Use The Four Bs To Build A Successful Online Income

Just to be clear… that is four Bs as in four words beginning with the letter B, and not BS as in ‘bullshit’ that my graphic designer thought I was talking about.

So, putting all confusion to bed… what are the four Bs and how can they help you build a business?

To become a successful ‘leader’ within any niche or market, you need to follow the method that has been successfully used by politicians to win elections.

The four Bs are…

  • BUY


Firstly, you need to give people something to BATTLE against.

Politicians do this all the time. 

Sadly, it is more effective than actually talking about social issues and how you will address them.

Have you heard of the name George Soros?

Conspiracy theorists love him… or should I say, they hate him. 

They believe him to be the head (or part) of an evil organisation trying to control all of mankind.

What conspiracy theorists don’t know is that he was a harmless Hungarian billionaire philanthropist living in the States until the Hungarian rightwing party needed someone to FIGHT and RALLY the Hungarian people against.

It was a cynical and calculated move because with Soros living in the United States, the Hungarian rightwing knew that he wasn’t able to hit back so easily… and was probably unlikely to try… because… you know…he was a billionaire living a good life in the States. He didn’t need to fight with the Hungarian rightwing.

The Hungarian rightwing party blamed all of the problems in the country on Soros. 

They claimed that it was his fault that the Hungarian people were struggling financially and that the country was being flooded with immigrants.

Sounds familiar, right? Hitler and the Nazis did the same with the Jewish community back in the 1930s.

Basically, the Hungarian rightwing politicians were insinuating that he took all the money from the Hungarian people and buggered off to the States leaving the ‘good honest people of Hungry to suffer’.

After all, he was a billionaire who no-longer lived in Hungary and so he was an easy target.

It worked, the rightwing party swept to power… and all the lies told about Soros became the seeds that started the global conspiracies about the man.

The BATTLE was an imaginary one, but ordinary people soon took arms and rallied behind the rightwing party.

Choose your BATTLE wisely, and take up arms!

You want to choose a BATTLE that a lot of people are passionate about, and is easy to fight, meaning that you can badmouth the opposition freely without fear of too much reprisal.

I’d also recommend that you pick on a specific ‘group’ of people and not necessarily one person. 

Don’t name names, just pick on actions and behaviours.

For an internet marketer, your BATTLE could be against those self-proclaimed marketing gurus who photograph themselves standing in front of Lamborghinis pretending that they are mega-wealthy.

For a chef specialising in vegan food, your BATTLE could be with the meat suppliers who are sharing misleading and factually inaccurate nutritional information about vegan food as a way to increase sales of their meat products.


Secondly, you must give people someone to BELIEVE in.

As in the above example with George Soros, the rightwing politicians gave the people someone to believe in, and that was Viktor Orbán, who was successful in his bid to become prime minister of Hungary.

Donald Trump had his BATTLES such as building the wall to keep Mexican immigrants out of the USA, Hilary Clinton, and the Democrats.

Boris Johnson had his BATTLES such as the EU, Keir Starmer, protecting the borders from boats full of illegal immigrants.

Nigel Farage (fortunately he struggles to put himself in any important position of power) had his BATTLES which was the EU, Remain campaigners, immigrants (they always throw in immigration as a motivator), and whatever was newsworthy that day.

These people created numerous (often pointless and non-existent) BATTLES and then gave the public someone to BELIEVE in… which was them.

They placed themselves in the position of the saviour.

They insisted that they were the person who would win the BATTLE and lead the good honest people to victory. 

They were the ones who would correct the wrongs… the wrongs that didn’t really exist, and that they bleated on about, mostly.

What is interesting is that they talked more about their enemies and their battles than they talked about the real problems and how they would tackle them.

So, the idea here is to find someone or something to BATTLE against, to align a specific group of people with you, and then to offer them someone to BELIEVE in… which is YOU.


Thirdly, you need to give them somewhere to BELONG.

This can be a real place such as a Facebook group, a community on X (formerly known as Twitter), or even just a ‘tribe’ they align with.

For example, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage were strongly in the Leave group when it came to Brexit and their BATTLE with the European Union and the Remainers.

Nigel Farage went on to create the Brexit Party, later renamed Reform UK.

He gave people a party to join where they could talk with other clueless idiots willing to hand over their money to a populist conman.

Talking about clueless idiots willing to hand over money to a populist conman, over in the States Donald Trump created the MAGA tribe where patriots and nationalists could gather and spew factually inaccurate venom under the misinterpretation of ‘opinion’.

WARNING! Tangent Firmly Gone Off!


Firstly, an opinion means nothing if it opposes a fact. 

An opinion that differs from a proven and well known fact is not an opinion, it is just plain ‘wrong’.

You cannot have something that is ‘correct’ and ‘right’, and then have at the other side of the argument something that is ‘opinion’. 

It’s either right or wrong. It’s never right or opinion.

An opinion is where something is neither right or wrong, but just a personal difference or perception.

For example: I love hard dance music such as electro, techno, and acid house. 

However, I am not a fan particularly of country and western music. 

There are people who hate what I love and they love what I dislike.

So which is the best music in the world? Hard dance music or country and western?

Who is right, me or them?

Neither of us are wrong, and both of us are right. Because our tastes in music are personal and that is our opinion.

Opinion is based on a subject that is wholly personal and subjective. There is no right or wrong.

You may love bananas whereas your partner hates them. 

Both of you are right, and both of you are wrong… it is not the best fruit in the world or the worst fruit in the world, it is just a fruit that you both perceive differently.

However… if you said that a banana came from a cow’s arse, you’d be wrong  and that is not your opinion, it is just ‘wrong’.

Sorry. I went off on a bit of a tangent there! 


Back On Track!


FINALLY…When you have someone or something to BATTLE and have given like-minded people something or someone to BELIEVE in, and have given them a place to BELONG

You give them stuff to BUY!

Donald Trump sold MAGA hats, T-shirts, and oddly, NFTs of himself looking like some type of demi-god superhero.

Nigel Farage sold T-shirts, personalised messages (including being conned into saying a pro IRA slogan)… and er… a financial product of some kind that he advertised over YouTube and Facebook.

When you have a following of people who share your BATTLE, and BELIEVE in you as being their saviour – or at least to being one of them, and you have given them a place to BELONG – Facebook group or community… you then create products for them to BUY.

Back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, people would create fan clubs for specific bands. 

They would give fans a place to BELONG.

They would create BATTLEs with fans of other bands. Remember the Brosettes vs the NKOTBettes, or the Mods vs the Rockers, Blur vs Oasis, Indies vs Ravers?

They would make members BELIEVE that their fan club, and they (the fans) were the best in the world.


They created products for the members of those fan clubs to BUY, such as T-shirts, newsletters, and posters etc.

Very few of those fan clubs were officially sanctioned by the bands themselves. 

They were run by people (companies) who knew that there was money to be made.

And you can do the same… in any niche or topic.

Simply follow the four Bs:

  • BUY

And you will have a successful online income.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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