The Hardest Lesson For Me To Learn About Marketing Was…

I love writing emails, articles, and sales pages because it allows me to ‘speak’ to thousands of people at the same time, and to talk to many more over the following years.

It is important that you put a little bit of yourself into your work because you want and need people to connect with you.

I have been doing that for several years now.

People first knew me as Andi the Minion when I ran a blog called Tim’s Minions, along with an email newsletter, and membership course for a company.

Some people know me as Andi the techy guy for another company.

Others know me as me… Andi Leeman.

I have shared my stories and adventures in one shape or form.

I do podcasts and videos where I talk to the camera and share who I am and aspects of my life, like the video below.

I haven’t exactly hidden away from people… but the one thing that I have shied away from was having direct conversations with people.

This is a major failing because it is through conversations that trust is built.

I have had email conversations with people, but I always drew the line at talking to people face-to-face or over the phone.

I had several people request to talk to me and I always told them that I only communicated via email.

I think I feared that it would take up too much of my time… but I am not so sure now.

Looking back, it would probably have been a lot better to have one-to-one chats online with people as it could have saved me a lot of the time I spent ‘crafting’ emails I sent to people during many back-and-forth email conversations.

I can remember several conversations that I have had with customers via email regarding a product I created for a company, which took up more of my time than it would have taken doing a dedicated weekly 30 minute chat.

I had bought into the idea that you can hide behind your keyboard and communicate with people via email only. 

But I am now wondering whether that was a bad idea.

Don’t get me wrong, an online business where you make money selling digital products or subscriptions on autopilot via emails or articles and sales pages on your website is great. 

Just before sitting down to write this I was notified of a sale of a $97 product this morning.

I love it when we make sales like this. 

Who wouldn’t? That is a decent chunk of money for one sale.

I would like more sales like this.

But I am wondering how many sales I have missed out on because I chose to not say these 8 little words to potential buyers “would you like a quick chat on Zoom?”

Thinking about it, if a 10 minute chat on Zoom resulted in a sale of a product priced at $97 or more… it is worth it.

Obviously, I wouldn’t consider talking to people regarding a $9.97 eBook, but for a product over $97 I would.

I am currently putting together a new $3,000 program and I am going to add a 30 minute one-to-one call as part of the selling process.

Not only do I want to ensure that only the right people join… I want to ensure that anyone who is interested gets a chance to talk to me about it and see if it is right for them.

The idea that people may decide to not purchase the program when a short call could have persuaded them otherwise horrifies me.

What was the hardest lesson for me to learn about marketing?

Avoiding talking to people face-to-face has actually wasted a lot of my time and probably lost me a lot of money.

I am not saying that you should talk to potential customers, but I am saying that you should consider it as you may find, as I did, that it might save you a lot of time and lead to more sales.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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