What’s The Difference Between The Facebook Profiles Of A Six Figure Earning Affiliate And Their Mother?

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What’s The Difference Between The Facebook Profiles Of A Six Figure Earning Affiliate And Their Mother?

The difference is easy to spot when you look closely… in fact, you don’t actually need to look closely…

If you were sitting on the back of a runaway horse with your eyes shut tightly while looking the wrong way… with a bag tied over your head… you’d still spot the difference!

The difference is that one person uses Facebook as a social media platform, the way it was originally intended, for sharing pictures of life events, and connecting with friends and family… 

And the other uses it like a website where they share information and advice on how to make money online.

The Six Figure Earning Affiliate Monetises Their Facebook Profile

Facebook may be a social media platform at heart, but it is so much more than that now.

Six figure earners are using Facebook the same way bloggers used blogs and websites ten or more years ago.

The big difference here is that people can see your content as soon as you publish it. 

With blogs, unless you used an RSS feed (do they still exist?), people didn’t know that you had published anything until you went and told them.

In the old days of blogging you would have to go and tell people about your latest blog post which meant going to all of the social media platforms and sharing your link – something they are not really keen on because they don’t want people leaving their platforms, and sending emails to the people on your list.

Today, with Facebook (and other platforms such as Medium and Substack) you can put content right in front of people who can see it without searching.

Six figure earners are basically using Facebook as a blog with a ready made audience of easy-to-reach readers

Whereas their mother is using it to see how your cousins are doing in Australia, and to wish your uncle a belated happy birthday because she was busy watching reruns of Heartbeat and forgot.

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5,000 Friends And Tens Of Thousands Of Followers!

A personal Facebook profile allows you to have 5,000 friends. 

There may be a maximum limit to how many friends you can have, but there is no rule saying that you cannot regularly change who your friends are.

What this means is that you can make friends with people for the intention of doing business, but when you realise that some people are not the right fit, you can unfriend them and replace them with someone else who may be a better fit.

Facebook also allows you to have followers and as you can see with this profile, you can have a HELLUVA LOT of followers.

Imagine having 5,000 friends and tens of thousands more followers who are interested in what you have to share!

You should be able to make a fair amount of sales of your products and services from those numbers.

The only downside with Facebook is that they only show your content to around 8 or 10% of your audience, hence why you need to have a large list of friends – which you change and update regularly, and a large number of followers.

The other thing to do is to regularly go through your friends list, look at what they have posted recently, and engage with their content.

By doing so, you can have people talking to you and possibly coming to look at your profile and trawl through your content if they have not been able to see it for a while due to Facebook’s algorithm.

Personally, I would prefer Facebook to stop showing me so many ‘suggested’ friends and content in my feed and actually show me the content from the people I have already chosen to be friends with.

I mean… seriously? 

Why would you keep suggesting new friends to me knowing full well that you will probably hide their content from me, and mine from them, within a few weeks if we don’t engage with each other’s content daily?

I’d rather have a feed full of my friends’ content in a chronological order so I can scroll through it and see what they are all posting.

But unfortunately, that is not what happens with Facebook and so you need to be mindful of this and work with their (less-than-perfect) ‘perfected’ system.

With Facebook, the more you engage with people – comment on posts, react to posts, and share posts – the more they will show you the content from that person… 

And the more they engage on your content (or talk to you in comments) Facebook will show them more of your content.

Basically, you need to be more active on Facebook with your friends to create connections and to have your content seen.

It is also said that before you publish anything new, you should go and react and comment on other people’s content to warm up Facebook’s algorithm so that it sees that you are an active user and not someone who simply posts to it now and then.

When Facebook sees you actively engaging with people it will push your content out to more people when you publish it.

Another thing a six figure earning affiliate will do is to add a CTA ‘Call To Action’ at the end of a lot of their posts.

These CTAs are designed specifically to get people doing something specific such as request specific information or to open up a conversation in Facebook messenger.

The whole point of Facebook is to share business related content, build an audience, and have conversations with that audience so that they grow to Know, Like, and Trust you.

It is in that Know, Like, and Trust (I call it the KLT Facto) where sales happen… especially when there is TRUST.

When people Know you, and Like you, and they TRUST you, they are highly likely to buy from you… it’s basic human nature.

Facebook is great because it allows people to do all of this for free.

I haven’t even talked about Reels. That may be an article for another day.

But quickly, Reels are short videos that you can publish to Facebook, again at no cost to you, that are shown not just to your friends but can be seen by other Facebook users.

Some Reels can be seen thousands of times which can have a lot of people go to your profile to learn more about you if they like what they see.

Reels are powerful and they are all ‘in-house’ that is something you couldn’t do with blogging ten or more years ago.

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