Easy ways to make $500

Three Super Easy Ways To Make Your First $500 Online

In this article, I am going to take it right the way back to basics. This is aimed at anyone who wants to make some extra cash each month but doesn’t want to make it complicated.

This post does NOT include any of the following:

• How to create and sell digital products

• How to create and sell websites

• Cryptocurrency

• Selling services on freelance websites

• Anything to do with coding

• Setting up and using Shopify or Etsy stores

Print on demand

• Affiliate Marketing

• Making TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube videos

So, rest assured I will not be talking about anything above. Everything in this post is something I believe that ANYONE can do. Providing you have an internet connection and some free time then you can do this.

Now, I said at the top of the post the methods in this article will show you how to make your first $500. There is no timeline for that, and I did not say whether each method or a combination of all three.

My advice is that you take on board all three, you can scale each one individually if you so wish. In the early stages of working with these methods, I would say it’s best to use a combination of them to get to your first $500.

Method Number #1 — Reselling Items On eBay

eBay is the biggest online marketplace for second-hand products. In the early stages, you could go around your house and list some items you simply want to get rid of. You may not get mega bucks here but if you are unfamiliar with the platform at least this stage will teach you the basics about listing, using good photos, descriptions & pricing your products, etc.

Then once you are familiar with using it you can then go out to source products that you know you can sell for profit. Notice I said “that you know you can sell for profit?” — Well, how do you know? The trick with reselling on eBay is to always be using the “completed listings” filter. Once you get into the habit of using this you are pretty much fail-safe now with this side hustle. You see, if you are out in a thrift store or flea market somewhere and you find a product that you think you could sell for profit, simply look it up via the normal search, but then use the completed listings filter to see what it sold for.

Once you know this it will transform your business. Ebay is a VERY lucrative side hustle and you can scale it as high as you want. Start small, maybe just start with $50 and go and buy some products and see how you get on. I think you will be surprised.

Some notable categories are:

• Shoes and Sneakers

• Video Games

• Electronics (vintage or modern)

• Tooling

• Mens & Womens Designer Clothing

• Toys & Collectibles

Get familiar with a couple of these categories and grow your second-hand empire. It really is one of the best side hustles out there. Where else can you get your items in front of millions of eager eyes just waiting to buy them?

Ebay 90-day selling total
eBay 90-Day Total Sales

Method Number #2 — Survey Sites

Now I know what you are thinking, most people hear the phrase Survey Sites and run a mile, but please bear with me. You are trying to make $500 remember, so survey sites, despite what you may think will be able to add some extra dollars to your income each month.

The best one I have found is a site called Prolific. It’s very simple to use, and I highly advise using it on a desktop or laptop really for the best experience. Another pro tip here is to install the Chrome extension plugin as this will give you notifications on your toolbar making it quicker and easier to jump in and do surveys.

Chrome Extension for Prolific Surveys

When you first set up an account with them you will be asked a series of questions about yourself. This is worth spending 10 minutes or so doing properly. Give as much detail here as you can as this will determine what companies want your opinion for their surveys. For example, if you say you have a dog or cat then you will be eligible for pet care surveys — that sort of thing.

I have mentioned before to many people, just set this up and just use it to make $5 per day. Doesn’t sound a lot but that is $150 per month give or take. You could very easily do that. Most of them pay a decent hourly rate (95% of these are way less than 1 hour, most are just minutes to complete).

Quick surveys from Prolific
Quick Surveys From Prolific

Another site is called Swagbucks, very similar to the surveys but they also offer other things to do such as download and play mobile games (for a review).

So, do not dismiss survey sites. I used to, but now I do not. They are a real, genuine way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

Method Number #3 — User Testing

User testing is a great little way to earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home. You will be testing websites and apps and then giving your opinion on them. In some cases for this, you may need a camera and a microphone as they often want a face-to-face review.

Before getting your first gig, you will have to do a sample review to make sure you are familiar with the setup and the process.

You can earn good money with this, you can earn around $30/$50 for each review you give so it’s really not to be sniffed at.

Your job will be to review websites and apps for the user experience. So, for example, they might say something like “Can you go to this website, browse around, and then go to buy a green toaster” — then you would have to carry out that task but talk about it and share your experience in doing so.

So, you could include things like, How easy was it to find the item?, How easy was the checkout experience? What would you like to have seen differently?, Did you like the font? The overall website design? Etc….

Then you can submit your review and then get paid.

It’s quite a nice little side hustle once you get familiar with doing them.

The best site for this is called UserTesting.com

So, Let’s Break Down The Numbers And Recap

So here we have three side hustles that can make you your first $500 online. I know people who use these EVERY month and it plays a big part in their monthly side hustle revenue so do not dismiss these.

Starting from the last to first, let’s say you manage to do 4 x user testing jobs that pay a very modest $40 each. That would be $160.

Then over to the survey sites. Remember I said it’s unlikely you will make BIG money with these, however, if you just target $5 per day over a month that would be another £150 towards your monthly total.

Then lastly eBay — the king of the side hustle platforms. You would need to only sell 10 x items with a $20 profit each to make $200 in the month. Once you get to grips with what sells and what you can source for cheap (second-hand) you will be easily hitting this monthly target. That I have no doubt.

So there you have it.

Ebay — $200

Surveys — $150

User Testing — $160

Total — $510

It is good to break it down like this because most people get put off by the “Make $10K per Month” claims, these are real and achievable numbers for anyone. Even those who have never made a dime online before.

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