It’s Far Easier To Sell A $1,000 Product To One Person Than Sell A $10 Product To 100 People… Or Is It?

“It’s easier to sell a $1,000 product to one person than it is to sell a $10 product to 100 people.”

That’s what some people say.

Do you agree?

I don’t think it’s necessarily true.

Every day places like Starbucks and Costa Coffee sell a fuck-ton of $10 products with ease.

$10 is what I call a ‘bliss price’, which is a price that most people are happy to spend and are willing to lose.

$10 is not a lot of money to lose if the purchase is bad… it’s not going to break the bank… 

But $1,000 could easily break the bank for a lot of people!

Buying a $1,000 product involves a lot of risk…

Spending $1,000 creates a lot of buying resistance.

Spending $10 creates far less buying resistance… if any.

It all depends on what it is being spent on.

There’s a fuck-ton of remorse if you spend $1,000 that you can ill-afford to lose and the purchase wasn’t as good as you hoped.


“Nahhh, it’s just a tenner!”

Here’s something a lot of the “It’s easier to sell a $1,000 product to one person than it is to sell a $10 product to 100 people” folks forget to tell you,  and that is…

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It’s Far Easier To Sell A $1,000 Product To A Person Who Has Already Bought A $10… $20… Or Even A $50 Product From You. 

It’s easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you.

There is less buyer resistance if that person liked the cheaper product they previously bought from you.

That cheaper purchase helps them to Know, Like and Trust you more.

This is why many people offer $1, $5, $7 trials or challenges.

They offer something of value at a ‘bliss price’.

It is a ‘gateway’ purchase that moves people into your world.

They test the waters by buying a cheaper product.

They are dipping their toes into your world.

I’m not saying that it’s hard to sell a $1,000 product to one person who hasn’t bought from you before, what I am saying is that the people who say that it is easier than selling $10 items to 100 are confusing EASE with a LARGE REWARD.

If you sell one item and earn $1,000 that is fantastic, and most people would rather do that than sell 100 items at $10.

There is more work associated with delivering 100 items… but that again, is not always the case.

100 eBooks at $10 are all delivered automatically and when they are bought and downloaded, there is nothing more for the seller to do.

But the one thing the “It’s easier to sell a $1,000 product to one person than it is to sell a $10 product to 100 people” folks forget to tell you, is this…

People need a lot more convincing when the product has an expensive price tag, and they need to justify the purchase with themselves and for that, they want MORE for their money!.

They want their money’s worth!

Quite often, the product is a mentoring course or program which very often comes with the seller delivering extra ongoing weekly calls as an incentive to get you to buy.

You can get paid $1,000 in commissions when you sign a person up to someone else’s program, but one of the ‘tricks’ High Ticket Affiliate Marketers use when they try to sign people up is to offer to sit with them once a week and give them some additional training and help.

The work is easy… but the truth is, a lot of people put in more work to sell those $1,000 products than you would if you were selling a simple $10 product… 

And that’s because $10 (bliss priced) products sell themselves.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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