Pay Your Living Costs And Fund Your Adventures With Referral Rewards

“Referral rewards, what are they?” I hear you say.

In truth, you will know them by a different name.

It is a term that is swamping the online space.

I could say that the online domain is saturated with people using this term.

And that term is:

Affiliate Commissions

Before you stop reading because you have already consumed far too much information about affiliate commissions and affiliate marketing, let me explain how Referral Rewards are actually different to Affiliate Commissions.

Affiliate commissions is where you are paid a small percentage of the sale price, and if you have ever tried to promote Amazon products for an affiliate commission, you will know how little those commissions can be.

It can take a lot of hard work to generate a decent amount of money promoting most products that pay an affiliate commission.

The products that pay the most in affiliate commissions are usually the ‘information products’ such as eBooks and video training courses that you find on JVZoo and Clickbank. 

You can usually earn between 50%and 75% on sales, sometimes up to 100% if the product owner is selling a product to build a new email list.

With those types of products you can also earn commissions on any of the follow-up sales that they have in their sales funnels. 

For example, a product that pays you 50% commission may also have a monthly membership product costing $47 as an upsell and anyone who buys that after buying the initial product through your affiliate link, you will earn an extra 30% commission each month that they stay a member.

The thing about this kind of affiliate marketing is that those who make a decent living from it either have a large email list to which they can promote these products too, or they are running paid advertising campaigns.

Yes, it’s great earning affiliate commissions on ‘information products’ but it’s not as easy as it may sound, and it can take quite a lot of work before you are in a position where you can open up your laptop, write an email and have several thousand dollars land in your bank account.

The truth is… affiliate marketing is hard work.

Yes, the tools and services we have today make ‘doing it’ so much easier, but it still requires a fair amount of intelligent effort.

Referral Rewards are different.I’m not going to lie to you, it still requires work to earn Referral Rewards, but it can be a whole lot easier and less stressful than earning affiliate commissions.

Become An Online ‘Bird Dog’

“What the hell is an online Bird Dog, Andi?” I hear you cry

A ‘Bird dog’ is the name given to people who find real estate for property developers and get paid a ‘finders fee’. 

They travel around the country, and whenever they see a dishevelled or rundown building they believe certain property developers would be interested in, they would send them an email with the property details.

The property developer would then contact the homeowner and ask them if they were interested in selling the property. 

Whenever a homeowner agreed, and a sale was successfully completed, the ‘bird dog’ was rewarded with a ‘finder’s free’ for ‘referring’ the property to the developers. 

The finder’s fees are usually between $500 and $3,500 per sale. Possibly more depending on what the property is.

They don’t need many sales over the year to make a decent second income… or even a first income.

Several sales per month could potentially earn them more than the average monthly salary.

The term ‘bird dog’ originally refers to hunting dogs who point to the position of birds and successfully retrieve any birds that the hunter shoots.

In business, a ‘bird dog’ is searching for motivated sellers or undervalued assets with the goal of moving the deal on to a real estate buyer for a percentage or fee.

They are rewarded for referring a property or property owner to the developer.

An online bird dog is similar in that they are rewarded with a large ‘finders fee’ for introducing a potential client or customer to a person who has a high priced coaching or mentoring program.

They are rewarded for referring people.

They get paid for making an introduction.

Imagine that you were talking to your friend Paul who said that he wanted to leave his 9 to 5 job and build an online business so that he could work from anywhere in the world (just as I do).

Imagine that you had another friend called Peter who had been successfully running an online business for several years and was now mentoring people to do the same.

You would tell Paul about Peter and ask if he would like to be introduced to him.

If he says yes, you send Paul to Peter and say: 

“Hi Peter, here’s Paul, he is interested in starting his own online business, Paul, this is Peter, he has been successfully running an online business for several years, I’m sure you will learn a lot from him.”

You then leave them to get acquainted.

Peter will tell Paul about his services (he does the selling so you don’t have to) and if Paul agrees to pay Peter for mentoring, you get paid a reward for referring him.

Referral Rewards for online ‘bird dogs’ can be between $500 and several thousand dollars per successful referral.

I saw one mentoring program paying Referral Rewards of up to $3,500 per introduction, but you need to pay $7,000 to join the program first.   

I’d say on average, most Referral Rewards are in the region of $1,000 and $1,500 per successful referral.

You only need to make a handful of referrals each month to be making a healthy income that will cover your living costs and allow you to work from anywhere in the world, as long as you can connect to the internet.

There are people who are making over $5,000 each month referring people to specific programs, and they do that by having conversations with people on social media.

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Until next time.

Have a great day.


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