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How To Research Just About Anything For Online Content Creation

Andi and I had a chat in the week about research over on the podcast. We really are truly blessed now for the number of options available to us online. As much as I love libraries you do not really need to visit them in order to do research anymore. Sad, but a change in times.

When it comes to content online such as a blog post, a new video, a podcast episode, or a full-blown course you have a vast array of tools you can use to help with the research.

Some are free and I bet you already use them daily anyway, you just may not know all the features they have. Others are paid but are worth it.

Here is the podcast episode where we cover our own thoughts on research methods, how to go about it and plenty of other tips.

Thanks for listening.

Some highlights and tools mentioned in the show:

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Plenty of takeaways here. Hope you got some value from it.

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