The Two Time Robbing Task All Content Creators Need To Do

It’s 11:18 am and I am about to start writing this report which I was hoping to start an hour or two ago, but because of having to address a couple of emails and messages from people, I am now late to start.

I couldn’t have asked for a better example of what I am about to write about.

So what is that I am about to write about?

The Two Time Robbing Tasks All Content Creators Need To Do!

And they are?

  • Consuming other people’s content.

  • Connecting with people and having conversations.

1. Consuming Other People’s Content

I don’t know if anyone will disagree with me here, but I don’t think that it is possible to be a content creator without consuming other people’s content.

It doesn’t matter whether you create video content, podcasts, or write articles, emails, or newsletters, you need something to talk about and the only way to prevent yourself from constantly talking about the same old thing is to consume other people’s content.

The more content you wish to create will require you to consume more content.

I’m quite fortunate that I have a lot of experience with subscription businesses, copywriting, content creation, and building funnels that will fuel my content creation… but I still need to consume other people’s content to learn new or different ways of doing things.

Sometimes you need to consume other people’s content to give you case studies to write about or simply to help you come up with new ideas.

Consuming content is necessary… but it is also incredibly time consuming.

I have a lot of articles on Medium that I have saved to read when I get time. I have a list of courses and videos yet to watch.

I’ve just signed up for Kristina God’s Substack School which comes with a ton of videos to watch. That has been added to my list of ‘things to watch’.

Every day I receive emails from people that I want to read. I have tried to limit myself down to a handful of people otherwise I would spend all day reading emails.

The emails other people send are a great source of content ideas.

It’s the same with Substack, there are several publications that are crammed full of great information that I want to read. 

Add those to the list of emails I need to read, the Medium articles, the videos I have to watch, and the other sources of content I need to consume, I can lose a lot of time.

As a copywriter, email and article writer, I often need ‘real life’ stories to share to help get specific points across and that means trawling through numerous news focused websites such as the BBC, the Metro, and the Sun. 

I try to read emails and articles when I am having my morning brew, during coffee breaks, and sometimes late at night in bed while the good lady is giving it big ZZZZZZZZZs

I also find television dramas, films, and documentaries are a great source of ideas for stories that I can include in my content. Fortunately I love watching these types of shows so this is both relaxation and work. 

It is enjoyable research I do before going to bed at night..

I cannot tell you how many emails and articles I have written thanks to stuff I have watched on television.

A great example of this would be the email I wrote promoting the digital lifestyle where you can make money online without having to leave your home. 

The first several paragraphs were about a young man who had robbed the business premises of a company he used to work for. 

The security guard – a guy he once worked with – recognised him. Fearing that the security guard would call the police resulting in him getting arrested, the robber bludgeoned his old work colleague to death.

Overtime, the detectives pieced together the evidence and arrested the hapless robber who has now spent over 10 years in prison for the murder of the security guard… and all he got away with was around $300 from the fruit machine in the canteen.

Was it worth it?

No, in hindsight, he would have been better if he had stayed in that night and created a digital product to be sold online. He wouldn’t have gone to prison for murder and that product could still be making him money today… and that was what I wanted people to understand… there is another way to make money!

Consuming content is a great way to find stuff to talk about in your content. It helps to give you fresh ideas for ‘bridging gaps’ between the products and services you promote and your potential customers.

2. Connecting With People And Having Conversations

This is one that you cannot really avoid if you want to grow a ‘following’ online or be seen as an expert in a specific field.

Yes, you can probably outsource this part – or some of it – to a personal assistant, but they need to really be able to say the things you would normally say. 

Truth is, do you want someone to answer as ‘you’ if they can’t actually ‘answer’ as you?

Connecting with people and having conversations is one of the most ‘powerful’ tools for building your Like, Know, and Trust Factor.

More importantly… It’s free to do.

Conversing with people shows that you are real and it helps to build genuine relationships and networks with good people who will one day help you with your business.

This isn’t a cynical ploy to use people, it is just a great way to make genuine contacts who can and will help you… and vice versa.

It’s also a great way to make sales.

This is what all of the High Ticket Affiliate Marketers are doing, they are having ‘real’ conversations with people.

They are not using bots, they are talking to people. 

Yes, some of the HTAM crowd are trying to push their products during the conversation, but a lot of them are not. They are simply making connections and having conversations. They leave their content to do the selling. 

Once a person asks for more information then the conversation changes and they share more information.

Before starting to write this newsletter I was answering a couple of people by email and I had to create a 30 minute video for a client. By the time I had finished and was ready to start writing a couple of hours had passed.

Connecting and conversing with people can rob you of a lot of time, time that could have been used creating more content or products, but not all is lost… you see, many of those conversations lead to business opportunities or can result in people hiring your services.

I landed a job working as a copywriter for a guy after seeing him sign up to my email list. 

I knew him from many years ago when I worked with a different company and so I shot him a quick email. He said that he had been liking the work I had been doing for another company and asked if I would be interested in doing a few bits for him.

A year and a half later I am still working for the guy and my income has more than doubled just from working for him.

That all came about because…

1 – He liked the content I was producing which was heavily influenced by consuming other people’s content.


2 – I connected with him and started a conversation.

We all love the idea of passive income coming in from digital assets, but it’s those conversations that you have with people which will help you to sell more of those products.

One company I have been working for since January 2020 offered me a job because I emailed them in 2018 and started a conversation with them. That year they sold a product for me on a Joint Venture basis.

A couple of years later I sent another email where I basically ‘wrote’ my own job placement. 

I told them what I could do for them. This resulted in me being invited to the office for an interview. An hour later I walked away with the job.

Consuming content, connecting with and conversing with people are time consuming tasks.

They rob you of a lot of time that could be spent creating more content… but they are both essential for online success… in my opinion and experience, at least.

What do you think?

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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