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Today’s newsletter may be a short one due to the nature of the content.There’s not a lot to share today, but it is incredibly vital to growing an online business.

One of the best and easiest ways to grow an online business is to ‘document’ yourself doing something that other people would love to know more about… especially if those people have been struggling with the same thing or simply don’t believe that it is doable, and then share it.

People building an online business need to publish content to build their brand and grow their Like, Know and Trust factor, and documenting what you do is a great way to create a lot of content, fast.

This kind of content aligns people with you because they are watching you deal with the same problems and concerns they are facing. They are hoping to find solutions and it’s good for them to see how you overcome obstacles and move forward.

People watching someone do the things they want to do helps them to do it themselves. It shows that it is possible to move past the issues they are dealing with or expect will happen.

They can see what was done, what worked, what didn’t work, and they then know what to do and what to avoid. 

The other great thing about documenting your journey and sharing your story online is that it helps remove doubt from people’s minds.


A good example of this is when my good friend, John Banks, decided to document himself turning just £20 into £500 selling other people’s unwanted stuff.

As hard as it is to believe, there are people who don’t think that you can take £20 and turn it into £500 or more.

He recorded a series of videos showing just that. He started with £20 and turned it into £500.

He has done it a couple of times. 

The last series of videos covered everything and have since been turned into a product which is now available to buy on our website.

John not only shows that it is possible to make over £500 from just £20, he also shows that you could carry on and turn that £20 into thousands of pounds.


The example above is what I want you to think about the most… when you document what you do in videos and articles, you have a ready-made product to sell.

Articles can be edited into eBooks and videos added to a members area to make an online course.

Not only do you help people and grow your brand by sharing a lot of great content, you have content that can be gathered together and sold to people.


John and I recently discussed the idea of doing the Double Your Way To A Million challenge where you start with £100 and double it up to £1.6 million. 

It takes only 14 doublings to hit that figure, but obviously, you cannot simply double the money when you hit the larger amounts.

You can easily double £100 into £200, but once you hit the £1,600 mark straight doubling isn’t easy… and this is where I think documenting our efforts would really help people.

£1,600 would not be spent on just one item that you sell for £3,200 (if you can do that then do it), it would be used to buy multiple items that are sold for a profit which add up to £3,200.

As you go along the process of doubling your money, you build a business which you eventually sell for over £1.6 million. 

So yes, you do ‘double’ your way to £1.6 million… but you don’t just double your way to £1.6 million, if you get what I mean?

A lot of people would have doubts and will think that it’s not possible to double your way to £1.6 million starting with only £100. 

Documenting the process would reveal that it is possible (several people have already done it), it would also explain in greater detail exactly what ‘doubling’ means as part of the process.


Documenting your journey is a fantastic way of being seen as an ‘expert’ even though you could be just a couple of steps further down the line than a complete newbie.

For example… 

Imagine that you were building your first sales page in WordPress using the Elementor Page Builder plugin (John and I use Elementor all the time) and while building that page you recorded yourself installing a ready-made sales page template that you modified to suit your needs.

That video would be incredibly useful for those people who are just starting out and need to build a sales page on their own WordPress websites.

You could record the video and share it online for it to be seen by people an hour or two later who will see you as a person who knows a lot more than they do, even though you have only just learned to do it yourself.

Those people will then come back to you looking for more information and may start asking you questions. 

When that happens, you know that you are starting to build a brand and a reputation putting you ahead of all of those people who very often know more than you but don’t share the information online.


The truth is this… 

If you don’t publicise what you know or can do, how will anyone else know what you can do? 

If no one knows that you can do specific things… they won’t follow you, they won’t buy products from you, and they won’t hire you to perform specific tasks. 

Documenting and sharing your story is probably one of the most powerful tools you can use for growing your online presence and building a business.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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