Is It Possible To Make A Fantastic Income Just By Posting Short Videos Online?

I received a message last night from my good buddy, John Banks (the other half of the FSA), telling me that another video of his was going a little crazy on TikTok.

As you can see in the image below, the new video has so far been seen by nearly 59,000 people.

The video next to that has been seen over 64,000 times.

The third video in that screenshot has been seen just over 12,000 times.

Adding up the viewing figures of just those three videos would give you a total of 135,700.

Now, I am not going to say that that figure is a total number of people who have watched those videos, it is the amount of times the three videos have been viewed which means that some people may have seen all three videos and watched one or several of them more than once.

So, here’s the thing…

Once you have gotten the swing of making short videos, you could produce several within an hour or two and publish them to several platforms throughout the day.

Do this each day for a whole year and you could have over 1,000 pieces of content online which, if you have set up your profiles correctly on each platform and added descriptions for each video, could be pointing to high priced affiliate programs and products.

Imagine that all of your videos pointed to just one program that paid you $1,000 every time someone joined, and that each video on average was seen just 10,000 times… 

1,000 videos seen 10,000 times each would give you a view count of 10,000,000!

That is staggering!

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I am not saying that you would have that many views… but it could happen if you publish several videos each day for a full year.

Every new video published increases your chances of being seen by more people and the people who have seen your previous videos.

You would only need a small number of people to purchase the product via your link for you to make a fantastic income each month.

0.1% of 10,000,000 is 10,000 and so if just 0.1% bought that product, you would be set to make a staggering $10,000,000!

Obviously, this is just guesswork and possibility combined. I am really over-egging the pudding, as the saying goes.

It is not a given that you will have millions of views and there is no guarantee that you will make any money.

There are many factors and variables that can make those figures a lot higher or a lot lower. 

For a start, the type of content and quality of the content is a factor. If the content and quality is dull and poor, people may not watch.

The amount of videos you share is also a huge factor. 

Do three videos a day and then stop after one week and you will not enjoy much traction, but publish three videos a day for a year and you can amass a lot of views.

The point I want to make is that you can reach a HUGE audience by simply recording and sharing short videos on multiple platforms.

Videos do not need to be long or cinematic, they can be short, sweet, and pretty basic like this one here: £5 Per Day Method: Easy Micro Tasks

John may not like me calling it ‘pretty basic’ but it’s not got a lot of fancy transitions, graphics, or special effects. 

It hasn’t been shot with a swooping slow motion using filters. John sat in a chair and recorded himself talking to his phone camera… how hard is that?

Obviously, you don’t want to go wandering down Hope St hoping that people will sign up through your affiliate link on your videos, you do need to share videos that are actually about that subject to help motivate people to click the link to ‘discover more’.

In his videos, John is talking about a specific subject and if he was to carry on like this throughout the year, he would amass a large number of views.

It gets better…

Once you hit 10,000 followers TikTok will also pay you money. 

I think they pay something like $0.50 per 1,000 views, but it is money, and today I heard that one guy made $12,000 in a month thanks to TikTok paying him for his video views. 

Sadly I don’t have any more details about that so you could consider it as hearsay or an online urban myth, but when you consider that some TikTokers have millions of followers and enjoy viewing figures into the many millions, it is actually believable.

This is an incredibly simple business model because you can use your smartphone to record your videos, use a free editing software like CapCut to edit the videos, and multiple free-to-use social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

10 years ago, the idea of being able to record quality videos and share them with millions of people for free was the stuff of dreams.

Today it is not just possible… it’s the norm!

The opportunity that it gives to ordinary everyday people is just mind blowing. 

I am even considering swapping writing articles to focusing on creating short form video content only.

Seriously, think about it… you record a short 1 to 2 minute video, pop it online on several platforms and have it seen by thousands of people within a day… 

Companies in the 1980s and 1990s would pay a small fortune for that kind of exposure on television… and you can do it for FREE!

If you cannot make a fantastic income from that… then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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