How We Were Able To Make $8523 With No Email List Of Our Own Or Social Media Following

Last year we notched up just over $8500 from one company by selling digital products. The best thing about this is we did not sell any of these products to our own email list and we sold none of these products either through our social media channels.

So, how did we do it?

And more importantly, how can you do it?

When you are starting out selling products online, especially digital products such as courses and ebooks, you will find it hard if you don’t have an audience of your own to sell to.

Sure, there are platforms like Gumroad and Udemy where you can list your digital products and “hope” that people find them, but generally you kind of need people to sell them to.

One of the best ways to do this is through Joint Ventures.

What Are Joint Ventures?

Joint Ventures are a relationship between you and another company or individual whereby you agree to sell a course or product and split the profits.

Now, this does not have to be a 50/50 profit split. It depends on the product, the situation, your reputation, all manner of things really.

In our case, we created a product last year in the sports trading niche. This product was not really suitable for our list as it was a “gambling” product of sorts.

However, we were able to source a company that did really well in promoting sports trading products so we thought we would approach them.

After several emails, they agreed to let us promote this product to their email list. They would do a soft test mailing first and then depending on the results of that they would do a further mailing later.

We agreed on a 50/50 split of the profits after mailing costs etc.

This was great news.

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Some Key Points As To How We Got This Deal

Now, I should point out here that it’s not just a case of sending emails out hoping that a company will take on your product. Far from it.

We made sure everything was in place. And when I say everything, I mean everything.

So, firstly we had to make sure we had a stable product. We had collected several months’ worth of data about this product so we knew it was solid enough to sell.

We had also built a members area (more on this later) in which we added new videos each week to keep the buyers engaged and to make sure they felt they were getting value.

We also set up a dedicated email address just for this product. So, if members had any questions they could reach out to us for help.

The other thing, and I can’t stress this enough, is we had the sales page already created.

This part is a big deal.

This means that literally, all the JV (joint venture partner) had to do was stick their “Buy Button” on the sales page and we were good to go.

You are far more likely to succeed with a JV if you go the extra mile like this. If you just cold email them with a PDF attachment of your product it’s unlikely you will get anywhere. Some of these big companies get products land in their inbox every week, sometimes more.

We made this offer so easy for them, that it was hard for them to say no.

The best part is, we both make money from it.

They don’t have to create a product or write a sales page, but they have the audience. We have created the product and sales page, but need an audience.

It was a great partnership.

The Extra Hack To “Steal” Buyers From Their List Onto Yours

They won’t mind me saying this part, it sounds as if it was done without them knowing or against their will but they are marketers too so will completely understand this element of our product.

I wrote earlier about a members area that we created for the product where we uploaded videos each week for about 3 months after the product was launched.

Well, in order to do this we put a link in the PDF guide for members to join. But, in order to join they would have to sign up to our email list to be sent the password to the members area.

Clever hey….

Now, I should point out that not every person who bought the product went on to join the video members area. Some were happy with the PDF and that was that.

But, we did manage to “siphon” 200 or so BUYERS onto an email list of our own which we can promote to in the future. This was a great result.

So, let’s recap.

Make sure you do the following if you are going to approach a company or individual to promote your products:

· Make sure they have an audience that is interested in your product niche

· Make sure the product is of a high standard

· Overdeliver if you can

· Write the sales page

· Provide after-sales support

If you do that then you have a far greater chance of forming a joint venture partnership to sell a product. We did and it resulted in a nice payday of around $8500.

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