‘Hijacking The Celebrity Factor’: The Power Of ‘Being Seen’

This is something that I have often mentioned in previous content but I haven’t focussed fully on it until now.

In a previous article I mentioned that there were people running adverts on Facebook simply to get ‘seen’, and the reason for that is…

It creates familiarity which brings its own rewards in a similar sense to that which celebrities enjoy.

I call it ‘Hijacking The Celebrity Factor’ because that is exactly what you are doing… you are becoming a celebrity of sorts.

You see, a celebrity is really nothing more than a person who is seen regularly in the media.

They are reported about on television, radio, and in newspapers and magazines. 

They are interviewed and appear on shows regularly. They are invited to take part in fun shows and even host their own.

Their image adorns billboards and buses. Their faces appear everywhere.

Being a celebrity and being talented are no longer mutually exclusive.

It is possible today that a completely talentless person can turn themselves into a celebrity by doing nothing more than appearing everywhere.

Being Seen: The Grifter’s (And Good Person’s) Tool To Becoming Rich

Let’s be honest, this is how grifter’s, sorry, people like Nigel Farage have become popular.

Nigel has taken every opportunity offered to put himself in front of the camera or the microphone.

Despite the fact that he has spent the last ten or more years talking absolute shite and lacking any credible substance… 

He has amassed a large following of people who struggle to think, landed a slot on a (comedy) news channel and somehow… I don’t quite know how… won an award for being the best news presenter!!

I know!!! WT actual F?!

I can only imagine that he asked the paying members of his membership program… sorry, I mean, Reform UK, his political party, to vote for him.

The point of this article is to talk about the power of making yourself  ‘seen’ regularly by many people.

Something happens in the brains of people who see certain people regularly, even if they do not actually know the person personally, they feel like they do.

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The Biggest Con Of All!

Confidence tricksters know this well, which is why they do not hide in the shadows like muggers, they hide in plain sight. 

They proudly stand out at the front where everyone can see them… and why do they do that?

Because people generally trust people they know.

When you put yourself out in front of a lot of people you become known, and a position of trust soon follows.

Celebrities get asked to advertise products and services for this reason.

People know who they are and they trust them.

Think about it like this… if someone has something terrible to hide, they wouldn’t make themselves known publicly, they would hide away from the world, wouldn’t they?

Well, not always.

Jimmy Saville and many other very dangerous individuals have enjoyed long careers in the public thanks to the fact that they were known and trusted

Whenever anything bad about them was mentioned, it was quickly buried due to the fact that many people simply didn’t believe it and they didn’t want to believe it.

People would say things like “but he is a good man, he’s raised a lot of money for charity and he is always on the telly”. 

People mistake ‘being seen’ for trust.

Plus, they had put themselves in powerful positions and made friends with powerful and influential people.

The point is this… 

When you constantly put yourself out in front of as many people as possible and are seen regularly, you become a ‘known’ person, or a ‘face’ as London gangsters like to call themselves.

Basically, your face needs to be seen as much as possible… and when it is… you become a face that people trust.

Times are changing a little with social media, I see quite a number of people declaring without substance or proof that a certain person was a ‘wrong un’, but that is happening more and more today because of the fallout from the recent Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, and Jeffrey Epistein scandals.

Being Seen Opens Doors

But, even with all of the damage these people have caused, and with more and more people rightly or wrongly being suspicious of celebrities, the fact remains that being a ‘face’ will open up more doors and opportunities than not being one.

People who are known generally sell more products.

Why do you think people buy from Russell Brunson, Robert Kiyosaki, Gary Vee, and Brian Tracy while many others who are saying the same things and selling the same services struggle?

And no, it isn’t necessarily proof, although that does help, it is just that they are known and seen more.

Being seen is incredibly powerful… and it is now something that we as individuals can control ourselves.

Thanks to social media, the availability of affordable and powerful tech (smartphones, tablets, laptops), and constant connectivity to the internet, we can ‘broadcast’ ourselves as much as we want.

We can put our thoughts, images, and videos out in front of the masses at any time of the day or night.

We can create large followings and give ourselves a celebrity-like status.

Go and try it for yourself… put it this way, if no one knows who you are or know anything about you… why and how could they buy from you or offer you life-changing opportunities?

They can’t.

You need to be seen and known… and the more known you are, the more you can sell.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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