Can You Build A Complete Profitable Business Using Just A Smartphone?

Is it possible to run an online business completely via a smartphone?

Yes, it is absolutely possible.

Obviously, it depends on what your business is and how you decide to run it.

For affiliate marketers, digital content creators, newsletter writers, information publishers and subscription business owners… a mobile phone is more than enough.

With virtually all of the social media platforms giving users the option to charge subscription fees for people to see their content, a subscription business can be entirely run from the phone resting in the palm of your hand. 

The content – articles, podcasts, and video – can be created on your phone and then uploaded directly to multiple platforms.

I personally use a laptop for most of my writing work because I prefer to work with a bigger screen… but I have used my phone many times to write sales copy, emails, articles, and social media posts.

I’ve written content on my phone while sitting in a car, travelling on a plane, travelling on a train, travelling on a bus, while waiting for people in a coffee shop, and numerous other places. 

I once wrote an article while sitting on the loo… that article went on to make me money.

Audio files can be recorded and edited on your phone as can video. 

Capcut is a cool tool which will allow you to edit the videos you record with your phone. 

These videos can be uploaded to Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, Patreon, Substack, TikTok, and many other platforms.

The photos that you take with your phone can also be edited on your phone using apps such as BeFunky, Word Swag, and even Canva.

As you can see, it is actually possible to be a digital creator and run a subscription business online using just your phone, but it’s not the only business you can run and manage using your phone alone.

If you have the funds, you can manage a complete online service-focused business by outsourcing the hard work to other people.

This means that you can run an agency where you have people build websites, build funnels, create content, and/or do things such as SEO and marketing.

Using a combination of email, messenger apps, and workspace apps such as Slack, you can communicate with clients and workers without needing to actually use anything other than your phone.

Any video calls with clients or outsourcers can be made using messenger apps such as Skype, or WhatsApp. 

Today, most decent tools and service software have a mobile version or can be accessed via a phone meaning that you can run an entire business… from just your phone.

Trading, although it is not considered a business, can also be done from a phone. 

I’m not saying that you would want to, watching charts and graphs is better on a big monitor, but you can access platforms and ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ directly via your phone.

I’ve said it before and I shall say it again… we are currently living in the greatest period ever in human history where anyone can make money from home alone.

It’s never been this easy.

Anyone who has a smartphone can connect to the internet and create and share content that can generate money.

Anyone who has a smartphone can connect to the internet and offer people from all over the world services that they can be paid for.

It really is an exciting time for virtually anyone.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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