For The Love Of Money… Don’t Sell Your Car!

I’ve seen two posts on Facebook recently by two different affiliate marketers talking about procrastination and slow starters.

And both were correct… 

People do wait too long to get started when it comes to starting a business or working on a way to make extra money.

People often make excuses as to why they cannot get started.


People also have valid reasons.

These two marketers are obviously promoting affiliate marketing coaching programs and are trying to ‘educate’ people into thinking that they need to buy their programs NOW!

It’s all well and good saying that people should start as soon as possible… but it’s a fact that very few people who want and need money actually have any money spare to spend on courses.

Many of them are living in fear of the car breaking down, or the heating system packing up because they do not have the money available to pay for any major repairs.

In the UK, it was reported that quite a few teachers and nurses – once considered to be good paying professions – are now having to use food banks to help ease the financial pressure they are under.

Rents, mortgages, food, fuel, and general day-to-day living costs have increased so much recently, hard working people are stretched to their limits.

So, how is shaming them on their decision to not take the financial risk of buying the product you are promoting going to help them?

You really need to show them the proof that your system works and limit the risk of losing the money to ZERO if you want them to buy.

And please… don’t tell them that it is just $20 to get started when you know that they really need to spend several thousand dollars to get access to the all important ‘secret sauce’ training that will actually help them make a difference.

Maybe it would be a better idea to keep talking to people and offer them solutions for raising the money needed.

And no, I don’t mean you should suggest that they sell their car to find the money to invest like some unscrupulous marketers do.

Yes, it was recently reported on a US news website that one of the recent Network Marketing Mentoring Programs was suggesting that people should sell their cars as a way to raise the money to pay for the program!

Proper sleazy high-pressured boiler room selling tactics!

The truth is… not all excuses are excuses, some are genuine reasons.

Nothing boils my piss more than ‘gurus’ and ‘marketers’ who insist that everyone who stalls or says that they can’t afford to buy their programs are just making ‘excuses’.

It is not true… many people are simply stuck in a situation where they have a lot of stuff to pay for but have a limited amount of money to use.

Yes, some people do make excuses, and some people stall from fear of losing their investment… but they are not all lying to you or themselves.

Painful Decisions

Some people have no option but to carefully juggle their money. They have to make painful decisions on where they spend that money.

And there is nothing more painful than having to make the decision to turn down an opportunity to buy a program that could change their financial future for the better because the only  money they have is needed to pay the rent or mortgage.

I don’t know about you… but if the decision is between paying your rent or mortgage or buying an online mentoring course for $3,000… I will always recommend people to pay the rent or mortgage.

Living with the fear of losing the roof from above your head is not the motivator some people like to think it is.

The idea that you could be evicted or lose your home to the bank does not make you work any better or faster on something you know little about.

When you need to learn new skills, doing it while stressing that if you don’t make a sale fast you will become homeless will NOT help at all!

You Might Not Be Built To Take Ridiculous Risks!

Some people may thrive when their backs are up against the wall, the ‘’risk nothing, win nothing’ attitude may work for some people, but for most people it will lead to more stress, and stress is not a good motivator of positive action in most humans.

Some may fight, others may run away… that’s why they call it the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Most people will choose to run away, so adding more stress and risk to your life is not a good idea, and it shouldn’t be encouraged.

Anyone trying to sell a training or coaching product and shames people into taking action should be avoided at all costs.

I have a friend who cannot afford to do much due to legitimate life circumstances and no amount of me telling him ‘you cannot afford not to’ is going to help. 

He knows that he cannot afford to pass it up, but he also knows that he simply cannot afford to take it without making his circumstances even worse.

That depresses him. It is tough to be in that position. It takes a lot of mental energy to keep positive and to avoid spiralling down and making his situation any worse.

Sometimes people ‘hold on’ to their money just so that they feel a little protected just in case things do get worse. If the heating does fail, at least they have something to work with, even if it is just $20!

The best thing for him to do was to sit down and talk to me about how to manage the money he currently has AND how to make some extra money – at no expense to him – for seed money that he can invest on training and coaching in the future.

As a pair of fresh eyes on the situation I was able to offer a different perspective on his situation and few new ideas that he hadn’t thought of.

He now has a plan to work towards which will get him the money he needs. He knows that it will take time and that he has had to delay the purchase of that training for a year.

It may not be ideal, but it is what it is.

Maybe he cannot afford not to buy the product… but right now, he cannot simply pull money out of his arse, either.

He knows that for every ‘extra’ $5 he earns per day that ISN’T money needed for living costs, is $5 to put into his pot dedicated to investing in the training he needs.

Making an extra $5 a day isn’t hard. It is a small easy-to-achieve sum that makes trying to make it a whole lot easier.

Once he has mastered making an extra $5 a day, the next step is to double it to $10… and so on and so forth.

Instead of trying to shame or scare people into buying my products, I’d rather tell them that they should find a way to make that investment money for these two reasons.

  1. It sets them up to actively start making extra money which is a good positive habit as opposed to stressing that they never have any money spare.

  2. It also means that they are not risking any of the money they NEED for living costs. So should they spend $97 on a product that doesn’t work out for them, they have not lost one single penny of the money in their ‘daily’ bank. The only money they have lost is the money that is the extra free money.

Yes, it will be gutting if you amass all of the money you need to purchase an expensive program only to find that it was crap and didn’t deliver what was promised or work out as expected…

But at least you have not risked losing your home, risked going without food or heating, or made your home life situation any worse.

You cannot put a price on homelife security and anyone who suggests that you should do something foolish with your limited funds as a way to buy their product needs to be told where to go.

You Are Not Them… They Are Not You!

I am aware that we humans need to take risks otherwise nothing changes for the better. 

I am also aware that there are numerous stories of exceptional individuals who have taken massive risks and against all odds have created incredibly successful lives… but those are few and far between.

Those people probably have personality traits that most others don’t. 

They may have an abundance of energy where they can thrive on just 4 hours sleep whereas other people need 8 hours or more.

They may thrive under stress and experience it as excitement whereas many others may experience stress as anxiety, fear, and pain.

They may have a completely unnatural positive attitude and sunny disposition that doesn’t come naturally to many others. 

Compared to most of society, they may appear to be ‘wired up’ differently…and they usually are. 

Multi-millionaires and billionaires by and large do not think and act like most humans.

So why do you think that you are going to be like them just because some dodgy salesperson suggests you sell your car to buy the product they are selling because “billionaire Bob did just that when he was a single twentysomething living at his parents 40 years ago… and now look at him!”?

You have to do what suits you best and for most people, risking your homelife, risking losing your home, and increasing your financial stress will not help you to succeed, it could have the complete opposite effect… it could soon drag you under.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to know what you think about this subject.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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