I’ve Invented A New Method Of Communication… VMails!

That’s right… I’ve just invented VMails!

Well, actually, it’s not really a new invention, it is a case of putting two existing methods together and using them in a new way.

I did something similar back in 2014 when I created Vidcast Profits, a module for a membership product I was building at the time.

I was working for a company as a product creator, social media and email marketer and as part of my job I was building a large membership product geared around internet marketing.

I had been previously working in the offices but because of family reasons, I needed to leave and move 200 miles back to my hometown. 

Fortunately for me, the company didn’t want me to go and so they offered me the opportunity to carry on and work from home, which was incredibly exciting for me.

To earn money AND work from home was a first for me.

I took it and was tasked with creating a membership program.

I remember sitting at my desk in my home office and coming up with this idea of creating Video Podcasts.

At that time, most people were creating audio-only podcasts. 

There were a few people who were doing podcast-style videos on YouTube, but they were not thought of as podcasts at the time.

They were simply videos.

I coined the term Vidcasts to cover the idea of recording videos of yourself talking about specific topics.

They were either face-on videos where you talked into the camera, or you recorded the screen and talked about specific articles.

Today, people are using AI to do the same thing… but back then it was a case of recording yourself reading out the article.

It was – in my mind – a fast way to repurpose content and put it on YouTube and other platforms.

I mean, how difficult is it to pop open your recording software and record yourself reading out one of your articles?

I wanted to show that this could be a profitable business model as well, and so I decided to find a website, record myself reading one of their articles and then email them to see if they were interested in buying both the video and the audio recording from me.

I wrote an email explaining that they could simply upload it to their YouTube channel and bish, bash, bosh… they have new content online in a matter of seconds.

I did this so that I could record the whole process.

I have to be honest, I thought I might have to do this several times because I didn’t expect the first person to actually take me up on my offer… but they did.

Generally, you have to experience several NOs before you get a YES.

I can’t remember what I charged, it was probably $10 or $20 which may not sound like a lot, but for 2014 for doing what was essentially nothing more than 10 minutes work… it was good.

I mean, if you put your mind to it you could soon knock out a lot of those videos per day and make good money if you had a list of long term clients.

Anyway, I had proved that it was a viable business model (at the time) and had also a 100% track record (approached one person and made a sale).

That was when I realised how powerful video content could be… and as we are now seeing with Tik Tok, Instagram & Facebook Reels and Stories, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube etc… there are thousands of people who are making good money using video.

So, I know that you are patiently waiting for me to explain what VMails are…

In fact, I am sure you have already guessed exactly what they are! 

Yes, you are correct, they are super short emails that you send to people that direct them to a video page on your website (or on YouTube).

The video itself contains everything that you want to say in your email.

Scroll down to carry on reading…

Why Record A Video Instead Of Writing An Email?

The main reason is that it is actually faster to do.

It can sometimes take me hours to create the long form story based emails that I am known for. This isn’t particularly a long email, but I have already spent more than a couple of hours on it. 

That time does include having to build the new dedicated page and editing etc.

Also, they allow people to see and hear you which is great for people getting to know you.

When people see and hear you regularly, familiarity sets in and you become ‘known’ like a celebrity. 

People can grow to Like, Trust, and Know you which is where most of the money is made.

This is what I call the KLT Factor, and it is incredibly powerful.

When people Know, Like and TRUST you, they will buy from you.

Yes, some people prefer to read because they can read emails and articles while on the train, during their lunch in the canteen, or while sitting on the loo.

Video doesn’t give them the same ease to consume, but it can be far more powerful.

You can use tools which will automatically detect what you are saying and add captions/subtitles to your videos for you so that people can watch AND read them with the volume off.

It can be really fast to do but you can lose time checking that it has done the captions correctly, which can be a pain.

I recently worked on a video where the word Edition was incorrectly interpreted as Addition. When that happens, you need to manually correct errors.

You can allow one or two errors to slip through the net, but if you have too many errors that are easy to spot, those watching the video will think that you are a bit sloppy and unprofessional, which is never a good thing.

I also think it is a bit disrespectful to those who have chosen to sit and consume your content if you allow it to go out with too many spelling errors in the captions.

I hope that no-one thinks that of me!

I have someone who edits most of my videos for me which includes adding captions. 

English is not their first language and so I am running the risk of some of my videos not being as good as they should be.

I generally record the video, upload it to Dropbox from where he downloads it, works on it and then uploads it to several platforms for me.

Once the video has been added to Dropbox, I don’t want to see it again and so I am aware that there could be some bad errors in them. 

I’m trying to teach him to be as thorough as possible without me getting involved.

If I had to sit through all the videos to check his work, I might as well do it myself, and I don’t want that. That is the reason I outsource this work.

Anyway, I’ve digressed again.

I personally may not use captions on the VMails because the point of them is speed and to build the KLT Factor.

I am going to link to my new VMail page for you to take a look at.

The first video may be short due to the fact that this email is actually longer than the ones I am thinking of sending as part of my VMail campaign.

The idea is to use a short email with a couple of sentence which directs people to the video like this one here:

Today’s VMail

Go and watch the video and let me know if this is something you think you may adopt in your online business.

One final point I would like to make is that for those who have products or services to sell, you can add banner ads and links to those products, too. 

You control everything that goes onto that page and when someone is on it, they see what you want them to see.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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