Your First High Priced Sale Proves You Can Do What You Teach

Due to far too many work commitments, today’s newsletter will probably be a short one… but hopefully it will still be an interesting and useful one.

Although I love subscription business models – the idea that a lot of people paying for the same single piece of content should excite you as much as it does me – I am also keenly observing the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing guys and gals.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is where you promote a product and earn a high commission. We are talking about commissions as high as $1,000 per sale… occasionally more.

These products are usually coaching and mentoring programs often based around specific software systems like GoHighLevel, SystemIO, and Captivation Hub.

These HTAM guys and gals are… as they say… ‘bossing it’ on social media. 

You could even say that they are ‘crushing it’, or ‘killing it’… please note, I am not a huge fan of those sayings and hopefully I won’t be using them again… ever.

So, are they ‘crushing it’

I believe that some of them are, yes.

These people are bombarding social media with inspiring and motivational posts and short videos daily. They are dominating social media with their crafted content.

What I have noticed is that there are a few people who have taken what they have learned and turned it into their own products.

That is where a lot of the money is.

They start to coach and mentor people who want to learn to make sales of high paying affiliate products using social media.

While observing these people I came to the conclusion (realisation perhaps) that once you have made one large commission of a high paying product, you know that it works. 

You know that you can make sales, and that’s enough to be able to show people what to do.

Yes, obviously, if you can make a second and a third sale then you will be confident that it wasn’t a fluke or one-off sale.

However… by the fact that you have made a sale… you can now offer training as a second income stream.

Teach What You Know… Teach What You Were Taught!

Because a lot of the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is done through conversations with potential customers where you send them offer proposals to read, you could soon create your own proposals and a Stripe link to your own payment page.

As soon as someone shows an interest in learning what you are doing, you open up a conversation and send them your proposal if they agree.

Once they have said yes and want to proceed, send them the link to your Stripe payment page.

Normally I wouldn’t feel confident suggesting that you sell coaching based on just one sale. 

The reason for that is that many years ago I worked for a company that was told to stop advertising a product that taught people how to make money using Betfair because there was only one man making any money from it. 

He was the person teaching this system and the Advertising Standards Agency said that they needed more ‘people’ to be successfully doing it to prove that it was a ‘viable’ system.

The fact that he was doing it and banking big bucks is surely proof that it can be done, isn’t it?

I have always focused more on the side of ‘maximum proof’ since then, however, you cannot deny the fact that if you were shown what to do by someone else and it worked for you… then it works.

If you have made a sale doing a specific thing, whether or not it happens daily, it worked. 

You cannot deny that.

As far as I am concerned, if you have made a sale based on teachings learned from someone else then there is no reason as to why it can’t happen again.

If you have made a sale, then you know everything you need to know to make it happen again. 

So why not set up your own Stripe payment page and offer to teach people what you did.

Think about it… you generated an extra $1,000 with little work, someone somewhere will want to know how you did it, and instead of sending them to someone else’s coaching program where you get a $1,000 commission, why not offer to teach them yourself for more?

Let’s not forget something here… when you get paid a commission, it is either 50% or less of the actual product price meaning that the person who bought the product through your affiliate link has paid at least double what you made… so why not increase your income by teaching them directly yourself?

If a product is priced at $2,000 and you make $1,000 whenever you sign up a new customer… you yourself could charge $1,500 or even $2,000 and the customer will still be happy. 

Afterall, they were prepared to pay that amount to someone else, so why not you?

Create Your Own Program

If you have spent time learning how to master a specific system and software, then you can incorporate both into a program that you teach to other people.

For example, the copywriter and marketer, Taylor Welch, started by offering himself out as an email copywriter specialising in using Infusionsoft (now known as Keap) only. 

Once he had successfully worked for a few clients, he was able to teach others how to use Infusionsoft.

Now, imagine that you have been learning how to build a social media focused business using Facebook for your traffic, google docs for your proposals and lead magnets, and Aweber for all of your email and landing pages, that could be your speciality.

Once you have made a sale resulting in being paid a hefty commission, you are now in that ‘lofty’ position of being someone who has actually made a large commission… and people want to know how to do the same.

One sale is a 100% difference between you and those who have not made a sale.

If you want to wait until you have made a handful of sales to build confidence, then do so, I understand why you would want to do that.

But I do suggest that you consider setting your own mentoring and coaching program up after your first sale because… well, you know… someone may be happy to pay you $3,000 or more to learn from you.

And why would you want to say no to that?

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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