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How To Make Money Designing Ebook Covers On Fiverr

Fiverr is a great marketplace for sellers of all kinds. One of the most popular gigs on there is eBook covers. Throughout this post, I will show you how to make money designing eBook covers on Fiverr.

With various platforms opening up now to eBook sellers such as Amazon Kindle now is as good a time as any to start a gig in selling these services on sites like Fiverr.

In this post, I will show you what you can expect to earn as an eBook cover designer. I will also go through a simple template video tutorial to show as a demo how the cover was made for the Freedom Skills eBook.

How Much Can You Charge On Fiverr

Take a look at the screenshot below and see for yourself.

fiverr ebook cover design gigs on offer

I have highlighted a few premium price sellers. I mean, these are the very top end sellers and it should be said these guys are experienced pros.

But, not always do people need covers that they want to spend £70 on. Some people may have much smaller budgets and may only want to spend £10 to £20 on a cover.

This is where you come in.

Especially with non-fiction books, business books etc. The cover may not need to be as explosive and eye-catching as a Kindle book cover in the Romance genre for example.

Maybe a company is just creating a lead magnet and wants a nice, branded cover made for them.

You can offer these as a service and once you start to build your portfolio more and more companies will choose you to make covers for them.

You can start off selling really cheap, so on Fiverr just make a gig that only has one price point of $5. This is important and will “get your foot in the door” to land repeat clients and gain some reviews.

Once you are established and up and running you can expand your gigs and offer more premium solutions.

Look at this guy for example:

ebook cover gigs on fiverr

As you can see this guy offers three levels of service. A Basic, Standard and Premium offer and you can see each one has a slightly improved offer and with that an increase in price.

This is a great way of earning more money from Fiverr.

Levelling up your gigs.

Can You Sell Ebook Cover Gigs Anywhere Else?

Another area you can land gigs once you are confident and established is on these sites:

Here is a quick couple of jobs I found on Upwork for clients looking for eBook covers to be created.

ebook covers gigs on upwork

As you can see the pricing on Upwork and sites like this varies. Sometimes you can negotiate an hourly rate with your client.

Anyway, as promised here is a short video showing how we made the cover for our very own lead magnet. A template and system in which you are free to copy and use in your own book cover designs.

This demo does not use Photoshop or any expensive, complicated software and can be done in minutes.

I hope this helped and gave you perhaps a little insight into what is achievable if you dedicate some time to it.

If you want to learn about more skills like this where you can earn a living or side income stream without being tied to one job then take a look at the Freedom Skills eBook – completely free to you.

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