Blogging Is Dead! Long Live Blogging!

Blogging was a great way for people to make money online. For many people, their blogs progressed into online businesses that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars selling services, products, or from showing advertising.

Those who focused on specific niches did really well. Those types of blogs attracted the people who wanted to know more about those specific topics making it easy to sell niche related products, services and advertising to them.

Recently I heard someone on a videocast say that blogging is dead. 

He then went on to say that the days of making money by writing about your thoughts and sharing your life experiences via a blog are long gone.

I have two thoughts about that….

  1. I am not sure that those days really existed for those ‘types’ of blogs. Some people may have made some money from blogging their opinions and thoughts, but they were either a celebrity with a following or managed to grow a following and become a celebrity-like figure which is possible because that is what modern day Instagram and TikTok influencers are. Becoming a celebrity is a powerful form of brand marketing.

  2. The people who did share their thoughts and opinions and were successful bloggers would still be mostly writing about a specific topic. Their published content would probably follow the 80-20 rule where 80% of it was ‘niche focused’, and the other 20% would be about ‘other stuff’.

The person who said that the blogging was dead was making tens of thousands of dollars each month promoting his own high priced mentoring.

He is making a good amount of money… so he knows a thing or two, right?

Well, he doesn’t know everything because he was completely wrong about blogging.

Blogging is not dead, it has just changed.

Blogging Is Dead! Long Live Blogging!

Blogging changed into a business where people:

  1. Focused on a specific niche.

  2. Became celebrity-like familiar faces that people chose to follow and went to when they needed specific information.

  3. Swapped platforms.

  4. Swapped monetisation method from an ad-based income to a subscription income, a profit share, and/or selling products and services.

One of the reasons why I say that the blogging is dead chap is wrong is that there are people who are making more money per month from blogging than he is making mentoring people on how to make money online.

When people are out-earning him by doing something that he claims is dead, it tells me that it is far from dead!

Yes, it can take a lot of work and time to get to the point that you are making thousands of dollars from your blogging business, but unlike his mentoring business, a successful blog can make money when the blogger is not working.

A mentor needs people to mentor to make money. A blogger needs people to read the content they have already published or buy digital products they have sitting in their online store… and that can be at any time of the day or night.

Platforms That Pay You To Blog

A lot of bloggers now use platforms like Medium or Vocal where they (the platform) pay you whenever your content is read by their paying subscribers. 

These platforms have millions of monthly visitors and so it pays them to share the best content with them.

It costs you nothing to publish to these platforms meaning that you can start today without the need to build your own website which can be quite costly.

Anyone wanting to start blogging should start by using these platforms as that is where the readers can be found. You can grow a large following without having to mess around with traffic generation and onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

You simply write an article, add a few relevant tags, and hit publish. People who follow you will be notified of your new content by email if they have subscribed to receive them.

It is quite easy to build a following on Medium by following other writers (bloggers) and interacting on their articles by leaving comments and liking them.

With Medium you can set your articles so that they are read by everyone or only those who are paying a Medium subscription. 

Setting your content so that it is read by paying subscribers only means that you get paid a share of the money Medium makes.

Some writers make thousands of dollars each month by writing on platforms like Medium. 

Not bad considering that one guy declared that blogging is dead!

Subscription Focused Blogging

Substack is another platform that allows bloggers to publish their content for free… and this time they allow you to charge a monthly subscription fee to your subscribers.

Substack is a newsletter publishing platform which also emails your content to your subscribers.

Substack has millions of users and the platform has several tools built into it that allows you to find new subscribers from within their user base.

OK, that doesn’t mean that you will suddenly have hundreds or thousands of subscribers from day one, but if you learn how to use Substrack correctly to get the most out of it, overtime you will find a decent amount of people willing to pay to access your content… if it’s good enough and something they want to read, that is.

There are many active bloggers on Substack who are making more than just a living by publishing content.

Noah Smith of Noahpinion is rumoured to be making a cool $1 million a year publishing highly detailed articles about economics… a topic that a lot of people find interesting.

But how directly useful that would be to them in their day-to-day living, I really don’t know. 

Nothing that I have read makes my day any better or different, yet there are tens of thousands of people paying between $8 and $10 a month to read his posts.

So what that tells me is that if one guy can make around $1 million (that’s a lot more than that mentor chap is earning) per year publishing content about global economics, then blogging is far from dead… it’s just changed.

There is an audience out there for your content, you can make money publishing content just like bloggers used to… the only difference is that instead of running your own self-hosted blog, bloggers today use one or more of several new platforms that allow you to get started today for free.

These new platforms make it far easier to get started and to run a successful blogging business.

So… let’s recap…

Blogging Is (Not) Dead! Long Live Blogging!


Until next time.

Have a great day.


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