Can You Make Money With A Free Public Facebook Group?

Right… I am back.

I hope that you haven’t missed me too much.

So, as well as having to fly back to the UK for a week, and catch up with a lot of client work, I have been studying High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and observing what a lot of these people do.

One thing they all do, is they have their own Private Facebook group from which they go fishing for clients and customers.

Another trick they do to find potential clients and customers is to go trawling through other popular Private Facebook groups and send Friend Requests to people they believe would  be a good fit for their products and services.

Now, the reason why they use Private Facebook groups over Public ones is that the quality of people in Private groups are generally better.

Public groups tend to attract all kinds of people from spammers to freebie seekers. 

Private groups very often require people to answer a series of questions, or have been invited to join. 

Some Private groups are only populated with people who have purchased a specific product or service… those groups are made up of ‘buyers’, which is always a good thing!

As much as I agree that Private groups are better than Public ones, it can take time to grow a Private group unless there has been a large influx of new members firing up the Facebook algorithm.

When that happens, Facebook then starts showing the group to other people who may be interested.

The same thing happens with a Public group, when Facebook sees that the group has an influx of new members, it starts to show the group to people it thinks would be a good fit.

Because Public groups generally attract a lot of people, they can grow quicker.

As a lot of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is about making friends with people that may be interested in your products and services, and talking to them in Messenger, I cannot help but think that having a fast growing Public Facebook group is a great way to find friends and start conversations.

As more and more people join the group, as the admin, you can trawl through the list of new members and see who could be a good candidate to be sent a Friend Request.

You must know this, Public groups can be a hotbed of trolling and arguments (depending on what the group is about) and so they are not always the best environment for nurturing leads, but if you act fast when new people join, I’m certain that you will find a large number of good people.

You must act fast before the good people decide to leave, which can happen. I once co-ran a Public group back in 2012 that was about blogging and making money online which was hijacked by people promoting the Empower Network and other dodgy programs of the day. 

A lot of good people left because of those people filling up the group with their links.

Fortunately, I made a lot of good friends through that group and so it has made me think about starting up another Public group.

As the group admin, you can post as much as you want into the group. 

Your content will be put in front of a lot of people, and if each piece of your content has a soft call to action, such as “DM with ‘Tell Me More’” or “Comment with ‘#Tell Me More’” then you will have people asking you for more information about your products and services.

These people are coming to you, and that is the main reason for the Public group.

Your focus is to take the good people from that group and have them become friends or followers, and get them into your Private group and in Messenger where you can talk to them.

I can’t say whether this is a good idea or not, it seems like a good idea in my head, but that could be because I am busy and looking for an alternative where people ‘come to me’. 

I am finding it rather time consuming flipping from one group to another looking for potential customers.

I know that there is still a certain amount of looking at people’s profiles with this, but it will save time and over the year those saved ten minutes here, and five minutes there, will add up to hours of saved time.

I am seriously considering this as it just seems like an opportunity not to be missed. 

I have seen Public groups that have over 100,000 members. The screenshot above shows a group that has over 231,000 members, that is an insane pool of people to connect with. 

As always, I shall report back in the future with my results, both good and bad.

Until next time.

Have a great day.


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