used unwisely and it can cause you a whole host of problems. Money gives you freedom and the more you have the more freedom you will have. Have none and you will become a slave to money.

Your freedom will be lost to bills, debts and working as many hours as you physically can to make ends meet. That is no life. That is just existing… and it can be pretty miserable.