How HTA Marketers Are Out-performing Other Internet Marketing Wannabes

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money.

It can be passive when you get the right system set up and working efficiently…but the truth is… it’s very rarely passive for most people.

Affiliate marketing can require a lot of money and work up front, it depends on what you do as there are so many different ways to earn affiliate commissions.

Constantly Creating New Content!

Blogging used to be a big way to make money. People would write blog posts which had multiple affiliate links for products and services embedded within the content.

The problem with that is that you need to constantly keep writing new content and do a lot of SEO (search engine optimisation) work such as writing guest posts to be published on other people’s websites in exchange for backlinks.

Yes, some people were able to create Google Sniper Sites and target keyword phrases with low competition and land their websites on the front page of the search results, meaning that they got a steady flow of free traffic earning them money without the need to constantly create new content.

That doesn’t happen that much these days thanks to changes in the way search engines work and the addition of AI chat boxes thieving the content from people’s websites.

Other ways of generating affiliate commissions is to flood sites like Pinterest and TikTok with videos and images of products and putting your affiliate links in the posts somewhere.

With Pinterest, you can add your affiliate link to the image so as soon as anyone clicks on the image and is taken to the destination website, you will be credited with any sales.

Again, you need to create a lot of content if the products you are promoting only pay a few dollars… which is often the case with affiliate networks like Amazon.

Some products pay a few hundred dollars per sale, but how many people are actually going to buy a huge television or smartphone from a random image on Pinterest? 

I know I wouldn’t… I’d go directly to one or two websites that I know and trust.

You Don’t Want To Lose Your Shirt!

The other method of affiliate marketing is to run paid advertising to specific products which requires you to have money up front ready to invest and know a lot about running online advertising campaigns.

Get this wrong and you can lose a lot of money, get it right… you can have your own money printing machine where you ‘recycle’ the same ad spend and bank profits.

When I say ‘recycle the same ad spend’, I mean that you spend $100 which earns you $200 and then you keep running those adverts. Every $100 spent earns you back $200.

If it is possible to scale-up then it would make sense to increase the ad spend so that you make more money.

But as I say, you have to know what you are doing when it comes to running online advertising campaigns that require you to pay first before you earn a dollar in commissions.

If you mess up… it can be costly.

Go High Ticket!

The bigger commissions are found when promoting products that are online software services, digital courses, or mentoring and coaching programs.

These are known as High Ticket products and those who sell them are High Ticket Affiliate Marketers.

They purposely pick products that pay large commissions because it means that they…

  • Earn more per sale.
  • Can focus their efforts more on less people.
  • Very often do less work.

And this is why they are out-performing other affiliate marketing wannabes… 

They are focusing on creating better content that only needs to be seen by a smaller group of the right people.

Generally, affiliate marketers use the shotgun method to spread their links far and wide, HTA marketers look for the right audience, make friends with them and then start up conversations.

Get People Talking!

A large majority of the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is done with conversations via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

They sell using the traditional and tried and tested method of ‘talking’ to people.

They can have multiple conversations  with potential clients and they only need a few people each month to make a purchase for them to bank big commissions.

They use ‘engagement’ and ‘participation’ as a way to get people to ‘ask’ for more details. 

That way they know that those people are interested and so they don’t waste time trying to start conversations with the wrong people.

I am not going to say that this is something that you can do for the rest of your life, but there are always new people growing older who are looking for a change in career or lifestyle and many of them will want to purchase specific tools and mentoring.

Become An Authority Figure

The content High Ticket Affiliate Marketers produce is, in my opinion, far easier to create because a lot of it is based around being seen as a real person and an authority in your industry.

They create content that ‘attracts’ people to find out more. 

They make offers that are hard to refuse.

I liken it to being offered a brand new Lamborghini for the price of a second hand Fiat Doblo… anyone who has ever wanted to own a Lambo will likely bust a gut to find the money to buy it at that price.

There are people making tens of thousands of dollars each month through High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and I am sure that they wouldn’t want to swap it for any of the other forms of affiliate marketing.

The idea of creating a ton of content and shotgun splattering it across the internet for a few dollars sounds like too much hard work.

When you make a couple of sales each month of a product/program that pays you a $1,000 commission per sale, you will have more freedom and be able to spend more time with friends and family.

There is no need to hustle and grind so hard when you are selling High Ticket products and programs.

Is this something you would ever consider doing?

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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