Why Do High Ticket Affiliate Marketers Dis Facebook Ads So Much?

I have been thinking a lot about this recently.

A lot of the High Ticket Affiliate Marketers love to tell you that they don’t use any costly adverts or use any complicated and techy funnels.

They wear it as a badge of honour that they are able to make a decent amount of money for free… which I totally get, it is cool, and it is appealing to people who want to make money without having to do too much technical stuff.

But are adverts a bad thing?

As a person who has run adverts in the past for companies… I think these marketers are missing a trick.

Firstly, one reason why High Ticket Affiliate Marketers probably dislike Facebook ads is that they would possibly get their ad-accounts shut down and they will be banned from running ads due to the nature of their posts.

A lot of the HTAM posts I see in my feed are talking about how they ‘made x amount of dollars each month’, or ‘how they are making X amount in passive income each month’ (while actually working damn hard to create content and videos, I may add!)…

…and Facebook, even today with their more relaxed approach to marketing ads, still frowns on adverts that make outrageous claims.

It doesn’t matter if your claims are factual and can be replicated, if they come across sensational in any way, they will be rejected,

Many High Ticket Affiliate Marketers would simply be shut down and banned as soon as their first ads go live.

I know this to be true, I once ran adverts for a guy who wrote a book which had the title ‘How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead’, the book was about his life and how he gave up working for other people and made a million pounds working for himself as a direct response marketer and copywriter selling information products.

I can tell you know, Facebook hated the ads for that book all because of the title. 

It didn’t matter that the title was just a title, and a factual one at that, they simply didn’t like the claim.

But here’s the thing…

You cannot post content on Facebook organically and have it seen by thousands of new eyes unless you create Reels.

Apart from Reels which can be seen by the public, your usual posts are only seen by the people who you are friends with, those who follow you – and then Facebook only shows it to 8% to 10% of them, or those who actually go to your profile to scroll through your content.

Another thing I find interesting is how High Ticket Affiliate Marketers love to say that what they do is free and easy, and then charge an absolute fortune for them to show you how to do a lot of work.

Don’t get me wrong, the work is relatively simple and easy to do compared to what you would have had to do say 10 years ago… but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of work to do… which can be hard when you are looking for an easy option.

Here are a five reasons as to why a HTAM should consider running adverts:

  1. Your message and content can be shown to thousands of people for the cost of pennies, saving you a tonne of time trawling through groups and profiles trying to find people to send ‘Friend Requests’ to.

  2. You can spend the year dominating the space with omnipresence marketing.

  3. The ROI can be huge if you are selling High Ticket Affiliate Products.

  4. Adverts do a lot of pre-warming and pre-qualifying for you so you don’t have to.

  5. Running ads at a loss is not necessarily a bad thing.

Let’s Explore Those Five Reason In More Detail

1 – Adverts do not necessarily need to be ridiculously expensive. I know that Facebook ads are more costly than what they used to be, but you can do a lot with $50 -$100 a month. 

You can reach quite a lot of people each day spending nothing more than $1 a day.

Instead of running adverts to try and sell a product, you run adverts to ‘be seen’ and bring people into your ‘world’

Instead of sending people to a funnel, you will make the money back later when people get to Know, Like and Trust you and buy your High Ticket Offers.

I say that it is OK to lose $50 -$100 a month on advertising, and I’ll explain why in point 5.

2 – A lot of the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing crowd talk about building your own personal brand and ‘being seen’ yet they refuse to use adverts.

The best and fastest way to be seen and grow a personal brand by far is to use Facebook ads. 

Mike Shreeve runs several seven-figure-a-year businesses, and do you know how he got started?

  1. He did a series of Live videos on Facebook. It didn’t matter if anyone was watching or not, he just needed the videos.

  2. He then used those videos as content for adverts and would spend $1 or $2 a day to have those adverts shown to highly targeted people. He would run those adverts every day for months.

  3. He then showed ‘follow-up’ adverts to the people who had shown interest in his previous ads.

Mike brought people into his world using those ads. People got to know who he was and what it was that he did.

When running ads you show yourself to thousands of people over and over and over again. 

The more you are seen, the more people will start to recognise you. You will become familiar to them, they will start to see you as a ‘celebrity’ and/or an ‘expert/authority’… and that is where the power is.

Being seen constantly all over the place is called Omnipresence Marketing. 

OK, so I’m not advocating that you run adverts on all platforms and websites, Facebook is more than enough for you to ‘hijack the celeb factor’.

A dollar a day basically means that you will spend no more than $365 over the year. 

If you run three different ads per month, you are still only spending $1,095 for the whole year, which is pretty amazing considering the commissions made from one or two product sales could easily cover your ad expense.

Scroll down to carry on reading…

3 – The ROI can be huge if you are selling High Ticket Affiliate Products… Think about it… if you spend just $50 on ads per month and you land just one $1,000 sale each month, you are $950 in profit without having to do much work. 

Apart from creating the ad and monitoring it, and perhaps creating a new ad every now and then, this is more passive than virtually all the passive income businesses I see being peddled online.

I don’t want to bitch too much about all of those ‘online passive income businesses’ that are being pushed at the moment…

But if you’re taught to spend one or two hours each day:

  • Talking to people.
  • Commenting on posts.
  • Creating posts.
  • Creating images and taking photos for posts.
  • Creating videos for Reels and Stories.
  • Replying to comments.
  • Trawling through Facebook groups and people’s profiles to send Friend requests… 

Then it isn’t a passive income. It is a semi-passive income at best.

4 –  Adverts get pushed in front of people by Facebook sidestepping their own Edgerank algorithm (do they still call it Edgerank these days?). 

Not only do they appear in the feeds of the people you have purposely targeted using Facebook’s targeting tools, they get shown several times.

People will see your ads several times which helps grow familiarity. When your ads appear regularly, and if people stop to look at what you share, they can decide there and then whether they want to see more from you.

Ads pre-warm people up and they qualify people for you. 

If someone clicks through to see your Facebook page or join your group, they are literally putting their hand up saying ‘I want to know more about you and your services’.

5 – Running ads at a loss is perfectly OK, why? Because they are a business expense.

Virtually all offline businesses have expenses and running costs such as: 

  • Rent, mortgages, and/or loans.
  • Business rates.
  • Energy and fuel costs.
  • Staff wages.
  • Products and materials costs.
  • Insurances
  • Third party service costs like accountancy and bookkeeping.

…and they all need paying whether or not the business is making any money. 

Business owners know that when starting out they will need to factor in these expenses and that they will need to be paid whether or not they make any money.

With Facebook, you have no ‘additional’ expenses or running costs, so why would you not run adverts to build a following? 

It’s hardly breaking the bank, and it’s not like you have a whole host of other costs to be concerned with. 

I’m pretty sure that you owned and paid for your smartphone contract, broadband, laptop, and electricity before you considered running your own online High Ticket Affiliate Marketing business.

So why do I say that it is ok to make a loss with your ads?

You are not running ads to make a sale right now, you are running ads to grow your following and personal brand, the sales come later… possibly much later.

As you know, you cannot make a sale when you have no one to sell to, and the whole idea of running ads is to grow the number of friends and followers you have.

Money loves speed, it’s true, the more you spend the greater capacity you have for earning more money back.

It makes me chuckle when the people selling mentoring and coaching programs insist that you need to spend money to make money… but then say that spending money on ads is wrong… it’s not wrong if you grow your audience.

It’s only wrong if you spend money showing your ads to the wrong people.

Let’s not be fooled here… these people just want you to spend your money with them instead. 

It’s how they position themselves to be more appealing to those people wanting to make money online without the (perceived) ‘hassle, effort, and expense’ of running ads, or building sales funnels.

You Have Three Options

One – You spend money on your actual business such as growing your list of potential customers and clients.

Two – You spend money being shown what someone else did in their business.

Three – You do both and they happily meet up in the middle.

That’s a good option actually.

I’m not against mentoring or coaching.

I myself have spent thousands of dollars learning from other people… but at the end of the day, you need people to sell to and if your time is tight… you need to grow your list fast while eliminating people who are not right for you… and ads are usually the best way of qualifying people passively.

Yes, you will get haters and some nasty comments on your ads, but the people who act on your CTA (Call To Action), they have put their hands up and told you that they ‘want to be in your world’… and that is powerful!

The biggest downfall I see with Facebook ads is that you have to use a Facebook page and not a personal profile.

But you can use a page to run ads to a Facebook group which is a good work around. 

Once people are in your group, you can publish content that they can see and you can invite them to connect with your personal profile too.

Recycling $1 Forever… Mostly

Something else to think about is that when you run a successful ad campaign, you can actually grow your customer base for FREE.

You can turn paid traffic into FREE traffic by selling a break-even product.

This is where you sell a cheap product to grow your list of customers.

By selling a cheap product not only do you qualify your customer list up front and have a list of buyers (selling to buyers is far easier to sell to than trying to sell to people who have never bought from you before) you can also recycle $1 thousands of times.

Think of it this way…

You spend $100 to send people to a $10 product and 10 people buy that product… you earn $100 meaning that you now have 10 new buyers in your business and it costs you nothing.

That initial $100 has been replaced with another $100 which will be used to pay for the same advert to be shown to more people.

Effectively, you are recycling your initial ad spend and getting new ‘buyers’ onto your list for FREE.

Even if you make a small loss when using a break-even product, you will make your money back later when you put your High Affiliate Offers in front of your new ‘buyers’… but as you know, making a small loss is nothing compared to what you will gain later.

So, the question is… will you be trying Facebook ads to grow your business?

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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